When to Use L-Cysteine
as a Reducing Agent

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L-Cysteine is an industry standard when it comes to reducing mixing times and improving dough machinability. However, you may be wondering its place in today's clean label, vegan-friendly environment—doesn't it come from duck feathers? Don't worry, it's now available as a vegan ingredient (more on that later). Here's what it offers to the dough.

Reducing agents are key for high speed bread production. They help weaken the gluten proteins and reduce mixing times, among other things. And one of the most common reducing agents? L-Cysteine

What kinds of benefits does it provide? 

  • Gluten softening and dough relaxing
  • Dough conditioning
  • Reduced mixing and fermentation times
  • Better dough consistency and easier handling
  • Improved pan flow

In dough, L-Cysteine helps break down gluten proteins, something especially needed with high-protein flours. It keeps the final product from having a dense crumb and low volume. 

OK, how is it vegan?
There is a sustainable fermentation process that uses plant-based raw materials, like corn. This produces a clean tasting product that supports your high speed process. So, you don't have to duck the questions on using L-Cysteine in your formula.

What are other benefits of using L-Cysteine? 
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your dough at each stage of production!

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