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BOOKS REVIEWED, 7/1/2022 to 7/31/2022

Translating Buddhism: Historical and Contextual Perspectives. By Alice Collett (Editor) (State University of New York Press, 4/1/2021). Reviewed by Ralph Craig.

Religious Transformation in Maya Guatemala: Cultural Collapse and Christian Pentecostal Revitalization. By John P. Hawkins (Editor) (University of New Mexico Press, 5/1/2021). Reviewed by Eric Hoenes del Pinal.

African Religions

Piles of Slain, Heaps of Corpses: Reading Prophetic Poetry and Violence in African Context. By Jacob Onyumbe Wenyi (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 6/2/2021). Reviewed by Mary Spears Dance Berry.

Metaphysical Africa: Truth and Blackness in the Ansaru Allah Community. By Michael Muhammad Knight (Pennsylvania State University Press, 9/15/2020). Reviewed by Justine Bakker.

The Early Modern Invention of Late Antique Rome. By Nicola Denzey Lewis (Cambridge University Press, 6/30/2020). Reviewed by Michelle C. Freeman.


Translating Buddhism: Historical and Contextual Perspectives. By Alice Collett (Editor) (State University of New York Press, 4/1/2021). Reviewed by Ralph Craig.

Christianity (mostly), history of

A Higher Mission: The Careers of Alonzo and Althea Brown Edmiston in Central Africa. By Kimberly D. Hill (University Press of Kentucky, 10/15/2020). Reviewed by Christopher Tounsel.

Christianity, biblical interpretation and reception

Text and Context: Vernacular Approaches to the Bible in Global Christianity . By Melanie Baffes (ed) (Pickwick Publications, 10/24/2018). Reviewed by Tyler Horton.

Out of the Shadows: Preaching the Women of the Bible. By Kate Bruce, Liz Shercliff (Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd, 6/30/2021). Reviewed by Millicent Haase.

Between Hearing and Silence: A Study in Old Testament Theology. By John Kessler (Baylor University Press, 4/1/2021). Reviewed by Brett J. Esaki.

The Divine Builder in Psalm 68: Jewish and Pauline Tradition. By Todd A. Scacewater (T&T Clark/Bloomsbury, 6/11/2020). Reviewed by Amber Dillon.

Christianity, ethics and social justice

Pastoral Aesthetics: A Theological Perspective on Principlist Bioethics. By Nathan Carlin (Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 4/4/2019). Reviewed by Christopher Mayes.

Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Pacifism, Just War, and Peacebuilding. By Lisa Sowle Cahill (Augsburg Fortress, 3/2/2019). Reviewed by Rosemary Kellison.

Christianity, theology

Friendship: The Heart of Being Human. By Victor Lee Austin (Baker Academic, 7/21/2020). Reviewed by Coleman M. Ford.

Nathan Bangs and the Methodist Episcopal Church: The Spread of Scriptural Holiness in Nineteenth-Century America. By Jared Maddox (New Room Books, 7/24/2018). Reviewed by Mark O. Wilson.

All That God Cares About: Common Grace and Divine Delight. By Richard J. Mouw (Brazos Press, 6/16/2020). Reviewed by Andrew Stout.

Comparative Religions, Anthropology of Religions

Religious Transformation in Maya Guatemala: Cultural Collapse and Christian Pentecostal Revitalization. By John P. Hawkins (Editor) (University of New Mexico Press, 5/1/2021). Reviewed by Eric Hoenes del Pinal.


Say What Your Longing Heart Desires: Women, Prayer, and Poetry in Iran. By Niloofar Haeri (Stanford University Press, 11/1/2020). Reviewed by Candace Mixon.

Philosophy of Religion

Beyond Kant and Nietzsche: The Munich Defence of Christian Humanism. By Tracey Rowland (T&T Clark, 8/26/2021). Reviewed by Charles Duke.

Religion & Politics

Before the Religious Right: Liberal Protestants, Human Rights, and the Polarization of the United States. By Gene Zubovich (University of Pennsylvania Press, 3/22/2022). Reviewed by Paul Harvey.

Religion & Science

Saving Us: A Climate Scientist's Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World. By Katharine Hayhoe (Atria Books, 09/21/2021). Reviewed by Eric C. Miller.

Science and Religion in India: Beyond Disenchantment. By Renny Thomas (Taylor & Francis Group, 12/31/2021). Reviewed by Chandima Gangodawila.

Religion in North America

Dividing the Faith: The Rise of Segregated Churches in the Early American North. By Richard J. Boles (New York University Press, 12/29/2020). Reviewed by Christopher Cannon Jones.

American Evangelicals: Conflicted on Islam. By Ashlee Quosigk (Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 6/3/2021). Reviewed by Bobby Payden Brown.

Visions in a Seer Stone: Joseph Smith and the Making of the Book of Mormon. By William L. Davis (University of North Carolina Press, 5/25/2020). Reviewed by Sonia Hazard.

Black Fundamentalists: Conservative Christianity and Racial Identity in the Segregation Era. By Daniel R. Bare (New York University Press, 5/11/2021). Reviewed by Matthew A. Sutton.

Religion, Art, & Music

Transforming Christian Thought in the Visual Arts: Theology, Aesthetics, and Practice. By Sheona Beaumont, Madeleine Emerald Thiele (Editors) (Taylor & Francis Group, 7/6/2021). Reviewed by Frank England.

BOOKS RECEIVED, 7/1/2022 to 7/31/2022

The Only Woman in the Room: Golda Meir and Her Path to Power. By Pnina Lahav (Princeton University Press, 9/6/2022).

Where Paralytics Walk and the Blind See: Stories of Sickness and Disability at the Juncture of Worlds. By Mary Dunn (Princeton University Press, 6/21/2022).

Ancient Religions

The Kushnameh: The Persian Epic of Kush the Tusked. By Iranshah, Hee Soo Lee (Editor), Kaveh L. Hemmat (Translator) (University of California Press, 7/19/2022).


The Buddha's Tooth: Western Tales of a Sri Lankan Relic. By John S. Strong (University of Chicago Press, 10/22/2021).

Hungry Ghosts. By Andy Rotman (Wisdom Publications, 5/25/2021).

The Middle-Length Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment. By Tsongkhapa, Philip Quarcoo (Translator) (Wisdom Publications, 6/29/2021).

Sakya: The Path with Its Result, Part One: Essential Teachings of the Eight Practice Lineages of Tibet, Volume 5 (the Treasury of Precious Instructions). By Jamgön Kongtrul Lodr Thayé, Malcolm Smith (Translator) (Snow Lion Publications, 7/26/2022).

Christianity (mostly), history of

Augustine and Tradition: Influences, Contexts, Legacy. By David G. Hunter, Jonathan P. Yates (Editors) (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 11/23/2021).

Hong Kong's Last English Bishop: The Life and Times of John Gilbert Hindley Baker. By Philip L. Wickeri (Hong Kong University Press, 1/12/2022).

Invitation to Syriac Christianity: An Anthology. By Michael Philip Penn, Scott Fitzgerald Johnson, Christine Shepardson, Charles M. Stang (Editors) (University of California Press, 2/22/2022).

Gospel Witness Through the Ages: A History of Evangelism. By David M. Gustafson (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2/24/2022).

A Dangerous Parting: The Beheading of John the Baptist in Early Christian Memory. By Nathan L. Shedd (Baylor University Press, 10/15/2021).

Where Paralytics Walk and the Blind See: Stories of Sickness and Disability at the Juncture of Worlds. By Mary Dunn (Princeton University Press, 6/21/2022).

Christianity, biblical interpretation and reception

Introduction to the Spiritual Life: Walking the Path of Prayer with Jesus. By Brant Pitre (Image, 11/2/2021).

Holy Imagination: A Literary and Theological Introduction to the Whole Bible. By Judy Fentress-Williams (Abingdon Press, 3/3/2021).

2 Corinthians. By Scott M. Manetsch (Editor) (InterVarsity Press, 6/28/2022).

Christianity, contemporary

Reimagining Christianity and Sexual Diversity in Africa. By Adriaan van Klinken, Ezra Chitando (Editors) (Oxford University Press, 11/1/2021).

The Gospel in Latin America: Historical Studies in Evangelicalism and the Global South. By David W. Bebbington (Editor) (Baylor University Press, 6/16/2022).

Mediating Catholicism: Religion and Media in Global Catholic Imaginaries. By Eric Hoenes del Pinal, Marc Roscoe Loustau, Kristin Norget (Editors) (Bloomsbury Publishing, 4/7/2022).

Christianity, ethics and social justice

Christian Ethics: A New Covenant Model. By Hak Joon Lee (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 11/9/2021).

The Spirit of Soul Food: Race, Faith, and Food Justice. By Christopher Carter (University of Illinois Press, 12/21/2021).

Modernity, the Environment, and the Christian Just War Tradition. By Mark Douglas (Cambridge University Press, 5/26/2022).

African Ecological Ethics and Spirituality for Cosmic Flourishing: An African Commentary on Laudato Si’. By Stan Chu Ilo (Editor) (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 6/16/2022).

Christianity, theology

Leaving Emmaus: A New Departure in Christian Theology. By Anthony D. Baker (Baylor University Press, 9/15/2021).

Jonathan Edwards and Deification: Reconciling Theosis and the Reformed Tradition. By James R. Salladin (IVP Academic, 2/1/2022).

The Fullness of Time: Jesus Christ, Science, and Modernity. By Kara N. Slade (Cascade Books, 9/1/2021).

Calvin and the Christian Tradition: Scripture, Memory, and the Western Mind. By R. Ward Holder (Cambridge University Press, 6/9/2022).

Comparative Religions, Anthropology of Religions

Father Abraham's Many Children: The Bible in a World of Religious Difference. By Tyler D. Mayfield (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1/4/2022).

The Hidden "God": Towards a Christian Theology of Buddhism. By Peter Baekelmans (Angelico Press, 5/31/2022).

Critical Theory, Methods/Theories in Religious Studies

Religion As Relation: Studying Religion in Context. By Peter Berger, Marjo Buitelaar, Kim Knibbe (Editors) (Equinox Publishing, 10/1/2021).

Unbridled: Studying Religion in Performance. By William Robert (University of Chicago Press, 2/14/2022).


The Ubiquitous Siva Volume II: Somananda's Sivadrsti and His Philosophical Interlocutors. By John Nemec (Oxford University Press, 8/31/2021).


The End of Two Illusions: Islam After the West. By Hamid Dabashi (University of California Press, 4/19/2022).

Palimpsests of Themselves: Logic and Commentary in Postclassical Muslim South Asia. By Asad Q. Ahmed (University of California Press, 7/19/2022).

Interrogating Muslims: The Liberal-Secular Matrix of Integration. By Schirin Amir-Moazami (Bloomsbury Academic, 7/28/2022).


Jacob's Younger Brother: Christian-Jewish Relations After Vatican II. By Karma Ben-Johanan (Belknap Press, 5/17/2022).

The Oxford Handbook of the Jewish Diaspora. By Hasia R. Diner (Oxford University Press, 11/12/2021).

The Social Justice Torah Commentary. By Barry H. Block (Editor) (CCAR Press, 4/1/2021).

Medicine in the Talmud: Natural and Supernatural Therapies between Magic and Science. By Jason Sion Mokhtarian (University of California Press, 7/12/2022).

The Only Woman in the Room: Golda Meir and Her Path to Power. By Pnina Lahav (Princeton University Press, 9/6/2022).

Philosophy of Religion

Religious Disagreement and Pluralism. By Matthew A. Benton, Jonathan L. Kvanvig (Editors) (Oxford University Press, 2/28/2022).

Perceiving Things Divine: Towards a Constructive Account of Spiritual Perception. By Frederick D. Aquino, Paul L. Gavrilyuk (Editors) (Oxford University Press, 4/6/2022).

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Christological Reinterpretation of Heidegger. By Nik Byle (Lexington Books, 10/1/2021).

Catholic Reception of Continental Philosophy in North America. By Gregory P. Floyd, Stephanie Rumpza (Editors) (University of Toronto Press, 2/7/2020).

Religion & Law

Injustice and Prophecy in the Age of Mass Incarceration: The Politics of Sanity. By Andrew Skotnicki (Bristol University Press, 6/28/2022).

Religion & Politics

Black Women's Yoga History: Memoirs of Inner Peace. By Stephanie Y. Evans (State University of New York Press, 3/1/2021).

What Do We Do When Nobody Is Listening? Leading the Church in a Polarized Society. By Robin W. Lovin (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 6/28/2022).

Religion, Protest, and Social Upheaval. By Matthew T. Eggemeier, Peter Joseph Fritz, Karen V. Guth (Editors) (Fordham University Press, 7/26/2022).

Religion & Science

God after Einstein: What’s Really Going On in the Universe?. By John F. Haught (Yale University Press, 3/15/2022).

Religion in North America

American Examples: New Conversations about Religion, Volume One. By Michael J. Altman (Editor) (University of Alabama Press, 11/16/2021).

The Religious Journey of Dwight D. Eisenhower: Duty, God, and Country. By Jack M. Holl (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 10/19/2021).

One Nation Under Graham: Apocalyptic Rhetoric and American Exceptionalism. By Jonathan D. Redding (Baylor University Press, 8/15/2021).

South Asian Religions, excluding Hinduism-only or Islam-only books

An Unholy Brew: Alcohol in Indian History and Religions. By James McHugh (Oxford University Press, 10/1/2021).

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