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Better Catering Process coming to Marketplace!
As mentioned in the last newsletter, at the beginning of the new year, catering will be taking place in Marketplace from start to finish!

Invoices related to catering will be processed directly in Marketplace, and any special approvals related to those invoices will also occur through Marketplace. No longer will invoices have to be processed in MyEvents. 
Key Highlights
  • An Agreement Supplier icon will be added to profiles of caterers who have agreed to UC San Diego terms and conditions - a list of Agreement caterers and any discounts they offer, will be published on Blink
  • An Insurance icon will be added to profiles of caterers who have qualifying insurance and health permits
  • Like all other Marketplace POs, catering POs will begin with a '9' (no more 'CN') and will include event details for the caterer
  • Entertainment approval roles have been added to Marketplace
Benefits for you:
  • Invoices associated with catering orders placed through Marketplace no longer need to be processed through MyEvents
  • You will no longer have to submit competitive catering quotes
  • Agreement caterers may offer discounts on UC San Diego catering orders
  • Orders to Agreement caterers under $10,000 will bypass the Professional Buyer review step
Before we launch, we will be hosting office hours in Torrey Pines Center South, Suite 400. Stop by and see us on January 17th or on January 18th (to RSVP click on the date). 
Express Card Program 2016-17 Holiday Closure
To allow campus customers additional time for redistribution of transactions due to the holiday closure, we are extending the posting date in ECManager. Transactions with an ECManager posting date of December 23, 2016 through January 10, 2017 will be modified to extend the posting date to January 11, 2017.
For emergencies during the holiday closure, contact US Bank Customer Service at (800) 344-5696.

For declines or card limit questions contact us through BFSupport (login required). During the closure there will be limited monitoring of incoming support requests.

For other IPPS-related holiday closure dates, please visit Blink
Account Code Description Updates
As of today, we are excited to announce some enhancements to account code descriptions in Marketplace. These changes are tied to the integration between Marketplace and a tax software application that better calculates sales/use tax on Marketplace invoices that contain a taxable line item.

What's happening? 
  • Account code descriptions in Marketplace have been rewritten so that they are more intuitive. Each account code now states whether it is taxable or nontaxable.
    • We’ve also grouped ‘like’ account codes together so they’re easier to locate in the list. For instance all computer-related account codes are now listed together with the prefix ‘Comp’ at the beginning of each description. A searchable list of account codes in Marketplace is on Blink. 
  • Outdated and unused account codes were removed from the list.  For the account codes no longer available, we have a cross-reference guide available on Blink that provides suggestions on alternative account codes.
  • The ‘Taxable?’ check box available for selection during Marketplace checkout has been removed, as tax status is driven based on the account code selected.
We hope these changes make it easier for account code selection in Marketplace, which in turn will aid in proper tax calculations and payment.
Invoice Dispute Feature in Marketplace
Did you know that when an invoice requires approver action, it is manually reviewed and routed for resolution or payment to Accounts Payable? Due to the volume of invoices needing review, you may have experienced a delay in payment.
To streamline the process and expedite payment, we are excited to roll out a new enhancement to the invoice approval process. This new enhancement allows approvers to electronically approve or dispute Marketplace invoices over $10,000, or invoices that are considered over tolerance.  For approved invoices, it will automatically route for payment and you are no longer required to enter a comment! A comment will only be required if the invoice is being disputed.  This process will allow your department to clearly indicate when an invoice needs to be disputed.
To learn more, here is a short video that walks through the new process. You can also review this information on Blink.
Tired of Faxing those Subaward Invoices?
In early 2017, there will be a new approval process for Subaward invoices that will no longer require you to sign and fax any documents!  The PI or PI Designee will be able to review and approve Subaward invoices directly in Marketplace.

Stay tuned as we prepare to launch this exciting new process.
Accounts Payable Year in Review
Accounts Payable has had a great year, filled with incredible milestones. We wanted to share a few of them with you, and to check in to see how things are working.
This year we launched:
  • A new invoice status field directly on the invoice document in Marketplace
  • A new integration between Marketplace and a tax software application to better calculate sales/use tax on Marketplace invoices
  • An Invoice Status Portal that suppliers can log into to check payment status
  • A ‘Dispute’ button on invoices pending department approval
We’re curious to know if you like the new features that were launched and what you’d like to see in 2017. If you have a moment, please take our short survey.
Thank you for your continued engagement and support. We’re looking forward to announcing some exciting changes in 2017!
Business Continuity: Preparing UC San Diego 
Have you ever thought about what would happen to University business operations after a disruptive event, such as an earthquake? From wildfires, hazardous material spills, terrorism, power outages, and gas/water leaks, UC San Diego faces a variety of hazards that can disrupt its mission of teaching, research, and public service.

Business Continuity Planning helps campus departments continue to provide essential functions or quickly resume operations in the event of a disruption.
If your department is interested in developing a business continuity plan, please contact David Tran at
Arrowhead Pricing Changes 
STORE & Strategic Procurement have been collaboratively working on providing an alternative, cost effective solution for campus in preparation of the ReadyRefresh by Nestle (Arrowhead Water) price increase. Nestle prices will be roughly 46% higher than their current costs. 
Sparkletts will become an Agreement supplier and offer competitive pricing to the campus. Most of the products available through Nestle will be available through Sparkletts. STORE will be individually contacting departments to assist in the conversion process. We expect to complete the conversion by March 1st, 2017.
Please be aware that if your department chooses to continue using Nestle products, it will be impacted by the price increases immediately, and any subsequent increases over the next three years.  
If you have any questions before STORE contacts you directly, submit a BFSupport case or call 858-534-5650.
Changes to Gas Cylinder Pricing Structure
Over the last year, STORE conducted an evaluation of the gas cylinder program and will be implementing some changes to the way campus will be charged for gas cylinders in Marketplace. As of January 1st 2017, the recurring monthly gas cylinder rental recharge from STORE will be going away. There will now be an upfront gas cylinder rental fee that will be included in the total price of the gas cylinder displayed in Marketplace.

For each gas cylinder type, we used three years of historical data to determine the average rental time across campus. Each rental fee varies depending on the average campus rental time for that specific gas. This upfront bundled price will eliminate the need for repetitive reconciliation of monthly rental charges. More importantly, bundled pricing gives you the total charge for the gas cylinder at the time of purchase.

Click here to view an updated price list for all gas cylinders available in Marketplace.

You will continue to find gas cylinders in Marketplace search results or through the use of a gas cylinder iRequest.  Please note that you will still be responsible for keeping track of your cylinders.

If you have questions about this change, please contact us through BFSupport or call us at 858-534-5060.
Desktop Shipping Upgrades
Shipping is about to get a whole lot easier! The current Desktop Shipping application will be replaced with a new one set to launch in early 2017. The app will offer enhanced functionality with some exciting new features. 
In addition to providing access to multiple carriers for domestic shipments, the tool will provide a single place to process all of your shipping needs, including hazardous materials and international shipments. Functionality will allow for high risk shipments to automatically route for review, eliminating the need for paper shipping memo forms. 

Interested in providing feedback as we design the new app? Take our survey
Missed the Holiday Cut-off?
No problem! The Travel Card prepayment option in MyTravel can be used any time before, during and after a trip to ensure timely payment to cardholder accounts, as long as the prepayment is submitted in advance of the trip claim submission. This speedy payment method ensures cardholder accounts remain current. 
Travel Card prepayments receive automatic approval from Travel.  Now that is fast!  Best of all, receipts are not required until the expenses are claimed in MyTravel. 
Reminder!! Airfare (including baggage and fees) is automatically billed to Travel so you don’t need to include it on the payment request.  
Connexxus Access for Retiree and Emeriti Association Members!
Connexxus at UC San Diego is pleased to introduce a new Concur Travel site for retiree travel bookings. This new site provides access to all UC San Diego negotiated air, car and hotel discounts for members of the Retirement and Emeriti Associations.
If you are interested in using this site please email with the information below and they will be happy to get you started. Be sure to mention that you’re a member of the UC San Diego Retirement or Emeriti Association.
  • @UCSD.EDU email address
  • First name
  • Last name
Balboa Travel in San Diego Magazine!
San Diego Magazine’s December issue features an article on Balboa Travel’s President and CEO, Denise Jackson. Balboa Travel is the partner agency that works with the Connexxus program to bring optimized savings and benefits to UC San Diego travelers. 

Last year Balboa Travel saved the University $170,199 in Connexxus bookings, saving an average of $45 per transaction! The more UC San Diego travelers use Connexxus and Balboa, the more we can all save. Currently Connexxus bookings account for about 43% of all travel. Check out how much the University could save if we used Connexxus to book more of our travels! 
BFSupport Update
We are making some behind-the-scenes changes to BFSupport in January. We don’t anticipate that you will be impacted, but if you do notice small changes (or in case we accidentally break something), we just wanted to give you a heads up. Stay tuned because the changes being made are going to set the groundwork for exciting, future enhancements. 
Announcing Amazon@UCSanDiego 
IPPS is excited to announce the opening of the Amazon@UCSanDiego pickup location inside the Bookstore! The Amazon@UCSanDiego pickup location is a fully staffed, convenient, and secure place where the campus and San Diego community can pick up Amazon orders, drop off free returns, and enjoy free same-day pickup on millions of items for Amazon Prime and Prime Student members. The pickup location also has the added benefit of longer package hold duration (up to 15 days) and adjusted store hours.

This is the first college-based pickup location in San Diego, and only the second in Southern California. Stay tuned for more information about Amazon.  
Playing Host to the ULSCA Conference 
IPPS recently hosted the 2016 University Logistics and Supply Chain Association (ULSCA) Annual Conference. The conference provides higher education supply chain professionals with an opportunity to network, develop strategic partnerships, and share best practices as well as evolving challenges.

Attendees at this year’s conference represented 20 universities from across the country, including representation from four UC schools. In addition to sessions and discussion forums, attendees toured the USS Midway and SIO. 
IPPS Receives Two CPHE Focus on Efficiency Awards
During the 2016 California Public Higher Education Collaborative Business Conference (CPHE), IPPS received two Focus on Efficiency Awards. The award recognizes innovative practices that have been implemented to improve operational performance, services, and outcomes for higher education. The two awards were received for:
  1. MyPayments: IPPS received an award for the development of MyPayments, whose technical design allows for future scalability and streamlined usage, which alleviates some administrative burdens for campus.
  2. Business and Financial Services (BFS) Analytics: The IPPS Analytics team was honored for developing shared operational dashboards using Tableau, which are now available for all BFS divisions.
New Student Leads for Campus & Student Mail
Campus and Student Mail is excited to announce four new student leads who will oversee operations on the weekends. 
Daniel Ayala is a senior, majoring in Aerospace Engineering at Sixth College. He enjoys interacting and building relationships with his fellow staff members.
Ben Higgins is a senior, majoring in Political Science.  He has worked at Mail for four years and enjoys the friendly environment.
Nevin Nguyen is a fourth year student, majoring in Mathematics/Economics with a minor in Computer Science. He has worked at Mail for three years and enjoys customer service.
Kelli Sanchez is a third year student, majoring in Spanish literature and minoring in Education Studies. Kelli wants to work as a high school teacher while she pursues her Masters to become a Spanish Professor. She’s worked at Mail for over a year and is now a certified Passport Agent.
Welcome New IPPS Employees!
As the Payment Services Compliance Specialist, Patrick Etienne will ensure conformity with procurement, disbursing, and accounting policies. Patrick comes to us with over 20 years of experience working as a Financial Manager for the US Marine Corp. Patrick earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Human Resources and is working towards obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Redlands.
Nichole Garcia joins IPPS as a Travel & Entertainment Specialist after 18 months in the Division of Biological Science. She is absolutely a people person and is immensely excited to be a part of this team!  She was born and raised in San Diego and is very proud to call this her home. She has a 14 year old daughter and a 6 year old son.  She is a lover of many things including football, movies, sushi, wine and has aspirations to be a roller derby superstar. 
Jonathon Marquez has been with Campus Mail for five months. He has quickly learned all nine Campus Mail routes and has been a great addition to the team. 
Maria Rivera joins IPPS as the Payment Services Administrator. She is responsible for the daily operations of check payments and e-Payables program administration. She is the Visa Gift Card custodian and serves as the backup for wire payments. She has over 15 years of banking, accounts payable, and office management experience, excelling in customer support. In her free time, Maria enjoys hiking, dancing and spending time with her family.  
Vanessa Torres recently joined IPPS as a Travel and Entertainment Specialist. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor’s in Communications. She has 12 successful years in customer service and banking experience. She enjoys traveling and has been to four countries in the past year. For fun, Vanessa enjoys scrapbooking, dancing, watching movies and eating pizza. She typically can’t make it through her day without quoting at least one movie line.
Happy Holidays from IPPS!

See you in 2017!

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