Batting….which one is right?

One of the top questions we get is…..”What batting should I use?”

It depends.

We know you hate such a generic answer so here is some more help!

What’s important to you? Price, cost, how fluffy it is? Do you want something that “looks” heirloom? Those are all important considerations in selecting your perfect batting!

Our most popular option is right in the middle of the road. 80/20. It’s a blend of 80% cotton and 20% Polyester. It’s a solid choice for a number of reasons. It’s priced affordably, washes and wears well. It shows off your quilting well and has limited shrinking.

100% cotton is a bit thinner, marked as a “low loft” batting but it’s 100% natural fibers…very breathable with lots of drape to the finished quilt. But, 100% cotton does tend to shrink a bit, giving quilts an heirloom feel from day one. Due to it’s lighter weight, it makes a good summer weight quilt.

Both 80/20 and 100% cotton are available in “bleached”. That’s the perfect option for a bright white quilt that you want to have a clean, bright look. Regular batting is a natural color that can cause a quilt to dull in appearance. Bleached batting is a great solution for that mostly light colored quilt.

Wool is a slightly thicker option but since it’s made from natural fibers, it’s still very breathable! It has a higher loft that makes for great definition when quilted. Our Wool batting is quite durable and washes well ~ it’s a great option if you want a warm quilt! Bec

Polyester quilt battings, in 6, 9 and 12 oz add a lot of loft for a lower price point. As a man-made fiber, they hold up well to heavy use and feel very light. There is less “drape” and breathability with a polyester quilt batting. They are not flame retardant and will melt in a fire instead of burning.

Bamboo is also a natural fiber batting that is very drapey and breathable but it does tend to be more expensive than other choices. It is a popular choice for some quilters who want a thin, soft quilt.

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*Rolls of Batting are not a shippable item due to the high cost of shipping but may be picked up in Boise or Sandy. If you want several rolls, call ahead and we can set some aside for you or schedule a time to bring more to the Sandy store from our Boise warehouse.*