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Volume 2, Issue 3 - Spring 2017
Dear Friends of Showcase,
One thing we love about being a young initiative is how we continually get to shape and reshape our structures based on the growing needs of our program. Beginnings are messy. We learn through trial, error, and experimentation, and through this we recognize our strengths, needs, and also the possibilities of the work we strive to do. Our hope for Showcase visitors is that by seeing promising practices in action, they can realize what possibilities lie in their own school communities.

We also recognize that this is a tall order dependent on the availability of resources. We are therefore thrilled to launch Showcase Implementation Grants, designed to support visitors in bringing to life the practices and strategies they saw at Showcase visits through grant funding. Apply here and tell us how you plan to take your practice to the next level.
Past Showcase visitors can also take part in Showcase Extensions, beginning in the next few weeks and lasting through June. Select Showcase Schools will host 'deeper dive’ sessions focused on further exploring a specific practice shared at their visit. Past participants will be notified via email about these opportunities.

Within the next few weeks, our team will be visiting applicant schools to decide the 2017-18 cohort, and working hard to plan our year-end and kickoff events. It will be an exciting season of schools taking the stage to share on their growth and impact. Take a look at our upcoming events below, and stay tuned for more information via email.

Yours in collaboration, 
Chau Ngo-Rayman
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showcase implementation grants

The Showcase Schools program recognizes that adapting practices from Showcase visits takes time and resources. We also recognize that not every educator has access to the same resources. Therefore, we are excited to announce Showcase Implementation Grants, which will award grants to educators who wish to implement what they learned on Showcase visits with the help of additional funding.

We welcome applications for grants for up to $5,000 for things like materials, planning time for collaboration, texts, further coaching or PD, etc. Apply here today.

If you have any questions regarding Implementation Grants, please let us know at

winter 2017 feedback
99% of survey respondents from this past winter have found Showcase visits to be valuable or very valuable
"Today's visit has opened my mind to other ways of engaging students, creating an equitable culture in classrooms, and helping teachers to help students become facilitators in their own learning."
- Visitor to P.S. 71 Rose E. Scala
"Yes, my view of what is possible in my classroom has expanded. Walking away with pre-made materials was a valuable resource teachers could implement immediately. I modeled with a small group of students and was amazed of how consistently students used the resources. Students needed minimum redirection and were respectful throughout the conversation. All students can be successful when provided necessary scaffolds and supports."
- Classroom Teacher visiting P.S. 95 Eastwood, Mid-year implementation survey
stories of change: South Richmond High School
South Richmond High School, Staten Island

By Zachary Millington

Showcase recently had the opportunity to sit with staff from South Richmond High School in Staten Island to hear about how they have been implementing the practices of the Hochman Writing program. We heard from Principal Jim McKeon and teachers Michelle Cavitsky and Marlo Lancia about how they and their colleagues have benefited from attending New Dorp High School’s Showcase visits to learn about the Hochman program.

Four years ago, having heard about the benefits of the Hochman program, South Richmond took the first step towards implementation in their school by getting the program’s official training for one teacher to pilot the work and help to develop other teachers. The next year, the Showcase Schools program began and New Dorp High School opened their doors to educators throughout the city. Principal Deirdre DeAngelis specifically invited Principal McKeon to come and see her school. As Principal McKeon puts it, “the program seems simple, but it was revolutionary…What got me was the enthusiasm and the confidence [of the students].”

For almost three years now, South Richmond has been using the New Dorp Showcase experience as “a launching pad for teachers who haven’t had the official Hochman training yet,” teaching them about the moves and the language that are essential to the program and promoting buy-in and enthusiasm for teachers new to the work. And the staff at South Richmond feel that it has had “a tremendous impact,” saying that the program “makes a better teacher, makes a better student, makes a better school.” They know that learning from New Dorp has “built capacity in our building” because the staff at New Dorp are “collaborative, not competitive, and they’re so much further down the road” of developing the Hochman practices.
The staff feel that the practices have yielded great benefit for their students’ writing and communication skills both academically and personally. On tests, they’ve seen clear gains in achievement. As one teacher put it, “they’re not intimidated by writing an essay anymore” because they now understand the individual parts and how to construct an essay so much better. Beyond tests and academic success, Principal McKeon emphasized the importance that we “don’t underestimate what this is doing for them in their lives” outside of school. In supporting their students in finding jobs after school, the staff at South Richmond had often heard about how intimidating the process could be. Now, instead of feeling overwhelmed, “students are feeling capable and confident” to walk in and fill out an application because their communication skills are so much stronger.
"My skill set now needs to be stretched to the next level to do a better job than I’m doing now.

As they move forward, South Richmond wants to continue to develop by taking up the open invitation from Principal DeAngelis and utilizing the valuable relationships that have been built between the staff at the two schools. One teacher, who was among the first to receive the Hochman training and attend a New Dorp Showcase visit, looks forward to returning for another visit. Now that she has been using the practices for more than two years, she wants to return to New Dorp High with the lens of growth and improvement rather than of learning about a new practice. She mentions that, as her practice has evolved and her students have grown, she is “finding a new need for depth that I didn’t need before. My skill set now needs to be stretched to the next level to do a better job than I’m doing now.”

Principal McKeon and his staff want to express their gratitude to Principal DeAngelis and her entire school for opening their doors and sharing their practices and want to recognize the school for their efforts. For more on the Hochman program, join us for their March 7 Showcase visit (walk-ins welcome), or check out our video on New Dorp High School below.
Do you have a story to share about transforming your practice? We'd love to hear from you! Reach out to Zachary Millington.
upcoming events
It takes a village to raise a child. Check out our upcoming Showcase visits around building community to support the whole child and family.

 3/8 - Community School - Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies
 3/14 - Family and Community Engagement - East Elmhurst Community School
 3/15 - Community, Culture, and Wellness - P.S. 196 The Ten Eyck School
 3/22 - Community School Practices - P.S. 188 The Island School
 4/26 - Community School Practices - P.S. 65 The Raymond York Elementary School
**Link is accessible to NYC DOE employees only. If you are not a NYC DOE employee but would like to learn more about Showcase Schools, please contact us. You can also find all of our events and registration links on our Google calendar.
showcase extensions
As a reminder, Showcase Extensions are happening now through June. Showcase Extensions are additional visits hosted by select Showcase Schools that further explore specific promising practices that were seen and shared during the visit. Schools will reach out to past attendees via email with more information.
event recaps
Winter Fellows Convening
On January 12, Showcase Fellows came together to expand their repertoire of promising practices in adult learning by learning from one another's successes. Fellows participated in a mini share fair that highlighted activities and resources in their Showcase day that visitors responded well to. Fellows gained new ideas and additional perspectives around their agendas to help them think about ways to improve.
Black History Month
On February 15, Deputy Chancellor Phil Weinberg attended Richard R. Green High School of Teaching's Black History Month event. The event featured local guest artists and a Q&A panel discussing Black Lives Matter, colorism, and advice for queer youth of color living in a hetero-normative society. Guests Nia Andino, Ashley August, Tasha Dogue, and educator Adrienne Almeida also talked to students about how their race and ethnicity impacts the way they develop their work.
Now it's easier than ever to share resources from Showcase visits. Simply visit and search for "Showcase Schools 2016-17," or click here to view all of our collections.
video resources on WeTeachNYC
Showcase videos reflect the practices of Showcase Schools in action. As mentioned in the last edition, you can go to WeTeachNYC to find associated collections of professional learning activities to accompany each of our videos. Teachers, coaches, and school leaders can use these materials to more deeply process the videos and their related practice artifacts. For more information on how to use these resources, reach out to us at
WeTeachNYC is a powerful online professional learning space where teachers and school leaders can access high-quality resources and new learning opportunities. For more information, or if you are experiencing trouble logging in, reach out to
showcase schools video
Thinking and Writing
Have you seen our latest video Thinking and Writing featuring New Dorp HIgh School in Staten Island? 
Check out NYCDOE Showcase Schools Program's Vimeo page for access to more videos, including The Work of Play, Student VoiceA Culture of ReadingDeveloping LiteracyCreating Shared ExperiencesMaking Thinking Visible, and our Showcase Schools Promo. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!
showcase in the news

Jamaica Principal Believes Teacher Collaboration is Key to Student Success

Congratulations to Principal Kim Hill of P.S. 95 Eastwood for being featured as Principal of the Week on! P.S. 95's Showcase features practices in Teacher Development. Don't miss their upcoming Showcase on March 7 (walk-ins welcome)!

Supporting Teaching That Disrupts Inequity

Education Week highlights the Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School in Queens and their efforts in addressing the equity gap that exists for students of color. Read about how they create deep and engaging learning opportunities for all of their students. Join us for their Showcase on April 4 to learn more about their collaborative structures.

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 [READ] the latest edition of the MSQI Newsletter! The Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) is our cousin program within the Office of Interschool Collaborative Learning that focuses on improving literacy and reading comprehension rates in New York City middle schools. They provide school-based literacy coaching, workshops for teachers and leaders, interschool site visits, and other resources. Showcase Schools involved in MSQI include Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change and I.S. 75 Frank D. Paulo. For more information, visit the MSQI website.

 [APPLY] to become a Teacher Career Pathways Teacher Leader! Are you interested in extending your impact inside and outside of the classroom next fall? Become a Model Teacher or Peer Collaborative Teacher for the 2017-18 school year! The application is now open for all eligible teachers city-wide. If you complete the online written application by the priority deadline of March 13 and are found qualified after interviewing, you will be given the exclusive opportunity to sign-up for spring intervisitations in order to see what current teacher leaders are doing within their schools!
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