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Flying Ahead of the Competition
Roth Aerial Spraying, legacy of vision and values in ag services . . .


Pictured from left are Roth Aerial Spraying team members; Jackson Roth, Dave Roth, Jerrel Roth, Russ Plessel and Trevor Plessel.
MILFORD, Neb. – The team behind Roth Aerial Spraying typically like to fly under the radar in terms of touting their contribution to agriculture every day.  However, we felt like nearly 50 years of operating their family-owned business needed a little air time in the Graze Master Liberator. 
“I make it a priority to do business with families I trust,” says Del Ficke.  “Our family has used Roth Aerial services for generations.  Today, it’s really encouraging to see them embrace the role that cover crops can play in helping make the soil healthier and ultimately the farm healthier.” 

Last summer, Del was planning on drilling cover crops into soybean stubble to graze cows. Heavy rains interrupted those plans; however, it also opened up some new, creative options. 
“I decided, ‘why wait?’ So, I talked to Roth Aerial and asked if they could fly on my seed mix.  We talked awhile and decided it was a go,” Del said.
Not long after, Del had a healthy stand of all sorts of cover crops popping up across the field.  The Graze Master herd grazed an array of plants including; buckwheat, grazing corn, radishes, turnips and soybeans for three months.  “It worked extremely well.  If anything, the biggest issue was that some of the seeds were a bit unevenly distributed; but, it doesn’t matter; they came up and the cattle loved eating the tender greens and nutritious variety.” 
“The opportunity for networking and sharing ideas with the team at Roth is refreshing,” Del said adamantly.  “No, not all ideas are going to work, but the ideas are on the table and that’s how innovation can actually happen.”

Roth Aerial is definitely flying ahead of the competition and other mindsets out there.  The team at Ficke Cattle Company is also excited that Roth’s will be carrying Green Acres Cover Crops as part of their aerial spraying services. 
“We have been seeding cover crops for several years and attending seminars touting the benefits of cover crops in conventional agriculture,” Dave said.  “We believe the use of cover crops will become more prevalent as these benefits are realized over time.  Ficke Cattle Company is a leader in innovation of new techniques and practices regarding cover crops usage and is effective at communicating that information to growers.”

Roth Aerial began in the early 70s when brothers Dave and Jerrel Roth took over the family business started by their older brother Lonnie.  Jerrel and Lonnie partnered in the purchased of a new plane for Dave to begin using the commercial flying license he earned during high school.  Since then, the business has been all about family, serving farms and flying.
Today, Dave’s son Jackson runs Roth Aerial at their Utica location and Jerrel’s son-in-law, Russ Plessel, oversees information technology as well as assists in coordinating business with area farmers.  Jerrel’s grandson, Trevor Plessel, manages the David City location and both Dave’s wife Sue and Jerrel’s wife Judy oversee office operations. 
“We’re very proud to be based out of Milford and to continue to expand our business with farmers across Nebraska,” Dave said. 
Roth Aerial serves farmers in Seward and Saline counties as well as far south as Fairbury and as far north as David City.  They are also flying high as far west as Henderson.  The team flies out of locations in Milford, Utica, David City and Fairbury with five airplanes and five, dedicated full-time employees. 
Dave said there are benefits of aerial applications – one important one is speed of service and also not disturbing the soil with heavy equipment.  “The less you disturb the ground the better off you are.”
The team at Ficke Cattle Company – Green Acres Cover Crops agrees.  “It’s all about allowing cows to be cows and soil to be soil and maximizing the potential of both,” Del said.  “The Roths are true leaders because they can envision a future that challenges all of us in agriculture to be open to new ideas and seriously consider ways to farm – even better.”   

Bio-Carpeting . . . It has a name!

By Del Ficke

Little did I know, after seeing the word used in a holistic grazer's group, that what I've been doing for 20 years at Ficke Cattle Company has a name.  "Bio-carpeting," by my definition, is feeding hay in a concentrated area to get the benefits of seeding, building the soil and spreading manure all in one process.  By implementing bio-carpeting, we have been able to transform some of our poorest soils on the farm into some of our most productive all while adding different species of plants because of the many types of hay we have used.  After one year of doing this, the nutrients and seeds that you're putting into the soil (depending on the acres) will lead to all kinds of extra revenue.  You will not only bio-carpet but maybe even have the extra cash to carpet your house too.  Now that's a win-win all around!   

Nebraska Sustainable Ag Society

NEBRASKA CITY, Neb. - Nate Belcher spoke about the benefits of Green Acres Cover Crops with farmers at the recent annual conference of the Nebraska Sustainable Ag Society (NSAS).  The audience included conventional and organic producers who asked several questions about ensuring the quality of the soil in tandem with raising healthy crops.  You can learn more about NSAS at  If you are interested in inviting Del or Nate to speak please contact communications coordinator, Kerry Hoffschneider at (402) 363-8963. 

Chip Hines we Love your Book!

Chip, we couldn’t agree more with so much of the wisdom you’ve shared in your most recent book.  We encourage our readers to check out this great compilation of practical, common sense information at:

Grandma Bev’s Graze Master Old Fashioned Canned Beef

By Beverly Ficke

Directions for deliciousness: 
Fill Mason jars with raw, thawed and drained, broken up Graze Master Beef.
Sprinkle one teaspoon of canning salt on top.
Put on new canning lids and place jars into canner, cover with water, and boil for three hours.
(Make sure there is always water covering jars).
After three hours turn off the burner and allow jars to sit in water until cool, remove and you’re done!

Grandma Beverly Ficke’s recipe is super easy and is always so tender and delicious.  Canned beef is great because it’s ready whenever you need it. Open up the jar, warm it up and enjoy over rice, mashed potatoes, noodles, in soup –whatever you like!

If you have any questions, call Grandma Bev herself at (402) 795-5255.  She would love to talk to you. 
Graze Master Beef products are available for order today!

One-pound hamburger packages (vacuum-sealed for easy thawing)
New York Strips
Delectable Doggie Treats
Other specific cuts (please ask)
Our meat company is located at Pleasant Dale, Neb. just a short trip west from Lincoln.  We welcome you to pick up the meat directly from us and we also offer some delivery options.  We can also arrange larger beef processing orders with you in quarters, halves and wholes.  Call today!
Call Del Ficke any time at (402) 499-0329
Learn more at:  
Ficke Cattle Company location:
873 182nd Road
Pleasant Dale, NE

Nebraska Farmer Coverage

Thank you so much Tyler Harris for coming out o visit.  You can read the entire article in the February 2016 edition of the Nebraska Farmer.  Thank you Nate Belcher and Green Acres Cover Crops for truly helping to "complete the circle" with our Graze Master herd.  Contact Del at (402) 499-0329 or Nate at (402) 580-0015 for your cover crop seed, cattle genetics and consulting needs. 

"Like a great poet, nature knows how to produce the greatest effects with the most limited means."
Heinrich Heine
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