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A monthly email created to support you in growing your CLR instructional practice and more effectively VABB your students.

In This Issue:

  • CLR Formula for Success (Q + Q + S)

  • Activity in the Spotlight  

  • Monthly Community Builder

  • VABB-it! Archives

  • VABB Perspectives Newsletter and Responsive Reads Links

CLR Formula for Success


Quantity + Quality + Strategy = CLR Success

(Q + Q + S)

  • Quantity = use of many different activities with frequency
  • Quality = the activities are used with fidelity and technical precision
  • Strategy =  you know when to use the particular activity and for what purpose

Activities in the Spotlight

What (Q + Q + S)

Where can I use Think-Pair-Share in my teaching? EVERYWHERE!

  • As cliche as Think Pair Share may sound, it can be a very powerful tool to add to your CLR toolbox at any grade level.  Different from a Turn and Talk, this strategy brings in movement and a deeper processing of a topic.  Similar to a Turn and Talk, it brings everyone into the discussion (S-S) instead of just a couple students sharing with the teacher (T-S).

  • Use Think-Pair-Share in a quick and flexible way to bring in think-time, movement, and discussion with all students.

  • Add Think-Pair-SQUARE and have two partnerships join together to make a group of four.

  • If you are going to have students verbally process a question, why just have one or two students verbalize?   Build in discussion to allow students to hear each other’s thinking.

How To

(Q + Q + S)

Think Pair Share- PDF Directions

Think-Pair-Share- Read and listen to Jennifer Gonzalez discuss the power of a Think-Pair Share

Basic Steps:

  1. Explain WHY
  2. Set up partners
  3. Provide the question/topic to discuss
  4. Observe, check-in, push for deeper thinking
  5. Debrief (Responding Protocol)

Why....Understanding and Purpose

(Q + Q + S)
  • Great for honoring the knowledge students have about a topic
  • Breaks up content into smaller chunks and research proves our brains need that!
  • Allows for social and verbal processing
  • Allows for movement
  • Supports interconnectedness with classmates by having students interact with their learning alongside a peer.
  • Moves students into talking mode vs passive listening
  • Adds novelty

Validates and Affirms- sociocentrism, dynamic attention span, kinesthetic, subjectiveness, relational and conversational patterns

Builds and Bridges- teaches turn taking and listening; Pair it with protocol for responding such as Sticks or and/or Train to build in individual accountability.  Add in speaking frames to support academic language- “I heard my partner say…” or “My partner and I agree that…. but we disagree about…” or “Our conclusion is that… due to…”

Monthly Community Builder 

Communicating- verbally, body language, silently, descriptively… put it to the test!

Back-to-Back Drawing

A great way for students to have fun and build community while realizing how we all communicate differently and bring different communication strengths to the conversation.


Share your experiences with Think-Pair-Share and Back-to-Back Drawing with VABBnation

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Who are you going to VABB next week?

-Gina Spoo , CLR Instructional Coach


January VABB Perspectives Newsletter

Measuring Situational Appropriateness.


Somebody Who (PR on pg. 66)

Who’s the Stray (PD/M on pg. 63)

I Got This! (PD on pg. 59)

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