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A monthly email created to support you in growing your CLR instructional practice and more effectively VABB your students.

In This Issue:

  • CLR Formula for Success (Q + Q + S)

  • Activity in the Spotlight  

  • Monthly Community Builder

  • VABB-it! Archives

  • VABB Perspectives Newsletter and Responsive Reads Links

CLR Formula for Success


Quantity + Quality + Strategy = CLR Success

(Q + Q + S)

  • Quantity = use of many different activities with frequency
  • Quality = the activities are used with fidelity and technical precision
  • Strategy =  you know when to use the particular activity and for what purpose

Activities in the Spotlight

Which Doesn't Belong?

Responsive Vocabulary

What (Q + Q + S)

Cumulus - Stratus - Calculus - Cirrus


How To

(Q + Q + S)

Which Doesn’t Belong- PDF Directions

Which Doesn’t Belong- Google Slides

Quiz Quiz Trade- PDF Directions
(One variation of Which Doesn’t Belong pairs it with QQT

Why....Understanding and Purpose

(Q + Q + S)

How does Which Doesn’t Belong support Marzano’s 6 Steps to Vocabulary Instruction in addition to the 4 steps of Responsive Vocabulary Instruction ? Check here!

Which Doesn’t Belong Validates and Affirms:

  • Social, non-linear learning and discussion

  • Movement in learning if paired with Quiz Quiz Trade

  • The use of home language, synonym development, and word associations

  • Classroom collaboration and/or friendly competition (Depends on how it is structured)

Which Doesn’t Belong Builds and Bridges:

  • Targets Tier 2 and Tier 3 words

  • Pair it with protocol for responding such as, Roll ‘em,  Sticks or and/or Train to build in individual accountability when getting answers/responses from groups (Preparing all members of a group to be ready to explain the group’s thinking)

  • If done individually via Quiz Quiz Trade, have students take a short quiz, or write an exit ticket at the end of the activity

  • Add in speaking frames to support academic language- “Our group concluded that _____ doesn’t belong due to the fact that______”  or “One of my Quiz Quiz Trade partners verified my thinking of ____ because _____.”

Monthly Community Builder 

How is the CLR vibe in your room?  Do your students show each other support and appreciation through class affirmations? Or do the praise and affirmation mainly come from the teacher?

Encourage the entire class to give praise and affirmation. Students that take risks and share for their group or volunteer a personal response, need to be affirmed.  Imagine if you spoke up at a staff meeting, workshop or conference and contributed to the conversation and the whole room cheered you on. How would you feel? Check here for some fun ways to Show Love. (There are even a few for our middle and high school students!)

Ways of Showing Love

*Share how your class shows love for each other through class praises and affirmations with VABBnation

@validateaffirm  #BeYou #CommunityMatters  #CLRstrong

*If in the Minnesota Twitter Challenge, don’t forget #MnCLR and #YourDistrictCLR

Who are you going to VABB next week?

-Gina Spoo , CLR Instructional Coach


March VABB Perspectives Newsletter


Celebrating Holidays with Depth and Inclusivity


#BeYou - Conversational Patterns
#BeYou - Jump In Style

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