More Creative than Ever

How do I become MORE CREATIVE??

Last week we talked about how we can become more creative….but sometimes that takes additional steps! The first step for most people is just getting started! How do we actually get started when it feels overwhelming?

“Creativity happens when we let go of our fear”

One way to actually get started on our creative growth is to LOWER OUR STANDARDS. That’s right! It’s 100% okay to not be perfect and to just start something with NO PLAN and with the idea that it will not be “right”. Just say that it’s a “practice” piece and TRY IT.

  • Make just ONE block -

  • Knit a few rows of a new pattern

  • Use UGLY fabric to practice a new free motion design!

Creativity thrives on curiosity. Our ability to wonder and search for answers, ignites our creativity. Try sparking your imagination and creativity by asking questions.

I wonder what this might look like? What about this design makes me happy? What piques your interest? See where your line of thinking and experimentation takes you. You may discover that you thrive on the process of discovery. The more you know, the more your mind is awakened, and the more you want to learn. This will open your mind to new possibilities and creative joy.

Practicing is important - We can’t creatively grow when we don’t practice. Dream it, try it. Do it. Do it again, and again. You won’t know where you will end up ‘til you try!


Spinning Saturday

Our shop is excited to have the Wasatch Woolpack Handspinners Guild here for Spinning Saturday on Feb 11th. Have you ever been intrigued by the thoughts of spinning your own yarn or just seeing the process. Come on in the shop from 10 - 3pm to see the magic happen.

Spinners are invited to bring something to share for lunch and something to work on. We will have a great time working on projects and catching up with each other.

Computerized Quilt Guild

We are hosting the Utah Computerized Quilt Guild here for their meeting on Feb 25th at 10 am. Members are invited to bring a show and tell and learn a technique from Tara Learned on how to computerize names on a quilt. The guild is also doing a charity baby quilt project. For more information about the Computerized Quilt Guild, or to join, drop in for the meeting and talk to Sandra.

Check it out! Extended Saturday Hours!