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"The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results." -- Anthony Robbins

MARCH 2017

Over the past month I've had conversations with individuals at very different stages in life -- an expectant mother with a toddler who could care less if she sleeps, a young woman starting her own business, a semi-retired man caring for an ill friend, a divorced mom trying to figure out the next chapter in both her career and personal life -- and I've discovered there is one thing we all need in common.
Let me back up for a sec... I have spent the past six weeks planning and preparing for both work and home projects. In a moment of frustration I realized that there is so much I'd like to do and my first obstacle is finding the time. (Four kids, work and life in general sucks up a LOT of time!) But the bigger challenge I'm finding is having the ENERGY to make these things happen. 

Whatever stage you find yourself in, we're all working toward the same goal... to have both the physical and mental energy to make it happen. Here are some tips to increase your energy:

1. Control stress. This is at the top of the list from the Harvard Health Medical School Publication. We all know that stress can literally suck the life out of you (leaving you exhausted and incapable making decisions). What's encouraging is that whatever is relaxing for you (a phone conversation with a friend, listening to music, laughing at a funny video, etc.) can help to reduce tension -- and therefore increase your energy. If you find stress levels to be debilitating professional help may be in order. Many people have also found meditation to work wonders at keeping stress at bay. Any time you schedule in a break for yourself your body and mind will most likely benefit.    

2. Drink water. Did you know that thirst can masquerade as fatigue? "Sometimes, even slight dehydration can leave you feeling tired and lethargic," says nutritionist Keith Ayoob, EdD, RD, an associate professor at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York and author of The Uncle Sam Diet. Luckily there's an easy solution... drink more water. It's also worth noting that it's important to limit alcohol consumption as it often interferes with sleep -- so you're deceived into thinking you've gotten more rest than you actually have.

Note: Drinking HOT water helps stimulate digestion, detoxifies your system and increases blood circulation, relaxes your muscles, hydrates (obviously!) but in turn makes you actually feel fuller and can even help you lose weight.   

3. Take a walk. Moving, whether it's a full-blown exercise class or just a walk around the block, causes your body to release epinephrine and norepinephrine, stress hormones that in modest amounts can make you feel energized. Sometimes you just need to get up and move to initiate that burst of energy. (Another great workout option - check out the Grand Opening of Alkalign GR! Details below.) 

4. Power nap. Or meditate (which some say provides your mind with more rest than an actual nap). Either way allowing yourself to rest is so important in staying healthy and providing your body with energy for your day.

5. Eat nutritiously. There is no doubt that what you eat makes a HUGE difference in how you feel and your subsequent energy levels. Eating foods with a low glycemic index (where sugars are absorbed slowly) makes you feel fuller longer and helps you avoid that lag in energy one can feel after eating higher glycemic foods (high-carbs). Eat whole grains, high-fiber vegetables, nuts, and healthy oils.

We can definitely help in the healthier food department -- try one of our signature Bliss salads or make your own. And for that afternoon slump try these snack suggestions.

Here's hoping you have the energy to accomplish all your goals this month! Thanks so much for your business. Wishing you a month of bliss!
- Jennifer (& Mark) McNamara, Bliss & Vinegar Owners


Yahoo! The past two years have been a wild ride and we're so grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Earlier this year we were voted -- BEST SALADS in GR! Please know how much we appreciate the honor... and we look forward to the years ahead!  
 Blog re-post: Alkalign Studios

Did you know that there are 5 components to fitness? According to the National Association of Sports Medicine, these components are: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility/mobility, and body composition. I know what you are thinking: “I barely have enough time to target one of those! Now you are telling me that I have to make time for five?” Yes, but it’s a lot easier than you might think. For example, in a Cardio + Recharge class, you target all of the components of fitness in one powerful hour.
Cardiovascular Endurance:
Your heart is pumping, and your lungs are working in the 45 minutes of interval-based cardiovascular training that you get in the cardio portion of a Cardio + Recharge class. Over time, your cardiovascular system gets stronger, and you’ll feel the progress as you recover faster during the active recoveries and cool down.
Muscular Strength:
If you have ever cursed your teacher’s name the day after a class when you get out of a chair or go up the stairs, you’ve felt delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). All those lunges and squats during class create micro tears in your muscles that result in the soreness you feel the next day. The great news is that as those tears heal, you build stronger muscle which supports your bones and joints, as well as raise your resting metabolic rate.
Muscular Endurance:
Hello superset! Not only are you getting an amazing cardiovascular challenge during these 4 minutes of non-stop action, but you are also challenging your muscles by asking them to work continuously without rest. If you‘ve tried this class format, you’ve experienced the endurance challenge as well. Your lean, endurance muscle keeps you going through the superset and all day outside of class.

Stretching helps restore your muscles to their original length, and it feels great. That’s why we always encourage you to stay for the final stretch. But if you really want to take your functional mobility to the next level, the 15 minutes of self-care that is the Recharge portion of the class is what you really need. Our massage-therapy-ball techniques will help you find all of your tight spots that have lost mobility and function due to injury, tension, or poor body mechanics and alignment. We will help you nestle a ball right into those spots to restore the normal slide and glide of your tissues.
Body composition:
Properly addressing the other four fitness components and focusing on proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep (all part of our Nourish program), will help this part of your fitness fall into place.
Join us for a Cardio + Recharge class and feel the benefits of this incredibly efficient hour!
Last month I met with Elise Fiechtner, the AWESOME owner of Alkalign, a BRAND NEW fitness studio located in downtown Ada. Congratulations to Elise and her staff -- and best wishes for tremendous success! Check out their GRAND OPENING offerings this weekend, class schedules, new member offerings and more HERE! (We're also grateful for the opportunity to stock fresh BLISS & VINEGAR fare at Alkalign.)  


Through March, we are featuring the incredible artwork of JIM JOHNSON

Jim was educated at Kendall College of Art and the Art Institute Of Chicago. After a four year enlistment in the Navy, he began an illustration career that spanned the next three decades. He presently paints and exhibits his work in West Michigan. View Jim's art HERE.  
We offer the option to bottle our dressings and enjoy them at home. Grab one to go on your next visit. Pricing varies.

NOTE: Dressings are bottled by request -- ask a team member and they'd be happy to get you your favorite! 
With a name like McNamara, we consider this to be a high holiday. May you and your loved ones enjoy the day.  
Featuring large salads, wraps, etc. perfect for your gathering or next business function.

24 hour advanced notice appreciated. Pick up or delivery available.


If you, or someone you know of, is in the field of fitness and nutrition, we would like to connect and possibly feature you (or them) in our upcoming newsletters.  
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