Strategies for Good Quality
Gluten-free Products

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Producing a quality and consistent gluten-free product hinges on the ingredients used. The replacement solutions available today are vast and varied. However, they all need to fill in for key gluten functionality, as well as be held to a standard of quality and reliability.  

Where to start: the role of gluten
Gluten provides three key functions in baking formulas: 
  • Network: the gluten protein cluster forms an elastic network that provides stretching and extensibility to the baked goods. 
  • Functionality: gluten aids in dough formation by reacting with water to form gas pockets during the mixing process. The elasticity of the network aids in raising the dough during proofing and baking by entrapping the air. The network elasticity aids in preventing dough collapse.
  • Texture: the gluten network provides a unique texture to the baked products due to the earlier discussed properties.
Finding alternatives ingredients
While developing gluten-free products, finding a single ingredient replacement is extremely difficult to provide the same functionality. Furthermore, gluten-free products are also vulnerable to quality variability and limitations in quality control tools.

How can you test gluten-free ingredient quality?
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