Spring 2015 Edition of the IPPS Quarterly
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A message from Associate Controller Ted Johnson 

In 2014, UC Procurement introduced the concept of Centers of Excellence. The intent was to encourage leadership of system-wide initiatives from where the innovation and expertise resides - whether it be at a campus or UCOP.  This has helped eliminate redundancies from throughout the system and has provided us with additional bandwidth to pursue projects and initiatives on behalf of our clients. As a result of the COE movement, virtual organizations have been established throughout the system that focus on a specific commodity or service, including the Life Science/Lab Supplies, IT, MRO/Janitorial Commodities, eProcurement and Payables.
I am very pleased that UC San Diego's IPPS is providing great leadership in this effort with two of the four COEs and associated leadership (MRO & eProcurement) physically residing at UC San Diego.  In addition, IPPS team members are serving as key participants in all other COEs.  I am convinced that demonstrating leadership throughout the system will result in significant value to our campus community through enhanced strategic offerings and programs based on the 10 campuses working together.

                                                                                                                         Thank you,

Introducing track&ship

A new package tracking application, track&ship, has been implemented by Receiving & Distribution!

A few immediate benefits of track&ship include email notifications and a log of all status changes to each package. To take advantage of track&ship make sure to update your Marketplace shipping addresses, update your Blink profile, and manage new incoming email notifications. More enhancements are coming soon, including capturing signatures of receipt electronically and updating delivery location information in real-time. 

For more information on track&ship and how to take advantage of the new features, check out the track&ship Blink page

IPPS Fiscal Closing Dates

The time frame for updating Express Card transactions in ECManager has been shortened in order to have transactions post within the appropriate fiscal year.
  • Transaction files received from U.S. Bank generating an email on July 2 or earlier will post to the June operating ledger.
  • Transactions with an ECManager IFIS postdate through July 9 will post to the June ledger. Corrections to these transaction must be made by noon on this date.
For more information about other IPPS-related fiscal closing dates, including trip approval, and professional buyer Requisition review, please see the Blink page with all fiscal closing dates listed. If you have any questions or need any help please contact us through BFSupport.

Goodbye to Payment Authorization

Four months after its campus-wide launch, MyPayments is firmly established as the go-to tool for requesting non-PO-based payments or reimbursements. To date, more than 9,000 payment documents have been submitted to the Payment Request team for final approval. Recently, MyPayments surpassed Payment Authorization (which it is replacing) in new payment request volume, and is now handling more than 75% of current payment requests. Customer response to MyPayments has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly regarding the efficient and intuitive user experience.
We will be completing the transition to MyPayments by phasing out Payment Authorization. The final date for creating new Payment Authorization documents will be Friday, June 26.

New MyPayments Enhancement
MyPayments continues to evolve as we roll out new functionality such as: 
  • New Search by Payment Type option and Search & Approve functionality
This new Search and Approve functionality is designed to make it easier for Approvers to obtain a list of documents based upon specific criteria, and approve without having to go through the in-box. Approvers may now click on “Search for a Document or a Payee” under the Available Actions menu, and input specific criteria for documents they wish to review and approve. For more information, see the Search for a Document or Payee Blink page
  • New Payment Type, Other Awards, Prizes and Allowance 
Document preparers can now request a payment to a non-employee for cash awards such as student awards, travel awards, living allowances, or contest prizes. You can find this new payment option under the Fellowships payment category.
We appreciate your feedback, and are continuing to make new improvements to the tool based upon the input that we receive from you.

MyPayments Training

To help get you started with using MyPayments, user training documentation is available on Blink.
For information on using MyPayments see:
MyPayments Blink Pages
MyPayments Video Tutorials
For help with using the Business Unit Management Tool (BUMT) to set up MyPayments Approver and Department Head roles, or accounting definitions, see the BUMT Blink Page.
We will also be happy to set up a training session for your department. To request a training session contact us through BFSupport.

Coming Soon: MyPayments for Clinical Trial Participant Payment Requests

The Clinical Trial Participant payment option will soon be available in MyPayments, and as we transition from the current Clinical Trial Participant payment processes, all new payments will be made through MyPayments. Check out the MyPayments Blink pages for more details about the tool, how-to articles, video tutorials, and specific details about when the new payment option will be available. You can also contact the Payment Services Team through BFSupport if you're interested in having us train your team on this new process. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Renting Flags and Podiums now through Moving Services

Moving Services now offers the rental of campus flags and podiums, which used to be offered through Facilities Management. The following can now be rented through Moving Services:

  • Various sizes of podiums including the “Big Red”
  • United States flags, California State flags, and UC San Diego flags
Moving Services will also deliver, set-up, and pick-up rented flags and podiums.

To request a rental, complete the Moving Services request form and submit it via fax to 858-536-0676 or submit a BFSupport case.  

Check out the Fisher First Program

Fisher Scientific has been awarded a University of California Prime Agreement to become the primary distributor of chemicals, consumables, minor equipment, and general laboratory supplies. The Fisher First Program will provide labs with better value through cost savings, cleaner search results, optimized access to specialty items, dedicated attention, and next day delivery. 

These enhanced Fisher Scientific offerings are complemented by other UC Agreements with VWR, Sigma, and other critical manufacturers that supply unique laboratory reagents and products. In addition, Core Bio Services is partnering with Fisher Scientific to stock the most frequently ordered products on campus to increase our sustainability efforts by decreasing packaging coming to campus.

Join the Sanger Sequencing Focus Group

Does your lab require sanger sequencing to conduct research? Would you like to learn more about or provide feedback for the current sanger sequencing contracts at UC San Diego?
IPPS' Strategic Procurement Commodity Manager for Life Sciences, Kalyn Miller, is investigating the current state of our sanger sequencing contracts and will hold a focus group in July to discuss and strategize on ways to improve sanger sequencing services for UC San Diego labs. If you have thoughts, ideas, or feedback about sanger sequencing contracts, services providers, or ordering processes at UC San Diego, please email Kalyn Miller by July 2nd to participate in the focus group! PIs, Postdocs, research staff, and administration staff welcome.

Changes to Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen Ordering

As of July 1st UC San Diego’s STORE will no longer be supporting the processing of dry ice and liquid nitrogen orders. Instead you will be able to order both directly from suppliers (i.e. Praxair and Airgas) through Marketplace. This change will generate a minimum savings of 8% on liquid nitrogen and dry ice pricing!

To order on an as needed basis the supplier offerings of dry ice and liquid nitrogen will appear in Marketplace search results. 

To place standing orders in Marketplace for dry ice and liquid nitrogen use the Goods iRequest available on the Marketplace homepage. When filling out the form, make sure to estimate how many shipments you expect to receive and designate that in the quantity field (i.e. 52 weeks of weekly dry ice deliveries). 

Join us for a short 30 minute webinar on how to complete the Goods iRequest and add items to Favorite folders. To register, select the session below that you would like to call into:

Cleaner Battery Search Results in Marketplace

Tired of looking through pages and pages of battery results in Marketplace? Good news – we’ve consolidated battery search results…instead of seeing batteries from seven different suppliers, you’ll now see those everyday batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, coin batteries, and rechargeable batteries) from one primary Agreement supplier, Grainger. Grainger offers batteries from familiar names like Duracell and Rayovac.  And the best part, the batteries you will see have negotiated pricing with an estimated 15-30% savings! Click here to check out a list of frequently purchased batteries and the part numbers you can use to find them in Marketplace.
Introducing UC San Diego's Chip Travel Card
The same travel card you already know and love now has an embedded microchip that provides an extra level of protection against fraud. The new chip cards are a convenient and secure way to make purchases both in and out of the United States since the chip stores all of the information required to process transactions .Transactions with the new chip card are quick, simple, and secure. 
Existing cardholders will receive their new chip cards during the month their card expires, and all will be replaced by October 2015.  New applicants will receive their chip cards about 10 business days after the application reaches the travel office. 
Do you have questions or want to apply for a travel card?  Check our Blink page or contact the travel team via BFSupport. 

The Express Card: Sustainable and Flexible

Last year UC San Diego mailed over 2,000 checks for professional memberships and business subscriptions. As part of our ongoing efforts to go green, we are encouraging you to use an Express Card the next time someone in your department needs to pay for a membership or subscription.
The process is easy – simply make your payments online, attach your electronic receipts with the Attachment Tool, and don’t forget to state the business purpose. This will save you time and eliminate unnecessary use of paper and resources.
Ever consider what else you can pay for with your Express Card? Advertising, marketing supplies, promotional items, abstracts, publication fees, and utilities are just a few examples. 

Did you also know that if your non PO-required purchase exceeds the standard $4,999 single transaction limit and/or the $10,000 cycle limit, you might qualify for a temporary exception? On the flip side, if you think that the limits are too high, we can reduce them to fit your needs.

Visit our Blink page for more details or contact the Express Card team through BFSupport for more information.

Payment Card Matrix

Curious about the other card programs offered through IPPS? Check out this matrix listing the different card programs and contact us through BFSupport to learn more. 

Simplified Catering Process

All purchases related to the service of food and beverages (including preparation, bar services, chefs, and waiters/servers) will now be placed on a catering iRequest.  Once the iRequest is submitted and the requisition is approved, a PO number beginning with ‘CN’ will be issued, and payment should be processed and distributed via MyEvents.  This process also applies to the purchase of alcohol (with or without an associated service) for meetings and events. Historically, these types of services were processed on the Services iRequest. 
To find the catering iRequests, click on the ‘Catering’ tile (on the Marketplace homepage. After selecting the correct catering iRequest, search for the supplier with the fork and knife icon.  Once the iRequest is submitted, the requisition is approved, and a CN PO number is issued, the department should request payment by submitting a MyEvents request and include the CN PO number, along with any invoices or other supporting documents. 
This change should reduce possible delays in payment and will help ensure compliance with UC San Diego meeting and entertainment policy. If you have any questions, please contact us through BFSupport.

Marketplace Homepage Navigation Quick Guide

Check out this convenient guide that highlights key areas of the Marketplace homepage! 

Surplus Sales Services Available

Need something sold? Surplus Sales can sell used items, furniture, and lab equipment while crediting back a portion of the proceeds to the department. To find out more about getting started, contact Surplus Sales through BFSupport.

Developing Supplier Sustainability Scorecards

IPPS’ Social Responsibility unit implemented a supplier sustainability scorecard that was recently awarded the Outstanding Case Study Award by the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council. The scorecard was created by Assistant Director Gayle Ta, Life Sciences Commodity Manager Kalyn Miller, School of Medicine Sustainability Manager Mark Ortiz, and the third-party scorecard platform, SupplyShift. A sustainability scorecard requires suppliers to be more transparent about their sustainable business practices (i.e. establishing climate goals, reducing product packaging). Results are evaluated during supplier business reviews and supplier management projects are prioritized based on suppliers' rankings. An example project is to track and monitor a supplier's progress engaging with their third-party manufacturers to find out more about their climate action goals.  

Utilizing the scorecard to build and maintain open dialogue with the suppliers and track sustainability projects will be an ongoing project for IPPS. 

IPPS Helping the Community

IPPS has been involved in several projects aimed at giving back to the community. One that UC San Diego has recently started is a program to donate used non-slip worker shoes. UC Office of the President provides shoes from Shoes for Crews to workers in Housing, Dining, and Facilities Management to prevent slip and fall accidents.  To ensure compliance, the shoes are gathered biannually and new ones issued. Now, the old and still usable shoes are donated to Father Joe’s to help the homeless.
Additionally, IPPS members facilitated the donation of paper towels to a local veteran’s organization after UC San Diego switched the type of paper it uses. Facilities Management collected 155 cases of partial rolls from the discarded dispensers and donated them to the nonprofit organization Veterans Village. Veterans Village enthusiastically took all 155 cases and will use them for their July 2015 event Project Stand Down.

LaWana Richmond Appointed Regents Staff Advisor and PhD Receipient

Senior Business Analyst and Postal Center Manager LaWana Richmond was appointed as the Staff Advisor to The Regents of the University of California for 2015-2017. The role of the Staff Advisor is to provide a staff member's perspective to the UC Regents during their decision-making. LaWana will be able to sit at the Board table and participate in discussions during open sessions.
LaWana is a certified Project Management Professional with degrees in Marketing, Operations, and Information Systems. She has worked at UC San Diego for almost ten years. She is a recipient of the Chrispeels Fellowship and has just completed her Joint Doctorate in Education Leadership offered by CSU San Marcos and UC San Diego. Her research interests include employee engagement and access to education for underserved communities.

An active participant and volunteer in her community, LaWana is a member of the Advisory Board for the C. Montgomery Technology Fund, which supports community access to technology at the Malcolm X Library in southeast San Diego. She has served on numerous Executive Boards and as Chair for many groups and associations.
Congratulations LaWana on these incredible achievements!
Bryan Hurley Named Exemplary Staff Employee
Congratulations Senior Technology Commodity Manager Bryan Hurley! Bryan is a recipient of the UC San Diego Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year Award! Bryan has made impressive contributions to IPPS and UC San Diego, including saving the university $1.3M last year. He was able to arrange short-term financing to help the Supercomputer Center fund the purchase of $10 million of new computer equipment, saving the Supercomputer Center nearly $300,000. When there was an opportunity to replace old, inefficient campus printers, Bryan suggested replacing printers at the ACMS labs, leading to cost savings of over $30,000 for students by lower printing costs and encouraging double-sided printing. Bryan has time and time again exhibited innovation, excellent customer service, and care for his work. He is truly deserving of this award!

Heather Vinograd Receives Masters 

IPPS Assistant Director, Heather Vinograd, recently graduated from the University of San Diego's School of Leadership and Education Sciences with a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies. The program aims to develop creative, caring, and inspirational leaders through studying theory, research, ethics, and organizational changes. Already an exceptional leader in IPPS, the curriculum only further enhanced Heather's skill sets, which have been built up through previous coursework, certifications, and work experience. Congratulations Heather! 

Tristan Ma Wins Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Business and Analytics student employee Tristan Ma for receiving the Darcy and Robert Bingham Student Employee Scholarship! Tristan was originally hired as a help desk agent for Procurement and Contracts two years ago, where he built great relationships with campus. He has now transitioned to the Business and Analytics unit where he performs data analysis and runs reports. Tristan and four others were selected out of forty applicants for the scholarship.

We'll Miss You Donna, Mark, Renee, & Tracy!

Although we are sad to see them go, we are happy to announce that Donna Wilmot, Mark Ebert, Renee Southwell, and Tracy Buchanan will be retiring in late June.
Donna’s 33 years at UC San Diego started in the Police Department in 1982. She then moved to Biology Purchasing and finally arrived in Procurement & Contracts. In this role Donna has worn many hats including processing all administrative requests such as travel, controlled substance orders, personal reimbursements, entertainment, and facility repairs. For years she served as the United Way Representative and on-boarded all the suppliers into IFIS and Marketplace. Donna will be remembered for her friendly smile and her kind words.

Mark first joined UC San Diego in Mail Services, where his talents were soon recognized and sought after by Material Support Services' management. He joined the Receiving and Distribution unit and has been there for 10 years. Prior to joining UC San Diego he spent 30 years as his own boss, running a bread delivery business. Mark has been a dedicated, hardworking, dependable part of the Receiving and Distribution family. He plans to spend his retirement enjoying his grandson, working on classic cars, and relaxing.

Renee has been with Business and Financial Services for over 36 years, where she has spent that entire time in various roles with the Storehouse/Material Support Services/IPPS division at Trade Street. She has supported and led various changes within the division as it has evolved over the years and built up great knowledge, which is going to be missed.  Renee plans to spend quality time with her family, including those out of state. She will be remembered for her generosity and for creating a family-like atmosphere among the staff. 

Tracy started her career at the UC San Diego Bookstore in 1986. She moved to Disbursements and then accepted a position in the Office of the Controller for several years. However her love for Disbursements brought her back, which is where she has spent the last 16 years. Most recently she has been managing the Human Subject Clinical Trial program which includes over 500 research studies. She is looking forward to sleeping in, taking naps in her new hammock, working on her tan, and spending time with her dog, Laney. She hopes to find new passions and travel the United States and tropics once her husband retires in September. 

Thank you Donna, Mark, Renee, and Tracy for all the work you have done, your kindness, and warmth. We will miss you!

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