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LIVE Seminar: Effect of Fermentation on July 14th
Extended dough fermentation is effectively used for improving dough development and enhancing bread shelf life. Plus, it adds a rich flavor. So, its use in artisan and craft breads just makes sense. How can you use fermentation to enhance your bread products? This seminar will cover techniques, influencing ingredients and processes, and a Q&A session!

BAKERcertified: Baking and Cooling
Baking is that crucial process that turns a dough piece into palatable bread. This course follows that journey, starting with types of ovens and heat sources, then on to how to control oven parameters to influence the final product, and finally how to properly and efficiently cool bread. Plus, learn how you can use thermal profiling during the baking step to save time and improve quality. 
- Part of our certified bread production training course -  

LIVE Seminar: Artisan Bread Quality & Processing on June 30th
Why is artisan bread claiming more shelf space? There's plenty of room for creativity and flavor, but the ingredient list is simple. That's why it's so important to make sure the dough is properly handled and delivered all the way through the baking step for consistent quality. This 1 hour seminar will explore ways to increase your plant's efficiency and production for industrial artisan bread, plus how to fine tune your baking step for a quality product.  
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