Quilt by mail!

We offer quilt by mail services - you can send us your quilt top and have us finish your quilt for you! We have a number of options to make YOUR quilting easier!

Scroll down to find out how our step by step process works to ensure quality quilting in store and by mail.

When we receive a quilt in the mail, we check it to be sure it was not damaged in shipping and read over the notes from the quilter. We cut the wide back fabric that the quilter selected (or they can mail in their own). We look at the edge to edge patterns and thread chosen - and if the quilter needs help selecting what to do, we give them a personal phone call to discuss options! We have a large selection of digital quilting designs on our website and can do any “pano” design from Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio. We carry a large selection of batting as well, so the process is as simple as can be!

When the quilt has been checked in, it is hung up in the order it was received…waiting for personal attention from one of our dedicated quilters.

Our trained quilters load and finish the quilts, paying attention to any details about quilt direction, thread color, pattern size and digital quilting design!

A different employee carefully inspects every quilt to quality control and then we carefully package it up to mail it home. We make sure every quilt is correct before it leaves our shop!

Quilts are triple packed to be sure they are safe in transit! We strive to have a 2 week turnaround but additional services like binding may add some time to the process.

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