Warning: cultural access to body positive messages is running low. Read on to fill your noggin with body respect!
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I am Julie Duffy Dillon, Registered Dietitian and Food Behavior Expert. I hand-picked these finds hoping to engineer a way for you to connect to food with peace, pleasure and health.

Yes, that is possible!

These last few days in 2015 included lots of travel and muddy boots for me. I hope you're enjoying this change of pace. 

National Dieting Month aka January is almost here. Last year I started 2015 with the Food Peace Manifesto (you can read it via the link below or clicking here). It included a revolutionary idea: choosing to not diet in 2015. How did you do?

I appreciate a year is a loooooong time especially if the only way you experience food is surrounded by diets and shame. What if this year you took your first step? Your first step to take back your power from food and body hate?

What could be your first step? Here are some ideas:

  • stop weighing yourself or weighing less often.
  • stop talking about how much you hate your body when speaking with others.
  • notice hunger and fullness. Try to respect them.
  • choose movement that feels good. Move away from no pain no gain philosophies.
  • stop counting calories.
  • wear a real bracelet rather than a FitBit.
What could you do this January (or throughout 2016) to move closer toward food peace and body respect? Hit reply and let me know. Let's discuss.

Thank you for connecting with me this year! And, guess what? My podcast is coming sometime this January. Finishing touches are happening and I love it! Can't wait for you to listen. More to come soon.

Happy New Year friends!
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The Food Peace Challenge Manifesto

Before you pick out another New Year’s resolution diet, I beg you to reconsider. If diets work, why do you end up on one every year?

Diets come from a 60 billion dollar a year industryBillion. These rich folks tell us we can’t trust ourselves around food, and we need them. Their lists, supplements, gimmicks, books, potions, rules, lies. We have trusted the diet industry with our lives, but are we actually healthier?

To read the rest of this post, please click here. And tell diets to buzz off!

The Love, Food podcast series will be here the end of January!

Your ears are in for a treat!

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Whatever you want to call it

I only eat
gluten free
low calorie
Blah blah blah

These are all diet labels that hurt a child's growing relationship with food. A relationship he or she will have as long as on this earth.

Teach body positivity and respect. 

Not body hate. Not dieting.

Stop talking about your diet or limited food choices in front of children. 

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This blog post by Rachel Cole moved me. I felt it in my bones.

Dieting is a Violent Act is a game changer.

Are you on the fence on whether to start a new diet?

Been dieting your whole life and feel like a failure because you are still fat?

Read Rachel's post. Read it now.

Click here to get to the good stuff.

{Pic from Rachel's Twitter page @RachelWCole}
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