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6 August 2015


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Flower Shows


Viewing Tips

Please scroll down past the regional info, to find out when and where this year's Flower Shows will be, as well as how to get the best out of your flower viewing experience!
Location of flowers:
Op die R27 tussen Vredendal en Vanrhynsdorp
Op R27 (langs die Kobee pad) 
Lankverwacht Gasteplaas
R362 oppad vanaf Lutzville na Strandfontein en Doringbaai
Op die N7 langs Trawal Wynkelder en Kransburg
Op N7 vanaf Trawal Truck Inn tot Brug
Nuwerus area  
Type of flowers:
Wit en oranje daisies, Wilderoosmaryn en Hongerblom en Beesvygies, daisies en surings,geelmelkbos en sigaretvygie. perskekleurige madeliefies.
How many flowers:
Please note this is someone’s perception, and not a guarantee.

Succulent Show - Kokerboom Nursery
August - September 2015
Open 08:00 - 17:30, 7 days a week
Christene - 027219 1062
Location of flowers:
Boskloof; Vrede Oord cemetery; Ramskop Nature Garden
Type of flowers:
Reenblom; Daisies; vygies
How many flowers:
Please note this is someone’s perception, and not a guarantee.
Boskloof (Patches & Plenty)
Vrede Oord Cemetery (Fields)
Ramskop Nature Garden (Plenty)

St Helena Bay

Location of flowers:
Type of flowers:
Zantedeschia aethiopica (varkblom)
Dimorphotheca pluvialis (reenblommetjie)
Arctotis hirsuta (gousblom)
Arctotis breviscapa (sandveld gousblom)

Type of flowers
Chrysanthemoides monilifera (bietou)
Eriocephalus africanus (kapokbossie)
How many flowers:
Please note this is someone’s perception, and not a guarantee.

Wildflower Meander 
Flora Group walks take place in the Reserves in and around Darling/Yzerfontein during season. Weather permitting and to be confirmed. 
We explore the reserves for whatever is flowering that day, also to find anything new, and to discuss anything botanical as we go along. These are gently walks, so anyone can come along. For more information – Helene Preston on 082 222 8135 or

3 Aug 2015

Good soft rains fell the whole of July 2015. This is good for keeping the flowering plants alive. However cool cloudy weather has persisted for most of July. This suppressed plant growth a bit, we actually need a few sunny days now to get the plants growing properly. We expect the flowers to be a bit later than usual, probably from around the first – second week of August, and with the right conditions to last a bit longer than usual.
The plants at Skilpad have started slowly flowering, and with a few warm days predicted later this week we hope this will help to get them going. The lower lying areas, such as along the Groen river road and Hondeklip bay road has more flowers, probably because these areas was a bit warmer than the higher lying Skilpad area. Towards Soebatsfontein the vygies are looking better.
At the coastal area in the park (Groen river to Spoeg river) there are quite a bit of vygies already flowering, particularly Volstruis vygies. This is normal for the Namaqua coastline, where mist adds moisture additional to any rain. Please note that the coastal section of Namaqua NP can only be visited with a 4x4.
Rainfall at Skilpad:
June 2015:                            90.93mm
July 2015 (to date):                52.32mm
The road to Skilpad was graded the past week.
It should be noted that it is very difficult to predict with certainty what the flowers would be like and that we can only guess based on current weather conditions.

For more information on Flower Hotspots in the Northern Cape:

Pearl Heyn
Namakwa Tourism, Springbok
027 712 8036
Name:                      Hopefield Fynbos Show
Date & Time:          27-30 August 2015 
Hopefields Sports Centre
Admission:              Various prices over the weekend
Contact detail: or 
                                  (022) 723 1720
Download Weekend Show Programme
here (Afr)

Name:                     Clanwilliam Wild Flower Show
Date & Time:          27 Aug - 5 Sept 2015
                                  9am – 6pm
Venue:                     Clanwilliam Church
Admission:              Adults R30 / Pensioners R25
                                  Children R5
Contact detail: or

                                  (027) 482 2024

Name:                     98th Darling Wildflower Show
Date & Time:         18-20 Sept 2015 - 9am – 5pm
Venue:                     Darling Sports Club
Admission:              Adults R50/Children (U18) R30
                                  Children (U13) free
                                  Pensioners (Friday only) R30
Contact detail:       084 916 1111


Tips while viewing flowers

•    The flowers are open between 11:00 and 15:00, the warmest part of the day
•    The sun must be out for flowers to open, thus rainy or overcast days are not ideal
•    The day temperature must be at least 18 degrees 
•    Flowers face the sun, thus for viewing and pictures keep your back to the sun

•    Get out of the car and walk around, don't miss the special smaller species
•    Tread lightly, don't unnecessarily trample plants, and never pick flowers or bulbs

What to wear when viewing flowers

•    Long pants and insect repellent when walking around in the field
•    Comfortable shoes

Advice to tourists 

•    Try to book your accommodation in advance
•    The West Coast Flower Hotline is available from 08:00 to 20:00, 7 days a week
•    Most towns along the flower routes have fuel stations, ATMs and mobile reception
•    The further north, the further apart the towns, keep in mind when planning
•    Stop and ask locals for advice on flower hot spots, distances, etc - they're friendly
•    Namakwa/West Coast flower maps are available at all tourism information offices
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Remember that along with the flowers it is also WHALE SEASON!
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