More Creative Quilting than Ever

How do we actually get started when it feels overwheming?

“Creativity happens when we let go of our fear”

One way to actually get started on our creative growth is to LOWER OUR STANDARDS. I know, it sounds crazy. But we can’t be perfect at the beginning, so we can grow more when we accept imperfection at the beginning. It’s 100% okay to not be perfect and to just start something with NO PLAN and with the idea that it will not be “right”. Just say that it’s a “practice” piece and TRY IT.

Renae loves the magic of free motion quilting. She relishes the challenge of making her imagination appear on fabric. Verla loves to try new fibers and new knitting techniques. We can do the same when we ask ourselves -

I wonder what this might look like? What about this design make me happy? Can I doodle a plan and make it happen? Which thread would make it look how I imagined it? Can I take ideas from other places?

Practice is the part of free motion quilting that will make the biggest difference! So pull out your sketch pad, your dry erase board and most of all…..YOUR LONGARM!

You only get good at what you do. So try building on basic designs like loops, swirls, wishbones and ribbon candy. Add an echo or repeat the design in different sizes. See what you like and practice!

Practicing is important - We can’t creatively grow when we don’t practice. Dream it, try it. Do it. Do it again. You won’t know where you will end up till you try!

The design thinking process marries both creativity and critical-thinking skills. When

designers generate lots of ideas and test them, they are more successful!


Trying LOTS of new things lets us figure out what we like and being comfortable with failure when we don’t like something.

It forces us to keep our mind open, to try out many different ideas and not get too invested in just one.

Studies have shown that trying multiple approaches is successful more frequently than trying just one single option. So if one method or design doesn’t work for you - try another one!

Watch this older video from Renae on quilting feathers….she shows more than one way to accomplish them! Which way works best for you?

3 Tips to making Free Motion Feathers

Learn by watching videos! We have been adding all new videos online, so keep checking back to get new ideas!

Check out this all new video for a free motion Valentine!



Computerized Quilt Guild

We are hosting the Utah Computerized Quilt Guild here for their meeting on Feb 25th at 10 am. Members are invited to bring a show and tell and learn a technique from Tara Learned on how to computerize names on a quilt. They will also be doing a charity baby quilt project. For more information and to join, drop in for the meeting and talk to Sandra.

Check it out! Extended Saturday Hours!