EquiRatings Series - The Joy of Six - Brilliant Burghley
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The Joy of Six - Brilliant Burghley

We started our new feature 'The Joy of Six' with the lady who stole the show at Aachen 2015 - Incredible Ingrid. This time next week we will all be glued to Burghley 2015 so we decided to see what the numbers say about one of the year's most prestigious events.

To keep you all filled in on our quest to be 'Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur' we have gotten great news and devastating news. I have been asked to participate in the Boot Camp (Huge Excitement!) but it's on the Friday and Saturday of Blair (Utter Devastation!). Answers on a postcard on that one! Hard to know what is best! Thank you all for the support so far. It would be great to get an eventing business into the limelight!

Anyway enough about us. Enjoy your 'Joy of Six'! (Number 3 is amazing!!)

Diarm & Sam
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Brilliant Burghley

Six of the Best from the past five CCI4 star events at Burghley Horse Trials

1. They come from all over!
Since 2010, 369 combinations contested the event making it the second largest CCI4* in the world based on the average number of starters (74) behind Badminton (83). Burghley's entries comprised 189 riders from 17 nations, riding 254 different horses.

2. Sinead holds our ER Record!
If we see a sub 40 dressage score it will only be the 10th since 2010. The average score for the dressage leader is 38.3 (so expect to see that 10th sub 40!), and the lowest was 36.3 set by the USA’s Sinead Halpin in 2012 aboard Manoir de Carneville. The top ten after dressage average a score of 42.3.
3. Wow. Just Wow!
Famous for its imposing course, and often labelled ‘the toughest four star’ by many, Burghley surprising has the HIGHEST rate of clear jumping rounds of any four star venue with 62.6%. Luhmühlen ranks second with 56.9%.
4. Time is getting tighter!    
Tinkerman course designer Capt. Mark Phillips has played with both the length and direction of the course in recent years. The next competitor to make the optimum time will be the 30th, a higher number than expected given recent trends.

The yearly breakdown of competitors to beat the clock is as follows: 2010 (12), 2011 (10), 2012 (4), 2013 (3) and 2014 (0). The overall average indicates that 8.2% will finish without penalties in the second phase.
5. It goes to the wire!    
The eventual 2010 champion, Lenamore (ridden by New Zealand’s Caroline Powell), is the only horse who has entered the show jumping phase sitting in the top three and completed the course without faults. Both of Avebury’s first two victories came with a fence down, while his third was clear jumping but he incurred two time faults. So expect a nail-biting finish!
6. Legendary Lenamore! 
The aforementioned Lenamore is the only horse to complete the event on a sub 40 finishing score (38.7). Last year, only the record breaking and three-time champion Avebury achieved a sub 50 finishing score! In the last three renewals no combination has finished on their dressage score and only five have posted a sub 50 finishing score.
Brilliant Burghley! What do you think?
Let us know what you would like to see next and please press share!

Sam & Diarm
Weekly Quizzes on Facebook
Weekly Quizzes on Facebook
Live Event Stats on Twitter
Live Event Stats on Twitter
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