Pilot plant and field trials are ongoing!
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First piloting on full scale at IVACO site in Flanders

In the coming few weeks, the pilot site of the DIGESMART project will become fully operational. Permit procedure is in its final stage and the configuration testing is in full proceeding. International study trips are coming once the site is in full operation during February/March. Make sure to check your mailbox on this!

The DIGESMART partners are also looking for other interested parties for ammonia processing. Within the eco-innovation program of the EACI, market replication is the goal set for the consortium.

More information about this recent update can be acquired by contacting:
Italy:                DISAFA, SATA               Remigio Berruto -
Spain:              AINIA                           Paz Gomez –  
Belgium:          Biogas-E                       Jonathan De Mey -  

Field trials and first results


The aim of the trial was to assess the agronomic potential of the Green Fertilizer when compared to the other fertilizer used in integrated Agriculture. The assay comprised two trials, one on grain maize for animal feed and one in lettuce in greenhouse for fresh consumption.

The maize field trial in Italy was sown on the 8th of May, at 8 plant/square metre. As the common practice in Northern part of Italy, a drip irrigation system was set-up and used for fertigation (mainly for nitrogen). While potassium and calcium were applied before sowing in the all field, all nitrogem unit were given entirely in fertigation, in 4 different moment, by urea for the T1-treatment and by Green-Fertilizer in T2 treatment.  ue to the plot size, cobs were harvested by hand in the center part (15 square meters) and grains were weighted and quality was assessed (specific weight and protein amount). Generally, we did not find any difference from the conventional fertilizer and the Green Fertilizer application.

The first cycle lettuce trial (spring) gave similar results for the weight of the lettuce treated with conventional and alternative fertilizer. Data from a second trial in autumn is still being processed. A last experiment will be the appliciation of the liquid ammonium nitrate as a foliar fertilizer in wheat. Foliar feeding has positive effects on nutriënt leaching, but even more so it is mostly used to increase baking and dought quality of the wheat.


A field trial on silage maize was conducted by Inagro for the DIGESMART consortium. Artificial fertilizer (AF) that is used togheter with animal manure (in this case from piggery – PM) can be replaced by alternative products such as the ammonium nitrate (AM) produced by the detricon stripping unit. In the field assessment we also included ammonium sulfate as a second product.
After harvest parameters were measured such as: cropy yield, chlorofyl content, nitrogen uptake and nitrate residue in the soil. No significant differences could be seen between the preformance of the artificial fertilizer and the alternative product. Long term effects can not be measured in this one year field assessment, but it seems that the product coming from the DIGESMART-solution has a similar agronomic value as the artificial fertilizer.

More information about the current progress in field trialling can be acquired by contacting:
Italy:               SATA                             Paulo Rendina -  
Belgium:       Biogas-E                       Erik Meers –
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DIGESMART on the ManuResource congress

On the 3rd and 4th of December the second edition of the ManuREsource conference took place in Ghent. This international conference focuses on all aspects of management and valorisation of manure and therefore, is unique in its kind. Good management of manure on the farm, as well as the vision of local authorities and the European commitment for a more circular economy have been discussed. New technologies for the processing of manure were highlighted and there were punchy discussions on the topic of  an “European manure market”. Over 170 participants from 21 different countries were welcomed on the second edition of the ManuREsource conference.
The DIGESMART project was there with an information stand and further contributed to the conference by a poster and a presentation on the field trial conducted in Flanders. Denis De Wilde (Detricon) ceased the opportunity to give an update on the project in the plenary session. Some contacts were made during the B2B moments for further replication of the technology in Europe and beyond.
More information about this recent update can be acquired by contacting:
Belgium:          Biogas-E                       Jonathan De Mey -
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