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Community ridicules 'Border Farce'

Richard Flanagan, The Guardian, 31 August 2015

There has been created in our country a paramilitary force that seems to be answerable only, and directly, to politicians – who of late seem to have little respect for the rule of law, the truth, or the necessary independence of the judiciary.
    It is a truth wearily demonstrated by history that acts of tyranny condoned against some will finally become a tyranny visited on all. And in our acceptance of the antidemocratic, frequently illegal, often inhumane and occasionally criminal practices perpetuated against asylum seekers that have seen fellow human beings variously beaten, raped, molested, humiliated and murdered at taxpayers’ expense, we have cleared a road for our own governments to begin treating us similarly...  (Read the full article)
Wednesday 9 September, 7-9am
Protest outside Peter Dutton's electoral office
Friday 11 September, 6:30pm
Special community stage event: Prize Fighter
Tuesday 15 September, 7:30-9pm
Seminar: Nauru and Manus, Freddie Steen
Tuesday 22 September, 7:30-9pm
Seminar: Refugee protection in Australia, Dr Peter Billings
Wednesday 23 September, 6:00-7:30pm
Public lecture: Moving beyond good intentions – the road to refugee rights (more info on the Griffith Law School website)
Sunday 27 September, 11am
Buddies meeting, 24 King St, Buderim. Guest speakers: Linda Dennis and Shine Jang – Nambour Community Centre
Chairperson: Margaret Landbeck  5438 2789
Sunday 25 October, 11am  Buddies meeting
Sunday 25 – Friday 30 October
Learn English Holiday. 5476 8910

Protest outside Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s electoral office

Wednesday 9 September, 7-9am,
199 Gympie Road, Strathpine
The Australian government is trying to break people's spirit and force them to give up their claims of asylum and return to danger.
NO to the Border Force Act • NO deportations – Free Mojgan
Close Nauru & Manus now • NO boat turnbacks

Stage play: Prize Fighter

Friday 11 September, 6:30pm, La Boite at the Roundhouse Theatre, 6 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane
MDA and the Queensland African Communities Council (QACC) bring you a special community showing of Prize Fighter, starring Pacharo Mzembe. Written by Brisbane’s own Future D. Fidel, a young African Australian of Congolese heritage

Free seminar: Nauru and Manus – Appropriate? Sustainable?

Tuesday 15 September, 7:30-9pm
Uniting Church, 74 Station Road, Indooroopilly

Former immigration officer Freddie Steen will talk about conditions at the Nauru detention centre.

Free seminar: Refugee Protection in Australia: an Oxymoron?

Tuesday 22 September, 7:30-9pm
Uniting Church, 74 Station Road, Indooroopilly

Dr Peter Billings, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Queensland, will provide an overview of Refugee Law in Australia.

Buddies website offline

Due to circumstances beyond our control (truly!) the Buddies website can't be accessed temporarily. We hope to have it up and running again during next week.
Apologies for any inconvenience. In the meantime our Facebook page is updated daily.

Wanted: Crowdfunding for Palestinian refugee family

Buddies member Carmel Dobson has built a 9 year friendship with the amazing Alhismawi family and has come to admire and respect their courage and resilience. They fled Gaza in 2014, crossed into Egypt and found accommodation in Cairo. But they are in dire need of $US12,000 to pay for back rent and food accounts, their daughter’s medical expenses and son-in-law’s release from prison...

Wanted: Some more online votes for Chanelle

I'm very grateful to everyone who voted for my book –  thank you! I’m 9th on their “New Book Ideas” list which was just released.
   Anyone who missed my previous sharing, please vote for me to enable me to progress to the next level as I stand a chance of winning a publishing contract through SOOPLLC.
– Chanelle CleoPatra

End the business in abuse


GetUp members are coming together to stop corporations profiting from human suffering in the detention camps. Will you join us? 
It’s a brutal system of violence, commissioned by the government and run by corporations, and it’s cashed up by the billions. It’s a system that denies people freedom and hope, and keeps them in constant fear.

Did the media really use these words to describe migrants?

Caitlyn Doherty, The Independent, UK

Senate enquiry: all children should be removed from Nauru

The Guardian, 31 August 2015

The Nauru detention centre is “insupportable” in its current form, the five-member cross-party select committee into abuse on the island reported on Monday. “Nauru is not run well, nor are Wilson Security and Transfield Services properly accountable to the commonwealth,” the majority report says.

Plan to resettle refugees in Cambodia collapses

The Age, 30 August 2015

Australia’s $55 million operation to resettle refugees in Cambodia appears to have collapsed in a diplomatic embarrassment for the Abbott Government. A senior Cambodian official says there are no plans to receive any more than four refugees who arrived in June, and indicated it did not want any.

Transfield profits drop as shareholders sell over asylum abuse

The Guardian, 27 August 2015

The company that manages Australia’s offshore detention centres  has seen an 8% drop in yearly profit. This follows a series of divestments by shareholders which cite the abuses occurring at Nauru and Manus Island as the reason for their departures.

Why Aljazeera will not say Mediterranean 'migrants'

Aljazeera blog, 20 August 2015

There is no "migrant" crisis in the Mediterranean. There is a very large number of refugees fleeing unimaginable misery and danger and a smaller number of people trying to escape the sort of poverty that drives some to desperation.

Refugee legal centres overwhelmed, leaving hundreds struggling

ABC Online News, 26 August 2015

A growing number of asylum seekers cannot get help with complex applications for TPVs because two of Australia's biggest refugee legal centres are stretched to the limit, meaning many applications will not be processed fairly.

If Border Force acts like this in Melbourne, what do they do offshore

The Guardian, 28 August 2015

For a long time, there have been warnings that the cruelty of Australia’s immigration would have a carcinogenic effect on the body politic, as the brutality of the camps spread – and it’s becoming increasingly obvious what that looks like.

German news anchor uses slot to attack ‘little racist nobodies’ 

The Independent, 7 August 2015

German news anchor Anja Reschke has sparked a huge debate after using her evening TV slot to wage verbal war on those who racially attack refugees. And elsewhere Germany is sending in the army to deal with the refugee crisis. But it’s not what you think!
More about the Border Force debacle:
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The Shovel: Satire: Melbourne ticket inspectors to spend week in job swap with Border Force 
First Dog on the Moon: Satire: Border Force is over. Give it up for Van Squad!
YouTube: Hitler finds out about Operation Fortitude
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