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New for April
Trusting Hearts
Samantha Hicks

Carrie-Ann Stedman, an advertising executive, who has excelled in the world she occupies, is told by her boss she is to train a new hire, a woman who Carrie has very bad feelings toward.

Holly Fletcher, the newbie, once stole a very important client away from Carrie, a fact that Carrie has never forgiven.

Thrown together to make a presentation and trade show the best the company have ever seen, they must overcome their own obstacles and resentments to work together and build a working relationship that will make the company succeed.

Add in a high mix of attraction and sexual chemistry, they struggle to fight the urges that push them together and the obstacles that pull them apart. Carrie’s mistrust of Holly’s motives and Holly’s guilt over the accident that landed her younger sister in a facility for brain damaged adults, may have just left the bridge of doubt too insurmountable to find the happiness they both crave.

Available April 1st. 
Pages: 185 eBook
Pages: 235 Print 
 Word count: 57,529
Price: US $5.99 eBook
Price: US $15.00 Print

Ali Spooner's
Favorites Collection

The Settlement

Devastated when her lover dies from an error made during a simple operation, Cadin Michaels vows to make the guilty pay for their deadly error. She uses the settlement won to create a foundation in her lover’s name to help women and children. When that does nothing to ease her grief, she is encouraged to take a sabbatical, to try and find herself again.

Cadin mounts her motorcycle, and lets fate, and a dart, lead her on her journey. She encounters people on her adventures that rekindle her belief in kindness, and unconditional love. Realizing she too needs a fresh start, Cadin finds herself drawn to the chemistry she feels for Renee, a woman she encounters in Alabama. The outpouring of love and friendship helps her on her path to healing and learning to trust her heart to love once again. 

Join bestselling author Ali Spooner on this sensational journey that ends with a heartwarming romance.
Cowgirl Up
When the new ranch hand, Coal Bryan, arrives at the MC2, the last thing she’s looking for is love.
Her co-workers are surprised when Coal turns out to be female. Coal, used to the reaction, quickly earns the respect of the crew with her work ethic and skill with horses. Coal uses the strenuous work and friendship of the ranch hands to try and forget her broken past.

Melissa Conway, owner of MC2, offers Coal a place to live in her home. They both are shocked to find they are linked in a way neither of them imagined.

Mary Leah, Melissa’s sister, arrives at the ranch to recover from a recent tragedy. The attraction between Mary Leah and Coal is instant and mutual.

Can the three women survive their personal dilemmas? The love and friendship they develop certainly helps but will it be enough to bring them together. Ride along with the MC2, for boot scootin’, butt kickin’, dirt eatin’, rodeo adventures, with a love story thrown into the mix.
South of Heaven
Kendra Drake thinks her life is complete. She has taken over as Captain of her father’s shrimp boat. As a favor to her father, Kendra has agreed to give fellow shrimper Lindsey Bowen a chance to work on the boat.

Fleeing a personal scandal, Lindsey hopes a summer spent shrimping will allow the situation to fade into history. But first, she must prove herself to Kendra and her crew.


  Available April 1st. 
Pages: 556 eBook
 Word count: 217,928 
Price: US $9.99 eBook
Other Ali Spooner books are available from: Affinity Rainbow Publications;  Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Bella Distribution, Smashwords including Apple iBooks.
The Tempest
JM Dragon

Doctor Alana Cameron has dedicated her life to working on the family legacy, a transportation device which will change the world for everyone, called Tempest.

Tragedy has dogged the project over the years taking her parent’s lives and leaving her with the only option to keep it alive. Military intervention.

Super soldier Major Denise Trantor who loyally defends Earth in any way possible, finds herself drawn into the Tempest program. Because of her military training, emotional bonding is not in her remit although she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Alana

Available April 15th 
Pages: 190 eBook
 Word count: 55,939
Price: US $5.99 eBook

Other JM Dragon books are available from: Affinity Rainbow Publications;  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bella Distribution, Smashwords including Apple iBooks
And Don't Forget...
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Kai's Heart
Renee MacKenzie

The time has come for the Resistance to take back control of New America from the Anointed tyrants.

Growing up the daughter of a Resistance Army General, Kai Brodie’s focus is keenly on the upcoming Revolution. So how is it then that she can’t take her eyes off the beautiful Anointed guard?

Kai’s journey to the sanctuary of the cave city, Karst, is fraught with danger, lessons, and… Rachel Hart’s amber-gold eyes reflecting back at her all of the unanswered questions about the true goals of the Resistance.

Can Kai break free from tradition and find love in the arms of someone her upbringing tells her she should hate? Can she protect her love from those who hunt them? Will Kai and Rachel survive the battle over the fate of their beloved New America?
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Free to Love
Ali Spooner & Annette Mori

The Chandler’s Daughter
By Ali Spooner

Captain Hillary Blythe loves sailing the Atlantic Coast on her journeys to deliver goods. Appalled by the growth of slave trade, vowing to find a way to help her thoughts turn to piracy frequently. Will helping those enslaved jeopardize her life, and the life she hopes to have with the Chandler’s Daughter?

Forbidden Love
By Annette Mori

When Captain Blythe brings a small group of rescued slaves to a mission on Antigua, life for Elizabeth Allen changes forever. Elizabeth feels an instant connection to Kia, one of the young women. A devout Christian, Elizabeth struggles to align her feelings for Kia and her devotion to the church. Will Elizabeth allow the forbidden love she feels for Kia, or will faith over-rule her heart?

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Our books in review...

Changing Perspectives by Jen Silver

Kai's Heart by Renee MacKenzie

Diamond Dreams by Ali Spooner

Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori

Christmas Medley by Various Affinity Authors

Playing with Matches by Lacey Schmidt

Changing Perspectives by Jen Silver

For the Love of a Woman by S. Anne Gardner

The Bee Charmer by Ali Spooner

Refraction Series by Angela Koenig

Lynn Lawler reviews and author chats. Back in the Saddle and Pausing

The Organization by Annette Mori and Erin O'Reilly

Running From Love by Jen Silver

Faith in Rayne by Dannie Marsden


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  Author Exposure 

Debut Author Samantha Hicks.

Coming from my small countryside village in England, the release of this book is my biggest achievement to date. I wrote my first draft over five years ago, never thinking it would go any further than my laptop. It was a dream come true when Affinity Rainbow Publications agreed to take the story to the next level.
Reading has always been one of my biggest passions and the inspiration for me to write my own story.  Aside from, this I am an avid artist doing portrait, wildlife, and animal drawings (my extended families various homes are filled with them)!
The one and only man for me is my one year old Springer Spaniel, Finn. He is constantly by my side, bringing me his toys while I am writing and reminds me to get out in the fresh air a couple of times a day.
My future plans include continuing to write and draw and one day hope to be doing these living by the beach.

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   Don’t forget we have UK and NZ authors too, so it isn’t just the US we are interested in hearing from. 

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     Lacey Schmidt's words of wisdom can be found here: Lacey Schmidt's Blog

     I'm not sure why a woman as talented as Renee would want to play with snakes, but it's true! Check out her blog Live. Love. Write. to find out more.

     Follow Jen Silver from across the pond here: Silver Musings, I'm sure you'll find the author and the person very interesting. 

     And keep up, if you can, with the amusing ramblings of Annette Mori here: Annette mori


Affinity Rainbow Publications is going to have sisters!

From the 1st April 2018, Affinity Ebook Press NZ LTD is launching two more divisions.

Affinity Publishing Services: 

Affinity Publishing Services is committed to supporting authors, from proofing to distribution.

The management and staff are dedicated and passionate about the publishing industry, with years of collective experience. 

For authors seeking a traditionalist publisher this is the home you have always been looking for. We understand exactly what it is to be a creative spirit and want to see your words published.

The company is owned by authors and their ardent approach to publishing is world class.



Affinity Fiction Press:


Affinity Fiction Press is committed to bringing the reader quality affordable literature in all genres. The management and staff are dedicated and passionate about the publishing industry, with years of collective experience. 

For authors seeking a traditionalist publisher this is the home you have always been looking for. We understand exactly what it is to be a creative spirit and want to see your words published.  Check out our submission page now. 

The company is owned by authors and their ardent approach to publishing is world class. 
Affinity Fiction Press Make It Your Home Today.

These additions ensure we can service the publication industry in most avenues. Check them out and let your friends know.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at

We are the future of Publishing-Join Us.



About ELLCon
ELLCon is Europe’s first independent book conference dedicated to the promotion of lesbian fiction. We promote books of fiction that have lesbian characters in strong, leading, independent roles.
ELLCon is set to take place in Bristol over 23 and 24 Aug 2018 (1.5 days) and will include leading lesfic authors as well as debut authors, and lots in between. The weekend will consist of panel discussions, author readings, workshops, and much more. We will also have vendor tables where you can buy books, and talk to publishers, authors with publishers, and self-published authors.

Affinity Rainbow Publications authors Jen Silver and Samantha Hicks will be among the many authors attending. Jen has a great style and weaves some wonderful tales, and Samantha will be debuting her first book, Trusting Heart, this month. Make sure you stop by to say hello, I am sure they would love to hear from you.

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