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January 2016


The justice edition

Welcome to the Northern Integrated Family Violence Services (NIFVS) eNews.

The eNews contains NIFVS coordination team news, family violence sector news, events and training, resources and a media round-up.

This edition has a focus on justice-related resources available to workers across the north.

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Coordination team news

New Sessional Trainer at NIFVS

This month, Marianna Codognotto commenced as a new Sessional Trainer with the NIFVS coordination team.
She will help provide Identifying Family Violence Training, recently funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, to more than 370 workers across the region.
Marianna is the Coordinator of the Jesuit Social Services Artful Dodgers Studio and has extensive experience as a trainer and in working with women and children who have experienced family violence.

Register for Identifying Family Violence Training and Regional Induction

Registrations are now open for NIFVS Identifying Family Violence: Responding to Women (IFV) Training and Family Violence Regional Induction.
Funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, IFV is open to workers who are not directly involved in specialist family violence service provision, but who may work with women and children who are experiencing family violence.

Through this free, half-day training, participants will increase their understanding and recognition of family violence. They will gain strategies to respond to disclosures and learn about appropriate referrals for women and children.
Click here to register for the following sessions:
  • 16 March, 9am-1.30pm (Whittlesea)
  • 20 April, 9am-1pm (Darebin)
  • 22 June, 9am-1.30pm (Nillumbik)
  • 19 July, 9am-1.30pm (Moreland)
  • 19 September, 9am-1.30pm (Hume)
  • 19 October, 9am-1pm (Whittlesea)
  • 16 November, 9am-1.30pm (Yarra)
IFV training in April and October will be followed by Family Violence Regional Induction for participants who are new to family violence work or the NMR.
Due to high demand for this training, only two people per organisation can attend each session. 

If you would like to discuss fee-for-service in-house training, please contact us at

Spotlight on: justice resources

Did you know you can find resources related to justice responses to family violence, including Family Violence Intervention Orders, on the NIFVS website?

Resources include:

Brochures from the Darebin Community Legal Centre
Factsheets from Victorian Legal Aid about Family Violence Intervention Orders for affected family members and respondents.

The Eastern Community Legal Centre’s Steps to Safety video which outlines the process for getting an intervention order in six community languages.

The online intervention order application portal for City of Yarra residents.

Victims of Crime Easy English Resources to support people with limited literacy to understand when violent crime, including family violence, has happened to them and what they can do.

And more!

Sector news


Regional news


Statewide news

National news

Events and training

2 February: Walk in her shoes tour (Melbourne Magistrate’s Court)

3 February: Common Risk Assessment Framework (Practice Guide 2) Training (DVRCV)

10 February: Does technology do more good than harm?: public lecture (University of Melbourne)

10 February: Overcoming Indigenous Family Violence (Hume Early Years Partnership)

11 February: Violence against women and their children: what the data can tell us (webinar) (1800RESPECT)

16 February: Walk in her shoes tour (Melbourne Magistrate’s Court)

17-18 February: Supporting women through the intervention order process (DVRCV)

17 February: Introduction to Women’s Relationship with MoneyIntroduction to Women’s Relationship with Money (WIRE)

23-25 February: Inaugural National Research Conference on Violence Against Women and their Children (ANROWS)

23-25 February: 4th National Elder Abuse Conference

25 February: Recognise and respond to family violence (DVRCV)

17 March: Orientation to the Homelessness Service System in Melbourne's North And West



National Outcome Standards for Perpetrator Interventions
The National Outcome Standards were comissioned by the Council of Australian Governments under the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022.

Translating evidence from the Maternal Health Study to inform policy and practice
A policy brief from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

Domestic and family violence and parenting: Mixed methods insights into impact and support needs. State of knowledge paper
An ANROWS Landscapes paper.

Domestic and family violence protection orders in Australia: An investigation of information sharing and enforcement: State of knowledge paper
An ANROWS Landscapes paper.


Family violence in the media

74 women a day sought rape and domestic violence help over festive break (The Age, 16 January 2016)

Luke Batty: Police say some recommendations from inquest are unfeasible (The Age, 12 January 2016)

Domestic violence : how to restore women’s trust in justice (The Age, 11 January 2016)

Why mothers in abusive relationships struggle to parent (The Age, 10 January 2016)

Domestic violence incidents dominate bail hearings after Christmas (The Age, 26 December 2015)

Stepping out from the shadows: how domestic violence caught the nation’s attention in 2015 (The Guardian, 22 December 2015)


Featured Event

17 February: Supporting women through the intervention order process

For other events, see the Events and Training Calendar on the NIFVS website.


Featured Resource

Family violence intervention order applications – for affected family members: a Victoria Legal Aid fact sheet

For other resources, visit the NIFVS website.


Featured Program

Link Virtual Outreach: a Women’s Legal Service program

For other services, see the Service Directory on the NIFVS website.


Local Family Violence Networks

Find out about your local family violence networks.

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