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Have you seen the updated AngelSense Overview presentation? Share with your staff and co-workers for a comprehensive understanding of AngelSense and its benefits. (5 minutes)
AngelSense's new waterproof sleeve will be an important item for your families this season. Contact us at for information about purchasing accessories.
CASE STUDY shows how GPS Program is improving the quality of life for Michigan families. Click to download
Passaic County Sheriff
Passaic County Sheriff (NJ) Launches Program with AngelSense.
In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Passaic County Sheriff's Office launched a GPS Program for vulnerable citizens in their county with AngelSense. We are proud to be a part of this important project!
Latest story from our AngelSense family:

'Today having AngelSense prevented me from going into a complete panic! There was a new sub bus driver and my son's normal drop off time is 11:45 am. I checked my app at 11:43 and saw that Anthony was over 10 min away. Then I see the driver literally driving back and forth across town. Once it was after 12, I called the bus company and they told me the driver was lost. I would have really started to panic if I didn't have AngelSense with him. He finally got home 45 min late and the driver handed me the wrong kid to top it off.' 

Thank you, AngelSense!!! 
Heather, Anthony's Mom

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