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Buns are the most popular type of bread served at Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) because they are versatile and portable. Their consumption surges during the summer months due to cookouts and road trips.

Nowadays, buns must also compete against perceived healthier options with lower carbohydrate counts and other nutritional advantages. These variables have produced an unpredictable environment for bun manufacturers recently. There are three main factors affecting the hamburger bun market:

  • QSR chains moving away from emulsifiers like SSL and DATEM to cleaner label solutions
  • A shortage of ingredients like gluten, emulsifiers and starches have prompted many bakeries to seek better flour and clean label solutions
  • A demand for healthier versions of hamburger buns like sourdough and keto

What are our top tips for bun production? 

  • A high output precise dough divider
  • Glassy crowns
  • Proper pans 
  • Effective slicing at a high output rate
  • Flavor and texture
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