More Creative Quilting than Ever

“Creativity is easier when we don’t STRESS”

….once again for those who missed it…….

“Creativity is easier when we don’t STRESS”
Some of our past emails have covered how we can start growing creatively when we practice and try new things but for the next level of growth, our preparation makes a BIG difference in how creative we can be.

  • If you are knitting and you have the wrong size needles….you will probably be more stressed than creative.

  • If you are sewing and your scissors are dull….you will probably be more stressed than creative.

  • Weavers need to have their looms dressed with the right size reeds…..or they will be more stressed than creative!

  • If you are a longarm quilter and your machine is not clean and running smoothly….you will DEFINETELY be stressed and not creative!

Your creativity can start or stop in the very moment that you step into your sewing room or pick up a project!

Broken, missing tools or poorly maintained equipment can frustrate your efforts and stop you before you even start!

Tips for minimizing some of your potential stresses!

  1. Make sure that you build good habits in being neat! We will cover ideas for organization in another email, but being neat is a great way to minimize frustration!

    1. Ensure that you group all of your tools and project items together while you are working. That way you don’t have to stop and search for items after getting into the creative groove!

    2. Maintain your tools and equipment! It’s no fun to have to stop when your sewing machine stops working! Get them serviced on the recommended schedule.

    3. Learn how to clean and do your own routine service on your longarm or sewing machine! We teach our new INNOVA owners to do basic longarm maintenance when they come to Boot Camp.

  2. Sometimes we can forget how to do some things and its important to keep learning! Don’t remember how to thread your embroidery machine or how to adjust the tension on your longarm? We offer Longarm classes to refresh your memory or learn how easy it can be to take care of your INNOVA longarm.

  3. Learn by watching videos! We have been adding all new videos online, so keep checking back to get new ideas or to learn new skills!

  4. Have the RIGHT tool for the job! The right thread or yarn is important! Maybe you need to use a ruler base while you do ruler quilting. Having the right tool makes it easier to be creative!

The Knit Assist Ring

Check out the above video about using a knitting tool to help you with creative color work or the video below about understanding one of the parts of your INNOVA longarm!

Pre Tension Assembly on INNOVA longarm

Learn more in person on March 18th!

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