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How To Innovate More Through Better Collaboration

Innovation and creativity set you apart from your competition. Companies that encourage their employees to focus on innovation rather than follow archaic procedures have a higher success rate than others. Such firms ensure their employees are encouraged to perform to their best.

Take Google, for example. One of its famous management philosophies, ‘20% time’, suggests that employees should spend 80% of their time on work-related responsibilities and the remaining 20% on their own ideas that they’re passionate about. It’s thanks to this ‘20% time’ that the world has Gmail, AdSense, Orkut and many other popular products. Read more:

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5 Reasons Why Goal Setting Will Improve Your Focus:
Goal setting is important because they build self-confidence and help you increase productivity but the science behind why goals help us focus is more opaque. The beauty of knowing why something works makes you  A) more willing to embrace it (whatever “it” is in this case) and B) more informed, which therefore makes you better suited to make decisions. Put it this way, can you think of a business initiative, company policy or meeting memo that, had you known just a little more about, would’ve helped you to make better, more informed decisions? Don’t we all. Read more.

7 reasons why organisations fail to achieve goals:
You would rarely find an organization that doesn’t set goals. In the same breath, you’d rarely find organizations that consistently achieve their goals. Success or failure to achieve organizational goals stems from individual contributors’ efforts. Thus, any organization is as good as its fundamental building blocks – its people.

Let us decode a few of the pivotal reasons behind why organizations fail to achieve goals.

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