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ACS Guidance Note 8

This document has been around for a number of years (it is in it's 6th version now), and it provides essential information on entry requirements to the gas industry. You may remember that last year we informed you that the route for "New Entrants" was changing, and there was a requirement for completion of a Managed Learning Programme prior to undertaking ACS for the first time.

There have been some tweaks going on under the hood of ACS to ensure that not only is there an assurance that "New Entrants" have the correct training, but also for engineers that extend their scope or range of work.

Extending scope is the mechanism to move from one sector to another (eg Natural Gas to LPG), and extending range is adding additional appliances relevant to the sector (eg an engineer holding CCN1 & CENWAT adding on HTR1).

To ensure that engineers have the necessary experience there may be a requirement to undertake mandatory training and/or have on-site experience in the prospective work area. This will be dependant on the existing qualifications held, and the proposed extension to scope/range. There will always be a requirement to have experience in the existing sector, so engineers must have been Gas Safe Registered for a minimum of six months before extending scope and/or range.

Example 1 - An operative that holds CCN1 & CENWAT (and been registered for over 6 months) wants to extend their range to include HTR1 & CKR1.
They will need to undertake mandatory theory training on the appliances being added, and if they do not have any on-site experience will complete training in a "Realistic Workplace Environment".

Example 2 - An operative that holds CCLP1(B) (and been registered for over 6 months) and wishes to extend their scope to Domestic Natural Gas (CCN1).
They would be required to undertake update training to cover the areas of the Managed Learning Programme (for New Entrants) that would not have been covered in their CCLP1(B). They must also have gained sufficient on-site experience equivalent to the requirements of the MLP.

The duration of on-site experience, and off-job training will be dependent on the existing qualification and the proposed extension to scope/range. Courses can be tailored to fit based on experience, and existing knowledge.

If you would like more information on this change, or are thinking of extending your range/scope then please get in contact and we can give a more precise explanation relevant to you.


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  • DAH1
  • MET1
  • WAT1
  • HTRLP2
  • HTRLP3
  • WATLP2
  • REFLP2
  • CMDDA1
  • CPA1
  • OFT101
  • OFT105E
  • OFT600A
  • Essential Electrics
  • CH Wiring & Fault Finding
  • Combi Boiler Fault Finding
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Regulations
  • Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems (G3)
  • Basic Gas Awareness
  • Risk Assessment & Disinfection of Water Systems


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