Warning: cultural access to body positive messages is running low. Read on to fill your noggin with body respect!
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I am Julie Duffy Dillon, Registered Dietitian and Food Behavior Expert. I hand-picked these finds hoping to engineer a way for you to connect to food with peace, pleasure and health.

Yes, that is possible!

Halloween is behind us yet candy may be lingering. I have had some gut wrenching conversations with folks over the last week centered on this lingering candy. Many of you have let me know being around Halloween candy can feel paralyzing and keep you from focusing on more important matters. While some food and nutrition experts blame the candy or the people, I think we need to focus on something else:

we are giving food way too much power.

Be sure to check out my post below (or just click here) on how to live around the leftover candy or any fun food. The science behind food peace may surprise you. 

Do you experience cravings to binge or diet? Instead of feeling stuck, check out my recent contributor blog post for Recovery Warriors. This is hands down my favorite Eating Disorder Recovery website. It is beautiful, moving, and FULL of insight to help you move forward in eating disorder recovery.

Did you see Wednesday's Whitney LIVE? TLC showcased 3 new My Big Fat Fabulous Life episodes with live coverage in Greensboro. The Big Girls Dance Team taught us how to dance and Whitney chose a new tattoo. I was tickled to be in the audience and relieved when I didn't have to dance on TV (if you know me you may recall my poor sense of rhythm).  A fun part of being in the audience: we all wrote #NoBS (No Body Shame) on us and the body positive energy was outstanding.

Before I sign off for the week, I would love your insight. I am blogging the next two months on ways to survive and thrive during the holidays. This is a time of year when many with negative body image and disordered eating feel stressed to the max. I can't wait to share with you tips I have gathered throughout the years. What do you find the toughest around the holidays? Do you experience more body shame? What makes this happen? Do you stress out about the food choices?

I would love to hear from you. Press reply to this email and it goes directly to my email inbox. By giving me your personal insight to holiday stress, I hope you can experience less frustration and more food peace this holiday.


p.s. Here's a pic of my sharpied #NoBS while in the Whitney LIVE audience. Remember, as Whitney says, "There's no wrong way to have a body." This goes for you too!

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Did you binge on the Halloween candy?

Before you curse your will power or lack of self-control, consider the science of eating behavior.

Using this evidence-based approach may help you experience more food peace in the upcoming holidays.

To read the rest of this post, click here.

The Love, Food podcast series will be here soon. Your ears are in for a treat! Have a Dear Food letter for Julie? Click here for more info and to connect. 

A girl can dream, right? 


What if whenever we felt disconnected, gross, or inferior we didn’t run to a diet. What if we didn’t cover our eyes and believe we needed to be fixed?


What if instead we paused. And in that pause we reconnected to the precious wisdom already within us. This wisdom would direct us to where we would thrive and experience health.


What if all the food rules were distracting us from the only diet we ever need: the one we already know. 


Mindful eating—eating with curiosity without judgment while staying in the present—is health promoting and life changing. It may feel foreign yet you used to eat this way quite well. Before someone told you that your body should be fixed. 


Tell that voice to buzz off. Everyone else is dieting, so what! Trendsetters always do things before everyone else. Be different and more of yourself. Experiment with Mindful Eating. Your body and mind will thank you.


Now, go tell diets they were so last year. You trendsetter, you!!

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"How long have you been experiencing your eating disorder behaviors? Do you feel stuck?"

We know from research that, for many people, recovering from an eating disorder can take years. I often see people in my office who avoid discussing the details of what gets them to craving, bingeing, or restricting foods. Those experiences feel incredibly shameful to them. They’re hard to share. Who wants to dwell on them? The same goes for having negative thoughts about one’s body. I appreciate someone who wants to run from hating his or her body.

Next time you crave a food, find yourself bingeing or consider starting a new diet, pause.

To read the rest of the post, please click here.


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