Akribis Ironless Linear Motors

AUM is a series of Ironless Direct Drive linear motors. It covers a very wide range of force, with sub-series from AUM1 to AUM5. Cross sections range from 19 mm X 36 mm to 50 mm X 122 mm with up to 884 N continuous force.

Ironless Brushless Linear Motor

• Ironless technology

• Zero cogging force

• Patented technology

• Ironless linear motors with the highest motor constant and shortest coil lengths


Copley Xenus Plus Digital Drive

120-240 VAC EtherCAT & CANopen Drives for Brushless Motors

Control Modes
• Indexer, Point-to-Point, PVT

• Camming, Gearing

• Position, Velocity, Torque
Command & Communications

• EtherCAT CoE DS-402
 CANopen DS-402
· RS-232 ASCII

• Stepper commands

•  ±10V position/velocity/torque

•  PWM velocity/torque

· Master encoder



Delta Tau Power Clipper

Utilizing a cost-effective Linux-based CPU, the Power Clipper will give you all the software and motion features from the Power PMAC within a low-cost, embedded solution.

Motor Servo Control 

• Extremely fast update rates (Phase and Servo)

• Standard PID with full feed-forward model

• Powerful automatic tuning and analyzer tools

• Analog, Pulse Width Modulated (PWM), Pulse Frequency Modulated (PFM), MACRO or EtherCAT Outputs

• Vibration suppression filters

• Multiple 7th order notch and low pass filters

• Adaptive control for varying loads

• Cascaded loops (force, height, camera auto-focus control)

• Support for custom-written commutation routines

• Support for custom-written servo routines

• Custom routines directly in C or from MATLAB®/Simulink®



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