"We are feeding and raising our animals well so our neighbors can be fed well."
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Bulls, Opportunities and Appreciation
Join us for an Open House!
Saturday, October 8 - 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


This hard-working, yearling Graze Master Bull won’t even turn around for a picture because he’s focusing on what he excels at – being a lady’s man and converting forages to pounds. 

Come and view our top Graze Master herd bull prospects alongside their mothers.  Make your choices, let us develop them on a 100 percent forage-based ration and we will deliver them to you when you are ready to turn them out next spring.  Graze Master Bulls offer natural profitability to your livestock endeavors.  The Graze Master Bull is expected to work for a living.  He doesn’t know how to follow a feed bucket because his ability to excel is on whatever he can find to eat that our natural grazing system provides.  Our bulls are a culmination of 30-plus years of working to build a bull that is both economically and environmentally relevant.  Our bulls are intended to build cow-herds that are more maintenance-free and produce offspring that will work in any environment.  You are getting more from less. 

See where we can add profitability to your cattle and cropping operations. View a portion of our trademarked Graze Master cow herd, tour cover crop varieties and converse with our crew to identify new opportunities that you may not have thought about.  We even have a team member on board who can write your own family farm or ranch legacy story for you!   

We sincerely want all of our genetics, meat, cover crop and consulting customers (past, future, and of course new), along with our friends, families and neighbors to come and enjoy a laid-back day of visiting, learning from each other and taking the time to get know each other. We especially want to take this time to thank each of you for all of your support.
Saturday, October 8
9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Open House Lunch will be served at noon or come and go as you please. 
Ficke Cattle Company – Graze Master Genetics™ and Green Acres Cover Crops Research Farm
Directions to Ficke Cattle Company from Interstate 80:
Get off at Exit 388 (Crete)
Go south to the roundabout
Go west two miles on Highway 6 to 182ndRoad
Go ¼ mile south.  The two-story white house and farm are on the right hand side of the road. 

This is a great article from Beef Magazine that helps to outline the benefits of composite bulls.


“Bee” there! See you October 8!

Making the Grade
Exploring food grade sorghum to maximize profits


This is a photo of some food grade sorghum.  This crop was no-till planted after cover crops of radishes and turnips.  We used a non-Roundup™ burn-down and then came back and aerial-applied 1.5 gallons of fish emulsion per acre for fertility.  No other inputs were used. 


This crop is all about exploring our options.  This sorghum can go into food markets and we will also use it as 10 percent of our Graze Master Beef ration.  The cows are going to love grazing the stubble in the fall.  Then it will be awesome to plant the next crop into next year because the weeds will be kept down with that solid mat of stalks. 

Grazing Sorghum Sudan


This is a group of cows grazing sorghum sudan that was planted after rye and clovers were terminated by grazing.  Our goal is to get the cattle out to the sorghum sudan the first time when it is a foot to a foot-and-a-half tall by using ultra-high-density-grazing and then take the cows off and let it mature for fall feed.  This process enables us to get the benefits of both feed and added fertility by the extra growth of the plant. 

Marrow Market & Meats
Graze Master Beef to be part of new local food endeavor


Ficke Cattle Company – Graze Master Genetics is proud to feature their beef as part of an innovative local food business started by Tom Clutter that allows consumers to purchase local food online and have it delivered straight to their door on bicycle! 


Marrow Market & Meats is the fabulous food delivery invention of Clutter who is connecting his passion as a local food chef artiste’ extraordinaire with his customers in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Born in Ames, Iowa, Clutter grew up across the Midwest.  It was while he was attending Journalism School in Kansas when he started to cook professionally. 


“I wanted to write about food and music,” Clutter, who is also a musician, began.  “Then I started cooking at the music festivals too.  That’s really when my passion for the local food experience was ignited.  It was equally about the people enjoying the food and the food itself.  Local food is such a community-building experience.”    


Clutter decided the main course for his future career was food, not writing and he found himself being trained by top-notch chefs including the personal chef for Matisyahu, the famous Jewish American alternative rock musician. 


“When I moved to Lincoln, I was invited to help open a restaurant here. . . . You could say it was sink or swim training with my feet to the fire,” he said.


Knowing that food was his future, Clutter later returned to school and studied Supply Chain Management.  While he was learning about more industrialized systems such as how to move steel around the country he said, “I saw a lot of value in the concepts and how they could be applied to local food efforts.”


He started a food blog, continued to study and most recently traveled to Greece where he learned about their agricultural rise and fall and now the resurgence of local foods in that country as well. 


“In Greece they had warnings for our country about not recognizing some of the direction we are headed in terms of too-much vertically integrated, monoculture, industrialized agriculture,” Clutter said.


Clutter’s Meat & Marrow Market idea was also inspired by his friend – Casey Kettler, who owns and operates Quick Release Curriers.  The two friends explored how they could make local food more accessible and convenient to customers. 


“I asked myself, ‘what do people want that they are not getting today?’” Clutter said.  “They want local food to be easy to get and they want to have choices.”


Marrow Market & Meats provides just that.  The online market allows food shoppers to choose from a variety of local producers and then delivers your order on a bicycle on a daily basis.  It’s simple:  shop for local food from anywhere, set your delivery place and time and your order is delivered straight to you. 


“It’s so much bigger than food.  It’s a movement about creativity and community that is inspired around delicious, nutritious food.  It’s about knowing the people involved with raising and growing your food.  In turn, those consumers purchasing the food can share their kitchen creations as well.”


Check out:


 Tom Clutter’s Graze Master Burger

5 carrots
6 strawberries
2 teaspoons olive oil
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 teaspoons of ginger (fresh or powdered)
6 ounces of goat cheese
2 pounds of Graze Master Ground Beef
Salt and pepper to taste.
Dice carrots into ¼ cubes and strawberries.

Heat up olive oil in over-medium heat and add diced carrots and strawberries.

Sautee for 2 to 3 minutes, adding balsamic vinegar and ginger until the balsamic smells.

Divide the beef into four to five equal patties and season with salt and pepper

Cook burgers for 6 to 12 minutes over medium flame or heart on the stovetop depending on desired doneness. 

Slice cheese into thick slices and top burgers with cheese and carrot chutney/strawberry chutney.


See everyone October 8 . . . Thank you so much!
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