Akribis Systems

Direct Drive Rotary Motors

• ACD Series –  Coreless, zero cogging


• ACW Series – Low profile, large center bore
• ADR-B Series – Iron core technology, high torque density, low form factor
• ADR-P Series – Frameless parts sets
•  ATR Series – No back iron in rotor, high torque, low inertia


Copley Controls

Stepper Motor Drives

SP4 4-Axis Module CANopen
• Four axes, board mounted module
• Microstepping mode for open loop control
• Servo mode for position, velocity, and torque control
• Peak current 3 amps per axis
• Voltage range 14 – 55 VDC
• Master encoder supported for camming and gearing
• CANopen, RS232, ASCII, discrete I/O and stepper commands
• Digital quad A/B/X encoder feedback
• 24 high speed inputs, 8 MOSFET outputs
• Compact package, 4.00” x 3.00” x 0.83”


Delta Tau Data Systems

Motion Controllers

Power Brick
• Modular CPU design
• Power Brick AC – Built-in amplifiers for AC input
• Power Brick LV – Built-in amplifiers for DC input
• Video output and human interface device connectivity
• Four or eight axis output rated 5A continuous, 10A peak to 15A continuous, 30A peak
• Transparent programming in Power PMAC Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
• Multiple built-in serial encoder protocols
• EtherCAT controller interface


Serving the motion control industrial market for over 30 years, look to Cymatix for servo and stepper motors, linear and rotary stages, linear motors and actuators, custom engineered precision gears and gearboxes, encoders, servo and stepper amplifiers, servo and stepper controllers, AC drives, temperature controllers, custom sub-assemblies and value-added services.
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