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Why you should adopt Performance Management Software?

The field of performance management has evolved leaps & bounds from its earlier forms. Earlier, annual performance reviews were the norm. But nowadays agile performance management is taking over. Managers have realised that annual feedback is no more viable in a development centric workplace. Thus, a few novel concepts such as Continuous feedback, 360 Degree Feedback have emerged which encourage conducting conversations at frequent intervals to increase the efficiency of the entire process.

However these concepts are not entirely compatible with paper based processes. If you want to scale these & maintain efficiency, there is no other option than to rely on digital systems of records.

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Can Big Organizations Be Agile?
Can big firms be entrepreneurial? Some speakers at last week’s Drucker Forum in Vienna Austria spent time talking about what firms could be doing, or should be doing to operate entrepreneurially. The panel in our session at the Forum spent most of our time discussing what some big firms are already doing.

Our hypothesis was that the future is already here: it’s just very unevenly distributed.

When Dealing With Problems, Don't Mistake The Symptom For The Cause:
In business and life, we tend to notice the symptoms of a problem before we understand its cause. If you react instinctively and without deep thought, you’ll make find yourself mistaking that symptom for the problem itself. When this happens, any solution you implement acts as a temporary and often misguided fix.

Only by understanding the complexities of an issue and separating them out can a team find the right long-term solution to the problem at hand. 

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