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New for April 
Addicted to You
Erin O'Reilly


Elin Prescot’s dream to be a top fashion designer is finally within her reach—then Marissa Banks enters her life. Snared by her first taste of passion, Elin is consumed by desire for more. Now, instead of pursuing her dreams, she chases the addiction that is Marissa. Her life spirals out of control until she meets Doctor Aimee Sullivan, who understands all too well what Elin is going through.

Can Elin let Aimee into her heart? Or will her addiction keep her enthralled with Marissa?

This story explores first love, intense passion, manipulation of emotions, and the gentleness of real love and true romance.


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  Pages: 190 eBook 
Pages: 249 Print
 Word count: 57,194
Price: US $7.99 eBook
$18.99 Print

Other books by Erin O'Reilly are available from: Affinity Rainbow Publications;   Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bella Distribution, Smashwords including Apple iBooks
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Free Spirit
Erica Lawson


Priory McAllister has fought off boardroom sharks, handled high-pressure jobs, and thought she’d seen it all. Ready to live the suburban life she found her dream home and can’t wait to move in.

Unknown to Priory, the house is inhabited by two ghosts...Rhee and a mischievous Dylan, who call Priory's new house their home and have since 1935. They have no intention of leaving; after all, she couldn’t be harder to get rid of than the others who tried to encroach on their home.

Jacey Ryder, Priory’s long-suffering secretary has agreed to help her boss move…the things you do for your crush! Now, she gets to play referee between her boss and a bossy ghost, as each side try to lay claim to the house. What can she do when an unstoppable force, (her boss) meets an immovable object, (the ghost) besides hope for a peaceful solution? They are like two peas in a pod—two angry, stubborn peas in a pod.


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Pages: 190 eBook
Pages: 255 Print
Word count: 58,3542

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At Last
JM Dragon



Old Loves. Unrequited Loves. New passions.

A perfume company in trouble, leaving the town of Grady in peril.

It’s up to the reclusive Gene Desrosiers to save her family’s perfume company and the people she cares for, even if the most important one is not aware of it.
Will an ultimate sacrifice win the day, or will Grady end up a ghost town of unfulfilled lives and love?

This love story will warm your heart. 


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  Pages: 210 eBook 
Pages: 289 Print
 Word count: 68,282
Price: US $7.99 eBook
$18.99 Print

Other books by JM Dragon are available from: Affinity Rainbow Publications;   Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bella Distribution, Smashwords including Apple iBooks


Jen Silver

When Jay Reid was in her twenties, she had it all. A professional tennis career, Charlotte, the love of her life and a new baby. It ended far too soon when Charlotte’s research vessel, RV Caspian, was lost at sea, leaving Jay to raise their child alone.

But Charlotte was, in fact, the sole survivor of the RV Caspian. Rescued by a local fisherman, with no memory of her life before, she lives on the Faroe Islands as Katrin Nielsen. Seeing a beached seal one day triggers her memory and slowly her other identity comes back to her. She returns to England to try to reclaim her life with Jay and their child.

Twenty-three years is a long time. Is the love they once shared strong enough to be rekindled or have too many years passed eroding all hope of a happy ever after?


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Price: US $7.99 eBook
$18.99 Print

Other books by Jen Silver are available from: Affinity Rainbow Publications;   Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bella Distribution, Smashwords including Apple iBooks
An Author’s Tale – Samantha Hicks

The idea for After the Dark came to me in a flurry of thoughts and images as I walked to my local shop one night. I had the premise of one woman being abducted and then another and what their relationship would be like once they escaped. How would they fall in love? How would they overcome their trauma? The walk to the shop was about thirty minutes, there and back. By the time I had completed the journey the whole novel was set in my head and I couldn’t wait to get started on it.

The way in which I come up with stories feels very strange to me. I have never had to sit around for days and think of plot points or character development etc. The idea will come to me like a bolt of lightning and poof…the main characters are in my head and waiting for me to tell their story. To me it feels as if the story has already been written and I’m just tasked with copying it from the ether onto paper.

After the Dark came about like this and I’m thankful these two women got a chance at their happy ever after, especially with the horrendous start they had. For anyone still not sure whether to grab a copy, I’d highly recommend it. The story may seem dark and traumatic, but there are no graphic scenes of violence. Things are alluded to but never detailed. This is a love story, a romance, after all.

Read Chapter 1 here.

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New on Kindle Unlimited - Say You Won't Go
JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

Logan Perry spent part of an inheritance traveling to various states, unconsciously looking for something to focus her life on. Near the end of her journey, her beloved truck, Shelia, breaks down outside the dismal town of Bourne Falls.

Taryn Donovan has no self-esteem and hates the waitressing job that barely keeps her in food. When a stranger enters the tavern where she works, her world spins out of control.

Can an unexpected weekend encounter turn out to be something more fulfilling? Find out in this sexually charged romance.
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April Fools' Day, is one of the most light-hearted days of the year, but its origins are uncertain. Some see it as a celebration related to the turn of the seasons, while others believe it stems from the adoption of a new calendar.

Ancient Romans celebrated New Year's Day on or around April 1. In medieval times, much of Europe celebrated March 25, the Feast of Annunciation, as the beginning of the new year.

In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered the new Gregorian Calendar to replace the old Julian Calendar. The new calendar called for New Year's Day to be celebrated Jan. 1. That year, France adopted the reformed calendar and shifted New Year's day to Jan. 1. According to a popular belief, many people either refused to accept the new date, or did not learn about it, and continued to celebrate New Year's Day on April 1. Other people began to make fun of these traditionalists, sending them on "fools' errands" or trying to trick them into believing something false. Eventually, the practice spread throughout Europe and became All Fools’ Day, or as we now call it, April Fools’ Day.


JM Dragon has winged her way from New Zealand to Texas. Come join Julie at two events in Austin during April. First she is attending the Sapphic Reading Group on April 12 to speak about her recent book At Last.

She will also be attending the Lone Star Mini Festival at Malvern Books (613 West 29th) on Sunday, April 28th in Austin Texas. The Festival runs 1:00-4:00. Join Julie along with Affinity authors Erin O’Reilly, Del Robertson, and Lacey Schmidt. Also attending are BSB authors, Ali Vali, Barbara Ann Wright, Laydin Michaels, and MJ Williamz. Join them for readings, book signings, and discussions.

For more information visit or


Annette Mori's Lesbian Fiction Journey

Les Do Books with Tara and guest Annette Mori

Click the link above to listen to Annette talk with Tara on Tara's blog, The Lesbian Talk Show.


Jen Silver at GAY'S THE WORD Bookshop

On a recent visit to London, Jen met Jim MacSweeney, manager of Gay's The Word Bookshop. Copies of Deuce and some of Jen's other books are now on the shelves of this iconic bookstore which recently celebrated 40 years in business.

Jen did a guest blog at Women and Words, talking about Points of View (POV). She is also giving away two free Deuce eBooks, so make sure you check it out!  

Jen also took time out of her busy schedule to read a snippet of Deuce. Listen to Jen's podcast here. While you're there, check out the other podcasts from Affinity Authors.

In this scene, Jay’s fiancée Amanda comes to her house wanting to know about Charlotte and also where Jay spends her weekends.

Does she get the answers she wants? How does Charlotte’s return to ‘life’ affect those she left behind all that time ago?

Read the book to find out.



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