Warning: cultural access to body positive messages is running low. Read on to fill your noggin with body respect!
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I am Julie Duffy Dillon, Registered Dietitian and Food Behavior Expert. I hand-picked these finds hoping to engineer a way for you to connect to food with peace, pleasure and health.

Yes, that is possible!

If we've ever had a conversation it probably took you about a nanosecond to appreciate how much I dislike diets. I feel like they are harmful, don't work, and are boring. Plus, they keep us from being mindful and attuned to our body. That distances us long term from healthy behaviors rather than what the diet industry folks lead us to believe. Self-compassion and body positivity lead us to health.

Do you think that sounds nice, yet....doesn't work for you? Do you think I may have my head stuck in the clouds? You are not the only one. And, I think most people who have lived life chained to the scale anchored with a diet will need a few steps to move away from diets. 

Do you?

If so, check out my blog post below or click here. It is for you. And, with these steps (and maybe working with a dietitian invested in attuned eating) you can kick diets to the curb. If you need more in your food peace arsenal, be sure to check out the article at the end of this newsletter. It gives us 7 outstanding resources to fuel body positivity.

The countdown is on until the Love, Food podcast is ready for your ears. January 25th you will get not one, not two, yet THREE episodes. I would be forever grateful if you left me an iTunes review and subscribed. I will give you links here once it launches. 

I hope this podcast helps you move away from chaotic diets. What is the toughest part for you when you consider NOT dieting? Hit reply and let me know. You can even send a letter (that would be anonymous) for me to read and respond to on the show. Send it to

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When Relying on Hunger is Too Scary

Does the idea of relying on your hunger and fullness cues freak you out? Seem waaaay too scary? Please hang on. This post is for you. And, be sure to know you are not alone.


Attuned eating is letting go of distractions and relying on your hunger, fullness, and satiety cues to guide eating. Some people also call it Intuitive Eating. If your brain thinks about food, eating, and their rules most of the day, attuned eating will feel a bit premature. We often call this way of thinking food preoccupation. I see it as food rules have taken your brain hostage. The way out of this crisis is to retrain your brain to not think about food. All. The. Time.

Before you look into brain surgeons, know we have tools outside of the operating room. And, all you need to do the work includes a way to know time (either your watch, cell phone, or the sun), a shelf stable snack of your choice, and patience. Bring lots of patience.

More here on the bridge to food peace without diets.

The Love, Food podcast series will be here January 25th. Your ears are in for a treat!

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We've been scammed to believe we can't trust ourselves and we are to blame when weight is regained after dieting.

Calling you out, scammers!!

Trust yourself friends.

You have all the wisdom you need to experience health and peace. 

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7 of the Best Body Positive Books to Take Into 2016
by Joni Edelman

As we kick off our #ditchthediet2016 campaign I want to remind you of a couple of things:

  1. You are more than your reflection.
  2. Weight loss will not make you a better person. 
  3. Learning to accept and appreciate your body may be difficult, but is not impossible.

What better way to help yourself than to reach out to those who work to help you? I’m offering you my must-have list of body books to take with you on the journey.

Find their article and link to body positivity here.

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