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BOOKS REVIEWED, 8/1/2022 to 8/31/2022

Islam, Ethnicity, and Power Politics: Constructing Pakistan's National Identity. By Rasul Bakhsh Rais (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 6/26/2018). Reviewed by Farah Adeed.
Seeing Silence. By Mark C. Taylor (University of Chicago Press, 8/13/2020). Reviewed by David Greder.
African religions
Faith, Power and Family: Christianity and Social Change in French Cameroon. By Charlotte Walker-Said (Boydell & Brewer, Limited, 7/20/2018). Reviewed by Paul Glen Grant.
Christianity (mostly), history of
The Epiclesis Debate at the Council of Florence. By Christiaan Kappes (University of Notre Dame Press, 10/31/2019). Reviewed by Alexander Pierce.
Renewing a Modern Denomination: A Study of Baptist Institutional Life in the 1990s. By Andy Goodliff (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 1/19/2021). Reviewed by Spencer Boersma.
Commentary on Thomas Aquinas's Treatise on Happiness and Ultimate Purpose. By J. Budziszewski (Cambridge University Press, 1/9/2020). Reviewed by Jonathan Edelmann.
Gentile Christian Identity from Cornelius to Constantine. By Terence L. Donaldson (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 11/1/2020). Reviewed by Mark Baker.
Journeys to Heaven and Hell: Tours of the Afterlife in the Early Christian Tradition. By Bart D. Ehrman (Yale University Press, 4/5/2022). Reviewed by Rebecca Denova.
Christianity, biblical interpretation and reception
Untimely Christianity: Hearing the Bible in a Secular Age. By Michael Edwards, John Marson Dunaway (Translator) (Fortress Press, 2/22/2022). Reviewed by Kyle Schenkewitz.
The New Testament in Its World: An Introduction to the History, Literature, and Theology of the First Christians. By N. T. Wright, Michael F. Bird (Zondervan, 11/19/2019). Reviewed by Amy Whisenand Krall.
Christianity, ethics and social justice
Biomedicine and Beatitude: An Introduction to Catholic Bioethics, Second Edition. By Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco (CUA Press, 7/2/2021). Reviewed by Samuel Deters.
Christianity, theology
What Is Constructive Theology? Histories, Methodologies, and Perspectives. By Marion Grau, Jason Wyman (Editors) (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 10/29/2020). Reviewed by Stephen Waldron.
T&T Clark Reader in John Webster. By Michael Allen (Editor) (T&T Clark, 10/15/2020). Reviewed by Marco Barone.
God Has Chosen: The Doctrine of Election Through Christian History. By Mark R. Lindsay (InterVarsity Press, 8/11/2020). Reviewed by Catherine C. Tobey.
T&T Clark Handbook of Analytic Theology. By James M. Arcadi, James T. Turner (Editors) (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 2/11/2021). Reviewed by Derek King.
Christianity, Empire and the Spirit. By Néstor Medina (BRILL, 6/1/2018). Reviewed by Fandy Tanujaya.
Henri de Lubac and the Drama of Human Existence. By Jordan Hillebert (University of Notre Dame Press, 1/15/2021). Reviewed by Matthew Hale.
Comparative Religions, Anthropology of Religions
The Faiths of Others: A History of Interreligious Dialogue. By Thomas Albert Howard (Yale University Press, 5/25/2021). Reviewed by Debbie Weissman.
Critical Theory, Methods/Theories in Religious Studies
Mimesis and Sacrifice: Applying Girard's Mimetic Theory Across the Disciplines. By Marcia Pally (Editor) (Bloomsbury Academic & Professional, 10/17/2019). Reviewed by Cody C. Warta.
Occult Roots of Religious Studies: On the Influence of Non-Hegemonic Currents on Academia around 1900. By Yves Mühlematter, Helmut Zander (Editors) (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 6/8/2021). Reviewed by W. Michael Ashcraft.
The Other Rāma: Matricide and Genocide in the Mythology of Paraśurāma. By Brian Collins (State University of New York Press, 10/1/2020). Reviewed by Christopher Austin.
The Islamic Interfaith Initiative: No Fear Shall Be upon Them. By John Andrew Morrow (Cambridge Scholars, 10/17/2021). Reviewed by Riffat Hassan.
Prisoner of the Infidels: The Memoir of an Ottoman Muslim in Seventeenth-Century Europe. By Osman of Timisoara, Giancarlo Casale (Editor, Translator) (University of California Press, 9/7/2021). Reviewed by Emily Victoria Hanlon.
Islam, Ethnicity, and Power Politics: Constructing Pakistan's National Identity. By Rasul Bakhsh Rais (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 6/26/2018). Reviewed by Farah Adeed.
Jews and Journeys: Travel and the Performance of Jewish Identity. By Joshua Levinson, Orit Bashkin (Editors) (University of Pennsylvania Press, 8/6/2021). Reviewed by Laura Yares.
Philosophy of Religion
Seeing Silence. By Mark C. Taylor (University of Chicago Press, 8/13/2020). Reviewed by David Greder.
The Penguin Book of Exorcisms . By Joseph P. Laycock (Editor) (Penguin Random House, 9/8/2020). Reviewed by William Chavez.
Religion in North America
Open Hearts, Closed Doors: Immigration Reform and the Waning of Mainline Protestantism. By Nicholas T. Pruitt (New York University Press, 6/22/2021). Reviewed by Melissa Borja.
Errand into the Wilderness of Mirrors: Religion and the History of the CIA. By Michael Graziano (University of Chicago Press, 6/17/2021). Reviewed by Ciara Skye Eichhorst.
La Santa Muerte in Mexico: History, Devotion, and Society. By Wil G. Pansters (Editor) (University of New Mexico Press, 9/1/2019). Reviewed by Manon Hedenborg White.
Religion, Art, & Music
Avantgarde Art and Radical Material Theology. By Petra Carlsson Redell (Taylor & Francis Group, 10/5/2020). Reviewed by Peder Jothen.

BOOKS RECEIVED, 8/1/2022 to 8/31/2022

The Forbidden Body: Sex, Horror, and the Religious Imagination. By Douglas E. Cowan (New York University Press, 5/17/2022).

Modern Musar: Contested Virtues in Jewish Thought. By Geoffrey D. Claussen (Jewish Publication Society, 4/1/2022).
The Zen Buddhist Philosophy of D. T. Suzuki. By Rossa Ó Muireartaigh (Bloomsbury Publishing, 3/24/2022).
Illuminating the Intent: An Exposition of Candrakirti's Entering the Middle Way. By Tsongkhapa, Thupten Jinpa Langri (Translator) (Wisdom Publications, 4/20/2021).
Christianity (mostly), history of
Worshiping with the Reformers. By Karin Maag (InterVarsity Press, 2/9/2021).
Jesuits and Race: A Global History of Continuity and Change, 1530-2020. By Nathaniel Millett, Charles H. Parker (Editors) (University of New Mexico Press, 6/1/2022).
Eastern Christianity: A Reader. By J. Edward Walters (Eerdmans Publishing , 11/18/2021).
Women in Christianity in the Age of Empire: (1800–1920). By Janet Wootton (Editor) (Taylor & Francis Group, 3/8/2022).
The Gates of Hell: An Untold Story of Faith and Perseverance in the Early Soviet Union. By Matthew Heise (Lexham Press, 5/11/2022).
Christianity, biblical interpretation and reception
Profaning Paul. By Cavan W. Concannon (University of Chicago Press, 12/10/2021).
Christianity, contemporary
A Redemption Song: Illuminations on Black British Pastoral Theology and Culture. By Delroy Hall (SCM Press, 12/17/2021).
Threshold Dwellers in the Age of Global Pandemic. By Eleazar S. Fernandez (Editor) (Pickwick Publications, 5/19/2022).
Guarded by Two Jaguars: A Catholic Parish Divided by Language and Faith. By Eric Hoenes del Pinal (University of Arizona Press, 11/1/2022).
Religion and Intersex: Perspectives from Science, Law, Culture, and Theology. By Stephanie A. Budwey (Taylor & Francis, 8/25/2022).
Christianity, ethics and social justice
Tragic Dilemmas in Christian Ethics. By Kate Jackson-Meyer (Georgetown University Press, 9/1/2022).
Biomedicine and Beatitude: An Introduction to Catholic Bioethics, Second Edition. By Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco (CUA Press, 7/2/2021).
Christianity, theology
Baptists, Catholics and the Whole Church: Partners in the Pilgrimage to Unity. By Steven R. Harmon (New City Press, 1/15/2021).
All Things Beautiful: An Aesthetic Christology. By Chris E. W. Green (Baylor University Press, 9/1/2021).
God in Motion: A Critical Exploration of the Open Theism Debate. By Manuel Schmid, Alex Englander (Translator) (Baylor University Press, 7/15/2021).
Evil, Sin, and Christian Theism. By Andrew Ter Ern Loke (Taylor & Francis Group, 3/18/2022).
Spiritual Diary. By Sergius Bulgakov, Mark Roosien (Translator), Roberto J. De La Noval (Translator) (Angelico Press, 6/15/2022).
Augustine's Preached Theology: Living as the Body of Christ. By J. Patout Burns; Jr. (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 7/28/2022).
Renewing Theology: Ignatian Spirituality and Karl Rahner, Ignacio Ellacuría, and Pope Francis. By J. Matthew Ashley (University of Notre Dame Press, 7/15/2022).
Comparative Religions, Anthropology of Religions
The Crucible of Religion in Late Antiquity: Selected Essays. By Guy G. Stroumsa (Mohr Siebeck, 8/1/2021).
God's Will and Testament: Inheritance in the Gospel of Matthew and Jewish Tradition . By Daniel Daley (Baylor University Press, 9/1/2021).
A Cultural History of the Soul: Europe and North America from 1870 to the Present. By Kocku von Stuckrad (Columbia University Press, 2/15/2022).
Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism. By Amanda Montell (HarperCollins Publishers, 6/15/2021).
East Asian Religions, excluding Buddhism-only books
Daoist Resonances in Heidegger: Exploring a Forgotten Debt. By David Chai (Editor) (Bloomsbury Academic, 6/2/2022).
Self-Cultivation in Early China. By Paul Fischer (State University of New York Press, 7/1/2022).
The Many Faces of a Himalayan Goddess: Hadimba, Her Devotees, and Religion in Rapid Change. By Ehud Halperin (Oxford University Press, 11/12/2019).
Guest Is God: Pilgrimage, Tourism, and Making Paradise in India. By Drew Thomases (Oxford University Press, 11/21/2019).
Sound of Salvation: Voice, Gender, and the Sufi Mediascape in China. By Guangtian Ha (Columbia University Press, 2/22/2022).
Religion, Orientalism and Modernity: Mahdi Movements of Iran and South Asia. By Geoffrey Nash (Edinburgh University Press, 1/27/2022).
What Is Islamic Studies? European and North American Approaches to a Contested Field. By Leif Stenberg, Philip Wood (Editors) (Edinburgh University Press, 1/27/2022).
Rebellious Wives, Neglectful Husbands: Controversies in Modern Qur'anic Commentaries. By Hadia Mubarak (Oxford University Press, 5/6/2022).
Everyday Islamic Law and the Making of Modern South Asia. By Elizabeth Lhost (University of North Carolina Press, 7/12/2022).
Modern Musar: Contested Virtues in Jewish Thought. By Geoffrey D. Claussen (Jewish Publication Society, 4/1/2022).
Dirshuni: Contemporary Women’s Midrash. By Tamar Biala (Editor) (Brandeis University Press, 6/28/2022).
Philosophy of Religion
Devotion: Three Inquiries in Religion, Literature, and Political Imagination . By Constance M. Furey, Sarah Hammerschlag, Amy Hollywood (University of Chicago Press, 12/10/2021).
Reason and Religion: Evaluating and Explaining Belief in Gods. By Herman Philipse (Cambridge University Press, 4/28/2022).
The Writing of Innocence: Blanchot and the Deconstruction of Christianity. By Aïcha Liviana Messina (State University of New York Press, 7/1/2022).
The Spiritual Significance of Overload Boredom. By Sharday C. Mosurinjohn (McGillQueen's University Press, 8/15/2022).
Comparative Philosophy and Method: Contemporary Practices and Future Possibilities. By Steven Burik, Robert Smid, Ralph Weber (Editors) (Bloomsbury Academic, 3/10/2022).
Religion & Law
Infidels and Empires in a New World Order: Early Modern Spanish Contributions to International Legal Thought. By David M. Lantigua (Cambridge University Press, 6/11/2020).
Religion & Politics
Poisoned Wells: Accusations, Persecution, and Minorities in Medieval Europe, 1321-1422. By Tzafrir Barzilay (University of Pennsylvania Press, 3/22/2022).
British Christians and the Third Reich: Church, State, and the Judgement of Nations. By Andrew Chandler (Cambridge University Press, 5/19/2022).
How Trump and the Christian Right Saved LGBTI Human Rights: A Religious Freedom Mystery. By Cynthia Burack (State University of New York Press, 8/1/2022).
Rage and Carnage in the Name of God: Religious Violence in Nigeria. By Abiodun Alao (Duke University Press, 8/26/2022).
Religion & Science
Religion, Disease, and Immunology. By Thomas B. Ellis (Bloomsbury Publishing, 6/30/2022).
Religion in North America
MOVE: An American Religion. By Richard Kent Evans (Oxford University Press, 6/12/2022).
Religion, Art, & Music
The Forbidden Body: Sex, Horror, and the Religious Imagination. By Douglas E. Cowan (New York University Press, 5/17/2022).
South Asian Religions, excluding Hinduism-only or Islam-only books
Devotional Sovereignty: Kingship and Religion in India. By Caleb Simmons (Oxford University Press, 1/3/2020).
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