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Take care of yourself inside and out!

I have curated, tested and am happily, professionally and consciously endorsing all the following brands and products because they are socially and environmentally conscious ON TOP OF being truly healthy for you AND helping you look and feel good!

I know, it sounds a bit bold to make that statement, so how can I convince you? I don't need to. Visit the sites, read the product labels and see for yourself. Better yet, take some of your own deodorant sticks, lotions, protein powders and compare the labels side by side with the ones I am endorsing. I bet you'll recognize and understand every single ingredient from the products listed today, and will realize that what you have in your bathroom or pantry is a chemical factory, filled with toxic carcinogens, xenoestrogens or other crap that can lower your Testosterone, make you absorb chemicals and affect your health in ways we often neglect.

The choice will be clear, and your body will thank you! I can't endorse them enough!

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Skin & body care

I have been using the line's deodorants (forest and lavender),  tooth powder, face wash, lotion and hand creme (if you have your hands around iron, chalk at the gym then kids and keyboard all day, you need that! I would honestly buy everything on the basis of that deodorant alone (and am sold and buying everything else one needs for the bathroom!). As a trainer, I need to stay fresh for my clients, and too many deodorants, including the clinical strength ones, tend to fail. Worse, they ALL have aluminum, which is way unnatural to rub into a thin membrane that's meant to sweat and eliminate bad stuff. Instead, we shove metal inside of us, which is plain dangerous! 
In this line of products, you can read the ingredients without the need of a Ph.D in chemistry. That's because they are food based! And it works! Here's what's on their site:
"Made with only REAL FOOD sources- sources our ancestors millions of years ago could have used for their own skincare.  Lab made chemicals are never added to Paleo skincare.  As with ALL real foods, FRESH is the best source of nutrients.  You would not eat 2 month old broccoli- so why use skincare that has been sitting on a shelf for months?"

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Vitamins & Minerals

We mostly talk about our macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat) and how to manipulate those for our goals, but none of that matters if we don't have a sufficient and optimal intake of our micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Or we may think we do, and statistically, less than 1% of the US population is micronutrient sufficient!
Calton Nutrition has expertly combined those micronutrients so they don't compete with one another (unlike some well-known brands that combine everything into one pill, which itself can be encased in a shell that destroys any value it alleges to provide, or has micronutrients that cancel each other out when taken at the wrong time). Simple little packets, one for the AM, one for the PM to get you covered and on the way to optimal health. Without these often overlooked building blocks, despite our best efforts, we can miss our goals. There's simply too much exposure to bad stuff around us that these supplements become essential. And they cost about $2 a day. No brainer! 
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Their IN.POWER Protein is also with whey from cows that are grassfed, raised without added hormones, soy, corn and gluten-free, Rich Food certified, non-GMO (and more!). I like it because it is plain, unflavored, so it truly tastes like what you put it into. I like Vanilla Almond milk to mix it with, for a creamy texture, or water and ice for a slushy type texture. It took the Caltons years to make a concentrate that tastes like an isolate (those who know what that means will jump on it even faster!)

Take their quiz to find out where you stand, and download their Free resources and guides to better optimize your health.


Plant & Protein Superfoods

If you're looking for a vegan alternative to whey protein sourced from cows, even if grass fed and hormone free (I respect your choice), how about some tasty, natural protein without added chemicals, ingredients you understand, with a socially and environmentally conscious brand with the motto "ditch the plastic"? A recyclable craft paper bag, a wooden spoon, that also counts (what's the point of a great product if the container it sits in deteriorates the quality of the goods?). Before you question the choice of a wooden spoon with concern for the trees, it is still a lesser concern with a renewable source (and they're looking into bamboo), vs plastic, which may be here long after we're gone.

Not just another supplements brand, Fitppl ("fit people") is also a lifestyle brand and the web site offers a great user experience, with a solid message. Great photography, fun site to browse too!

The flavor is slightly nutty, the gritty texture still mixes very easily. I personally dig the Vanilla & Goji flavor because the berries give a bit of tang to the vanilla beans and it's a win for my lactose intolerance. And packs a good amount of protein too! I tried other vegan proteins and few taste actually as good as this one. Filling, tasty, great meal substitute if you need one!

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