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May 2019

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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners,

The DRM extensive advantages, including its excellent emergency warning feature, were in focus and elicited a lot of interest at the 5th ABU Media Summit on Climate Action and Disaster Preparedness conference in Nepal, at the end of April. The DRM presentation made concrete references to the EWF tests done in India by the public broadcaster. Details are included below.  

And the AIR Research and Development department  have recently launched a brand-new site that includes results of some of their DRM tests in medium wave

The many benefits of DRM, this time in the FM band and their relative ease of implementation are the subject of a recently ABU article. 

And for those interested to attend or follow the annual Broadcast Asia event, it is worth mentioning that  the emergency disaster warning feature (EWF) and the implementation of DRM in all bands (including FM), the good DRM test results from Indonesia, now published by ITU, as well as details about and new DRM receivers  are on the agenda of the Broadcast Asia Conference, scheduled on 18th of June in Singapore.  

On the other side of the world, The North American Shortwave Broadcasters' Association (NASB) has just held its annual meeting and DRM was very high on the agenda with four updates and the introduction of a new DRM receiver solution coming this time from France. 

More details about all these items are included here below. 

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Latest News

DRM EWF Presented at 5th ABU Media Summit on Climate Action and Disaster Preparedness Conference

Mr Yogendra Pal, Hon. Chair of the DRM India Chapter, represented the DRM Consortium at the 5th ABU Media Summit on Climate Action and Disaster Preparedness conference in Kathmandu, Nepal between 25th-26th April.  He presented the Emergency Warning Feature (EWF) which is part of the DRM technology. Read more

National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters Annual Meeting Updated on DRM

DRM was very high on the agenda at the annual meeting of NASB members, 9-10 May, hosted by TWR in North Carolina, USA.  During the meeting, delegates were presented with DRM updates from four speakers and a discussion on receivers resulted in the setting up of a “Receiver Work Group”.  Christopher Rumbaugh (DRMNA) reports.

All India Radio R&D Launches New Website

The Research & Development department of All India Radio has launched a new website with the latest DRM in MW reception reports.  More here

ITU Publishes Final Reports on DRM Trials in Indonesia and South Africa

The final reports on the DRM trials in Batam, Indonesia and Johannesburg (DRM30 Radio Pulpit), South Africa have been published by the ITU.  Read more

How Will Digital DRM FM Transform FM Radio Broadcasting – Suggested Way Forward

An article in the current ABU Technical Review by Alexander Zink (Senior Business Development Manager Digital Radio & Streaming Applications, Fraunhofer IIS) and Sharad Sadhu (Media Specialist) on how digital DRM FM will transform FM broadcasting.  Read more 

FCC Consults on the Revitalization of the AM Radio Service

The US Federal Communications Committee is seeking public input on the use of pure digital AM for US stations.  The DRM Consortium submitted comments on this proposal.  Read more 

In an article in Radio World, “Finally a Solution to the AM Problem”, Larry Todd, Vice President of WRNJ Radio, suggests that DRM+ may be the answer.  Read more

Brazil: "Digital Radio:  the medium should not stop advancing" 

In Brazil, an association of broadcasters from Minas Gerais State TV and Radio Association (AMIRT) has published an article (in Portuguese) translated here by Rafael Diniz, the Brazilian DRM country representative.  Read more

AIBD Asia Media Summit

The DRM Consortium will be present at the upcoming AIBD Media Summit, 12-14 June.  The high-level conference is an opportunity for broadcasters in the region to share their thoughts on Broadcasting and Information.

DRM to Participate in Broadcast Asia 2019 

The Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium will participate in an extensive seminar on Digital Radio Implementation and Transition Strategy scheduled during Broadcast Asia, on June 18th in the morning. The half-day event will be held at Suntec Singapore, Level 3, Room 308. 

The seminar aims to offer an understanding of DRM technology (and other standards), to examine the best strategies for a smooth transition to DRM while drawing on practical examples and the experience accumulated in Asia-Pacific and other parts of the world.  Read more

DRM Enterprise Award 2019 Category “Social Media Influencer 2019” Announced 

Now in its fifth year, the DRM Enterprise Award 2019, will be awarded to an individual or an organisation promoting Digital Radio Mondiale successfully. The winner will have spread the word about DRM through social media and other platforms in order to stimulate interest and take-up bringing expertise and interest to new territories and consolidating interest in existing DRM countries.   Read more

If you blog, tweet or write about DRM technology – get nominated, closing date September 15, 2019.  Contact / @drmdigitalradio.

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Did you know?

  • The DRM Handbook has been updated to include the latest information on DRM for local coverage and the most recent tests and are available online, in English and Russian
  • Over 30 broadcasters carry regular DRM transmissions, covering almost half the world’s population.
  • The DRM standard is now fully endorsed by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).
  • The DRM standard as recommended by ITU and ETSI includes built-in Emergency Warning tools for swift and effective mass-notification in crises.   Listen here.
  • DRM publishes a special monthly Noticeboard for India, and a new India page pulls together key DRM information on India. 



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