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It’s that time of the year when days are long and demanding. Sleep can often be at a minimum, and this can result in sleepiness, feeling lethargic (both physically and mentally), moodiness and irritability.  Fatigue can impair thinking, reflexes, work effectiveness and decision making. The number one remedy is sleep!  If you are experiencing trouble sleeping try to set up a regular schedule in a cool, dark area with low stimulus prior to going to bed.

When working, ensure that you take regular breaks, move and stay hydrated. Lower the temperature in the cabin if working (particularly on warm days) and plan a power nap where possible to catch up on sleep.

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We have recently seen cases of heat stress. As the Aussie summer sun sets upon us, prolonged periods of hot and sunny weather conditions increase the risk of heatstroke.

Farmers and agricultural workers are vulnerable to the effects of heat stress. Often working alone in isolation - it is important they know the signs of heatstroke as it is a life threatening emergency and one that can be avoided by following simple prevention measures.

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Are you thinking about what to study in 2019? Why not choose Agricultural Health and Medicine? Discover YOUR ROLE in improving and supporting the health, wellbeing and safety of farming communities. Learn how YOU can make a difference to farmers’ lives.

With the latest government funding announcements and the devastating impact of climate, there's never been a greater need for skilled agricultural health and medicine professionals across all areas of the industry. Let us help you up skill and gain a deeper understanding of the significant health, wellbeing and safety issues faced by Australian and International farming communities. 

Agricultural Health and Medicine (HMF701) (Australia's only Agricultural Health and Medicine course), is the perfect platform to gain the specialised skills and knowledge needed to deliver leadership, support and services to communities across Australia. Join us in Hamilton and take advantage of this valuable opportunity to extend your knowledge and qualifications.

Applications to enrol are NOW OPEN until Feb 2019.

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Each Wednesday we feature a Farmer Health fact sheet from on Facebook and Twitter. These fact sheets are a useful resource to keep you on top of your game! You asked for a quick recap so here it is!   
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