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We are inspired to be part of a growing movement for justice—where people across the nation are rising up to demand racial justice, police accountability and an end to the systemic violence, abuse and discriminatory harassment of communities of color by law enforcement.
Your support has always been critical to our work – shifting public opinion in NYC to oppose discriminatory stop-and-frisk practices, support new civil rights laws of the Community Safety Act, and establishing a Special Prosecutor for police killings would not have been possible without you. We hope you’ll consider donating to CPR today for #GivingTuesday to help us continue working towards greater changes that provide justice for New Yorkers.
Thanks to the dedicated work of our campaign members, partners and supporters, we have helped win real changes and are organizing for additional reforms so New Yorkers in all neighborhoods can be safe and treated with dignity. 
Will you donate $10, $50, $100 to CPR today for #GivingTuesday to help these efforts?
Since last December, CPR leaders have been doing important work in communities, City Hall and the Capital to secure justice for all:
  • We mobilized 20,000 to march and protest the failure of the Staten Island District Attorney to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for killing Eric Garner the day after the indictment news.  We followed that protest by organizing 11 more days of protest and community-building through #ThisStopsToday.
  • We partnered with the family members of New Yorkers killed by police to coordinate a campaign that moved Gov. Cuomo to establish a special prosecutor for police killings of civilians – efforts to defend these reforms will be necessary in the coming months.
  • Our members are in communities within every borough—training communities on their rights and how to Cop Watch when interacting with the police – and will help engage neighborhood residents about potential court-ordered stop-and-frisk reforms in the approaching months. 
  • We continue to build momentum towards City Council passage of the Right To Know Act and other police reforms by the city, despite intense opposition by Bill Bratton, police unions and special interests – we will continue fighting to win these important reforms. 
We know that the fight to end discriminatory and abusive policing is a marathon that requires sustained commitment. Much work remains, and your support is vital to our collective success.
Together, we have shown that we are a movement that is here to stay.  Now, more than ever, we need your support to strengthen our work to change policing in NYC.  
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In solidarity & gratitude,
Joo-Hyun, Priscilla, Mandela and Manny
On behalf of Communities United for Police Reform
P.S. We hope you will also consider giving to our campaign members – our collective work is what makes our impact possible. 
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