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LIVE Seminar: Cookie & Cracker Flour Quality on May 19th

Cookie, cracker and biscuit manufactures build success by delivering consistently high-quality products to consumers. This means replicating crucial visual and sensory characteristics, such as texture, crispness and crunchiness. So how can you overcome common issues, such as cracking or sticky products? This seminar will cover possible causes and then share tools and methods to better control the quality of the flourto avoid production difficulties. 

LIVE Seminar: Bread Product Development & Quality on June 2nd

Whether you’re adding a new line, trying a twist on a current one, or just making products more consistent as you scale up, a key tool in product launch and quality control is texture profile analysis. This allows you to measure characteristics likes hardness, chewiness, and resilience. Then, you can not only mass produce the product you want, but improve quality, shelf life, texture and more. Come to this seminar to see how to run and read a texture profile analysis, and then implement the data to improve your bread.

BAKERview: Hamburger Bun Production 

In case you missed our seminar on High Protein, watch it here: High quality buns are in high demand these days. Bakers are focusing on premium-type hamburger buns, as well as products with a natural or healthy label to serve the top consumer trends. There is also a growing space for creative takes on the traditional bun. So, how can you step up your bun production? 
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