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Dear Navigators,

Navigators National has been busy this Spring with our first annual fundraiser on May 18th. Board members, Jane Furse and George Dorsey covered the cost of the event. Miles Chapin found the awesome venue. Russell Williams, Jim Gordon and I put on a great presentation and Kate Libby handled the invites, pledge cards, and follow-up. Oh, and we raised over half our annual budget!

Breaking the grant drought, we won a $9,500 grant for from the Fund for Unitarian Universalism specifically for our Badge Book, so we can move ahead with that project!

New Chapters keep forming: West Seneca, NY, Spokane, WA, West Valley City, UT, Swampscott, MA, Washington, D.C., Glasgow, KY, Pittsburgh, PA, Cary, NC, Buffalo, NY, Lansing, MI, and Rochester, NY. Know that you are part of a growing movement whose rate of growth is also on the rise.

We are considering a Navigator USA Festival for either next summer or beyond. We want it to have all the activities of a super camping weekend, badge achievements, games, adventure, nature exploration, but also something that celebrates our Moral Compass in a creative, festive expression. Not sure how--music, art, dance, Native American component, spiritual diversity??? Think outside the box and send us your thoughts. Let’s make it special!

Have a fabulous summer, get a lot of vitamin D and vitamin N (for Nature) and keep those photos and posting coming.

Executive Director
Robin Bossert
Thanks to a generous grant from the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program, Navigators USA is moving full steam ahead with the process of creating a Badge Book with badge curriculum for Stargazers, Juniors and Seniors! We've hired Haley Pepper of Ch 33 as the Badge Book Coordinator and trust that she will help us craft the best resource possible for you and your scouts.

Interested in helping out? Are you an expert at sailing? Is there a parent in your group who goes crazy for geocaching? Contact Haley to see how you can get involved:
Ch 42 - Palo Alto

"Navigators Troop 42 ("the answer") meets twice a month during the school year at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Palo Alto at 11 am on Sundays, unless we're off camping :).  Founded in 2013 by Nathan Harris we've been going strong ever since.  The church has supported us in many ways with space, insurance, safety training and advice, but there is no requirement to be affiliated with the church to join.  We've said thank you by handing out free hot apple dumplings to the church members.  We don't turn anyone away for financial reasons, but have suggested donations and ask everyone to chip in some way, even if not financially.

We've come up with an 8 point manifesto that sums up what we're trying to do:  

Navigators, Palo Alto, Chapter 42: What We’re About

  1. Experiential Learning - Kids spend enough time in lecture settings already
  2. Non-competitive- Competition can be great, but so are breaks to practice a different way of being
  3. Age, gender, ability diversity- Learning how to work together with people of different abilities and interests
  4. Parent-child bonding- Groups make family time more fun
  5. Being active and getting into nature- It’s awesome
  6. Some interaction with risk- Interaction with small risks (minor burns and cuts) makes for wiser kids
  7. Preparation for a post-apocalyptic zombie-filled world- Just in case…
  8. All are welcome!- All races, creeds, orientations.  You don’t have to be affiliated with UUCPA.
Mostly we have fun!  Past favorite activities:  camping, rafting, archery, Maker Faire, zip lines, laser marking at TechShop, making jam, planet granite, and playing with electroluminescent wires.  A lot of our activities finish with complicated games of tag that only the kids understand.

Next year will be an interesting one as our age range is starting to get big: 6 to 13.  We're going to start splitting some activities.  Age 6 is too young for paintball, biking across the bay bridge, or class IV rapids!"

-Ed Vail, Ch 42 Co-leader
Thank you so much for your feedback on the Good-Deed-A-Thon. Thanks to your input, we will be changing gears and starting a Hike-A Thon beginning September 9th!  

Navigators will seek pledges for every 10th of a mile hiked.  The goal is to hike 2.5 miles with a donation cap of 3.5 miles. Looking for a bigger challenge? We would love to see all of our seniors achieve their 5-mile hike and will be giving every Navigator who hikes 5 miles an additional raffle ticket to enter to win the giant Zorb ball!

Miles hiked can be achieved through one large group hike, multiple group hikes throughout the fundraiser, or individual family hikes depending on what works best for your chapter. 

The Hike-A-Thon will run from Saturday, September 9th-Sunday September 24th.

We will have all the same awesome prizes and easy to use donation website. Your welcome packets will be shipped in August.  Your welcome packet will include full-color posters, flyers, and hiking trackers as well as instructions for each Navigator to take home.

To register your chapter please click the link below!

If you have already registered for the Good-Deed-A-Thon, you will be receiving an email to confirm your registration for the new dates and program.

Have questions? Christy Carter is ready to answer them:
Save the date!! This fall, Navigators USA and the American Volkssport Association (AVA) will be teaming up to connect communities once again through Walk Together events. Like last year, we'll be hosting a badge competition for scouts to design the badge that participants will earn.The competition will take place Sept 1-October 31, so please keep this in mind when planning your fall curriculum. 

August 7
Board Meeting

September 9-24

Sept 1- Oct 31
Walk Together Badge Competition

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