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Hello All – I hope you are well. This month I am excited to announce the launch of my new website! It is easier to navigate and includes updated content as well as a description of a forthcoming book co-authored with Christine Saxman. The website is also gorgeous, thanks to the work of Liz Wiltze and Jacqueline B. Swezey. Five minutes navigating the pages on and my nervous system begins to calm. Try it for yourself. Also, I’m offering shout outs to anyone who locates and reports glitches or errors. Happy exploring!
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Witnessing Whiteness Dialogue Series
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Two wonderful colleagues, Christine Saxman and Ryan Virden, have agreed to offer a dialogue series on Witnessing Whiteness, 3rd Edition. Significantly different than the 2010 version, this edition is best read alongside a group so you can discuss the various new issues raised. From the detours white people often taken when confronted by the demands of Black Lives Matter to the need to fight white nationalism, this book is both comprehensive and timely.

A message from Christine and Ryan - To support the third edition of Witnessing Whiteness, we are gauging interest for an online series. We've run three online sessions since the summer of 2020.  If there is enough interest, we will once again offer an online group where you can:
  • Explore your journey into increased racial consciousness and antiracist action as you read one or two chapters a week and join a discussion. (10 Zoom meetings/1 hr. each, 10 hours total)
  • If desired - Join a facilitators learning group to build your skills to facilitate your own group (10 additional 1-hour facilitated sessions - 20 hours total)
To indicate your interest, please fill out the form below. We will then work to find the best dates/times and provide details about cost.
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Book Recommendation

This book is slim and easy to read. Perfect for educators working at predominantly white institutions, it offers practical advice from K-12 educators who have been there, done that, and then sought to do better. I especially appreciate the step-by-step descriptions of activities that address topics many avoid in straightforward ways. With careful consideration, this book will help educators navigate complicated times with more skill and assurance. Buy it today!

What does "woke" mean?

My mom asked me this question about six months ago. I wish this Anti-Racism Daily post had been available at the time. (Mom – read this!) This post provides an excellent historical overview of the term and how it has been co-opted by the far-right to be used as an insult, demonizing anything that seeks to increase awareness on issues of racial or social justice. Also read this secondary source which illuminates how “woke” became weaponized in the culture wars.

In the news...
If you missed it, check out this Op-Ed by Paul Waldman - direct link and PDF.. I wish I’d had the foresight and talent to write something like this back in spring 2019 when I attended a far-right Christian conference and recognized why the attendees and presenters were so upset. I emerged understanding that their organizing efforts would be effective. The fruits of their labor continue to ripen. The value of this article, to me, is that it honestly assesses that that the society Christian nationalists would like to preserve and protect is, in actuality, under threat. And that is a good thing.
Alleged discrimination against Black people in housing appraisal.
Read this article either via PDF or
A Maryland couple has sued a local real estate appraiser and an online mortgage loan provider, alleging that the housing appraisal they received was unfairly low due to their race, in violation of the Fair Housing Act, after a second appraisal returned a result nearly $300,000 higher. Read more…
The following articles are part of the Winter 2022 edition of The Public Eye, a magazine from the Political Research Associates. They are deep dives into important issues that are having a real effect in our nation today.
Highly Recommend: "We Have to Push the Envelope": A Year After Storming the Capitol, White Nationalist "Groypers" Storm the Right by Ben Lorber: Nick Fuentes and the America First movement move further into Big Tent Conservatism and the cultural mainstream, without diluting the movement’s explicit White nationalist and antisemitic core.

Offers Good Insight: A Twisted Love Story: How American Evangelicals Helped Make Putin's Russia and How Russia Became the Darling of the American Right by Katherine Kelaidis: The Evangelical Right in the U.S. is complicit in the strengthening of Russian Orthodoxy leading to the Orthodox culture in Russia today.
  • And if the article about evangelicals and Russia interests you, here is a great review of the documentary, The Family, I have been suggesting people watch. – It adds to our understanding of the power of the religious right in the US, and why they continue to support Trump.
Check out this publication from the Bard Center for the Study of Hate, Western States Center, and the Montana Human Rights Network

 “The purpose of this manual is to provide those who want to “do something” about hate with something they can do, step by step, not only for the immediate aftermath of a hateful act, but for years to come to improve their community.” – The guide includes over a dozen scenarios that could affect any city in the nation. Take a peek. It’s free to download!

Click here the entire set of toolkits and guides published by the Western States Center.
Curious about the transnational nature of white nationalism? Check out this new report on Irish Far-right Hate and Extremist Groups. The report identifies and describes over a dozen active groups operating in Ireland. Take special note how one of the group’s names refers to human rights, which might lead you to believe they are on the side of social justice. Not at all. It is a conspiracy-laden group focused on anti-vaccine efforts, anti-immigration, and anti-LGBTQ+, etc. Sound familiar? Many US-based groups use the same strategy.
Turning the Tide
This edition of Turning the Tide provides excerpts of a number of news-related articles that highlight some really awful situations going down around the country. It’s worth skimming this (at minimum) to stay aware.
  • Christian Patriot Cell Phone Company Seeks Take-Over of TX School Boards
  • Texas “Right to Life” Scrubs website after political director is busted for soliciting a minor 
  • Not a “Culture War” – Low Intensity Civil War
  • Goyim Defense League spreads antisemitic propaganda (LA and across nation)
 AWARE’s monthly Sunday Dialogue (SD) occurs on the 3rd Sunday of every month, 3-5PM Pacific via the Zoom online platform.  We focus on connecting, sharing, and learning from one another. If you'd like to join us to receive monthly invitations, please subscribe here: Sunday Dialogues Interest List Sign Up
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