JULY 2020

On June 9, we held the first ever New/Old Board meeting by Zoom. I recounted some of our major achievements of the past year:
  • allocating just over $1 million to scholars for the second year in a row
  • adding 10 fabulous new members
  • strengthening our connections with scholars and partnerships with universities
  • enjoying a beautiful Scholar Awards Celebration, plus learning new science and taking fun field trips
Chris and I thanked from our hearts all Directors for another amazing year. With a big smile, I virtually presented Chris with a crystal vase that was inscribed "Chris Simpson Brent, President of ARCS NCC 2017-2020. You gave us momentum and took us to new heights."
In February, COVID-19 arrived and in March, we went into “lockdown” to mitigate the spread of the virus. We are adapting to “shelter in place” – getting good at virtual meetings and inventing new ways to stay connected while apart.

Our organization is definitely achieving more and it is more complex. I want to add "Sustainability" to "Momentum" and "Member Engagement" as we move forward. Filling leadership roles is a challenge because of increased responsibilities and time commitments. With help from the Board and other members I hope to increase efficiency and simplify leadership roles. The only way to do this without sacrificing performance is to increase member engagement. There is truth to the old adage that the more you give the more you get.
My message to each of you: Please participate in this amazing organization of amazing women. We have an important mission - to support young scientists at the seed-stage of their research. We are “science advocates” and proud of it!
-Jo Whitehouse
As I step away from my role these past three years, I am filled with hope for ARCS. This organization is strong and becoming ever stronger. We have an incredible legacy of 50 years and we have unstoppable momentum. Our mission is so very important, and science -- with heart -- is the way forward for our country and the world through this current, very challenging time and beyond.

I loved serving you all as your ARCS leader these past few years, and know that the chapter is in great hands with Jo. She is an outstanding president -- committed to ARCS; passionate about science and ARCS Scholars; and intelligent, thoughtful and hardworking. It's been a pleasure working with her as her "co" this past year, and I will continue to be on hand to support her and the chapter as Immediate Past President, if I can be of help in any way. I am grateful for the dedicated women in ARCS, and to the terrific team of Board Members, who have truly gone the extra mile these past few years in accomplishing bold milestone goals. I thank all of you for your commitment to our mighty organization and to the friendships that abound.
It's a joy to be part of ARCS Northern California, and I know we are all proud to be associated with such an outstanding group of women, including Deborah Greenwood and Leanne Reiter, who are instrumental in everything we do. I appreciate the lovely engraved Kosta Boda vase that Jo presented to me at the recent New/Old Board Meeting, as it represents the teamwork we enjoyed together. Thank you! I will truly treasure it.

In closing, I wrote the 'Hopes' below to launch a Board discussion last month. I am sharing it with you all here, and encouraging you to think about your hopes for ARCS and our shared vision for the future. We are all in this together!
-Chris Simpson Brent 
I hope for a just society -- for our country and our world to be better, and where ALL can enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And I challenge us all to consider our biggest hopes for ARCS -- for our future, at this time and place where science is as important as ever, and as we embark on our next half century as a chapter. Consider your hopes for ARCS Members and Scholars and for our organizational capability and capacity. Think about what we can be, and what we can do, in the year and years ahead. What do we want to accomplish together -- even during this time when we need to continue to stay apart?
To start the conversation, here are my ten hopes for ARCS Northern California:
  1. We bust thru the barrier of our relative obscurity -- becoming widely known for our compelling and unmatched mission and impact.
  2. Our membership reflects our community -- which is much more diverse, particularly in age, race and ethnicity.
  3. Serving in a leadership position in our chapter is perceived as an honor and privilege and members are inspired to 'step up.' 
  4. An organizational model that is sustainable and burdens no one -- and members are fully engaged, inspired, always learning, and having fun. 
  5. The ARCS Scholar Award becomes one of the most enviable awards across the region and country, and is widely recognizable. 
  6. Scholar Alums are actively engaged as an ARCS community of excellence, and serve as mentors to others and spokespeople for ARCS Foundation.
  7. The Scholar Awards Fund continues steady, dynamic, sustainable growth and that it climbs well beyond $1M annually -- and our endowment doubles in size with the generosity of legacy giving.  
  8. Companies, foundations and philanthropists flock to ARCS, knowing that their partnership with ARCS is the best $10K, $20K or $50K annual investment they can make. 
  9. Scholars and donors share a meaningful connection beyond the funding and remain in contact over the years. 
  10. And -- our 50th anniversary launches us toward all of the above and puts us squarely on the map in new, exciting, and impactful ways!
We are thrilled to have achieved our goal of investing $1,025,000 in the 80 members of the 2020-21 ARCS Scholar cohort. Thanks to all of you for your generous contributions to the Scholar Awards Fund!

Pictured below are four of the ARCS Scholars who will benefit from your support in the coming academic year.
A Message From Your Member Engagement Co-Chairs
A reminder that New and Active members are asked to serve on at least one committee, and now is the time to sign up! (Associate and Emerita members are not required to be on a committee, but we'd love to have you involved and contributing, as the majority of you have been doing for years.) If you know what committee(s) you'd like to be on and who the chair is, just email or call her now. If you're not sure who the chair is, or if you'd like more information about committee options, call or email one of us and we'll help you figure it out. Please do this now so that all committees can be filled by mid-August and listed in the new Membership Handbook & Roster, which will be distributed in time for the September General Meeting.

Let's have everyone on board this year to celebrate our 50th anniversary! And don't forget that you'll get much more out of ARCS, and have much more fun, by participating -- just ask us!
Glennie Eisele,, 415-971-2478
Francie Osthimer,, 415-686-0416
On May 20, more than 70 ARCS NCC members gathered by Zoom for our first ever "virtual" Annual Meeting. We could see and hear one another – and shared being together – while apart. We welcomed members now living in DC, Florida, and, of course, California!
  • Speaker: Dean Carmen Domingo from San Francisco State University
  • New Members (Class of 2020) introduced by Tina Hinckley
  • Slate of Officers and Chairs of Allocations & Member Selection introduced by Tina Hinckley and approved unanimously
  • Finance: 2020-21 budget presented by Elizabeth Callander and approved unanimously
  • Development:  Linda Millard announced that ARCS NCC will allocate $1,025,000 to scholars at our six partner universities
  • Plans for Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of ARCS NCC: Chris Brent and Jane  Gardner welcomed all ideas
  • ARCS Light Award presented by Chris Brent to Elizabeth Callander 
  • Heartfelt thanks to Chris Simpson Brent from all of us for inspired leadership!
The meeting was closed virtually - “until we meet again”

To download the Annual Meeting Reports booklet, click 
Thank You, Departing Board Members!

Noelle Filippenko, Co-VP Communications
Jane Gardner, Co-VP Univ. Relations
Tina Hinckley, VP Membership
Kira Kramlich, Co-VP Communications
Sarah  Maroney, Co-VP Science Activities
Nancy Mancini, Co-VP Univ. Relations
Susan Pelosi, First VP
Martha Ryan, Co-VP Science Activities

Welcome, New Board Members!

Nancy Bush, Co-VP Major Events
Donna Miller Casey, VP Communications
Katy Hope, VP Membership
Gabby Kivitz, VP Organizational Planning
Leslie Van Houten, Co-VP Univ. Relations
Judy Webster, Co-VP Science Activities
Since 1970, ARCS NCC has funded 2,834 Scholar Awards totaling $22.3 million!
    SF State (since 1992)    $1,479,500       186
    Stanford (since 1978)    $4,713,500       429
    UC Berkeley (since 1978)    $4,142,600       492
    UC Davis (since 1978)    $3,288,500       477
    UCSF (since 1973)    $4,833,000       487
    UC Santa Cruz (since 1978)    $2,612,000       345
One of the most valuable “perks” of being an ARCS member is “Learning New Science.” Two recent webinars are definitely worth your time:
On June 12, ARCS National featured four current ARCS Scholars who are working on the pandemic. The session was hosted by an experienced moderator and journalist, Bill Liss. It was inspiring to hear from:
  •  Alexandra Perebibovsky, an engineering student at UC Irvine -- working on a VERY low-cost ventilator that works with compressed air, which is available at almost every hospital bed; 
  • Segre Negrashov, an applied physicist at the University of Hawaii, who recognized the need for community masks, organized almost 400 volunteers to make more than 10,000 masks with donated fabric, and arranged for them to be distributed all across Oahu. (Check out Aloha Masks!)
  • Sanjay Srivatsan, an MD/PhD student at the University of Washington (Seattle), whose team is developing a dry swab -- think mascara brush -- to obtain samples from nasal mucosa at home. at a fraction of the cost of the current long wet swab. (And Bill Gates is supporting some of this work!)
  • Melanie MacMullen, an immunologist at UCLA, whose team is characterizing antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 in order to understand what their antibody profile means, how long antibodies last, which ones confer immunity, etc.
Several other current ARCS Scholars were mentioned, including Kelsey Lyberger, a UC Davis scholar who recently published a paper on modeling the prevalence of COVID-19.
On May 4, ARCS Minnesota Chapter hosted a webinar about the need for science advocacy. The speaker was Jayshree Seth, PhD, Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate at 3M. She presented some results from a global survey of 14,000 people from 14 countries about what the world thinks about science. The survey is called the 3M State of Science Index (

Dr. Seth emphasized that scientists need to become better storytellers – communicating to non-scientists in captivating ways, showing that scientists are real people, using podcasts to activate curiosity and learning. Check it out!

Alexandra ("Alex") McInturf

A PhD candidate in Animal Behavior at UC Davis, Alex has shared the same water with many large carnivorous shark species. She wants to help reverse the cultural image of sharks as “mindless man-eaters” and instead inspire curiosity about their diverse roles in the ocean’s ecosystems. Using biotelemetry and biologging tools to track their behavior, Alex is working to create improved conservation practices that will allow a more in-depth look into the natural world.

(locations and format subject to change)
              Sept 9 or 12 ..............................................Board Planning Session by Zoom
              Wed, Sept 16, 5-7 pm...............................General Membership Meeting by Zoom
          Wed, Oct 14, 11 am-1 pm.........................Board Meeting by Zoom
          Wed, Nov 11, 11 am-1 pm........................Board Meeting by Zoom
          Thurs, Dec 10............................................General Membership Meeting, St. Francis Yacht Club
          Wed, Jan 13, 11 am-1 pm........................Board Meeting by Zoom
          Mon, Jan 25...............................................Frontiers of Science Webinar
         Wed, Feb 10, 11 am-1 pm........................Board Meeting by Zoom
          Feb - dates tbd..........................................University Site Visits
         Wed, Mar 10, 11 am-1 pm........................Board Meeting by Zoom
         Wed, Apr 14, 11 am-1 pm.........................Board Meeting by Zoom
          Apr - date tbd............................................Symposium
          Wed, May 12, 11 am-1 pm........................Board Meeting by Zoom
          Thurs, May 13...........................................New Member Orientation
          Thurs, May 20...........................................Annual Meeting
         Wed, June 9, 10 am-12 noon....................New/Old Board Meeting
Be sure to check out the ARCS NCC website on a regular basis -- 

It's being continually improved and updated and is an excellent  source of information, inspiration and access for members and the community at large. 
Bookmark it now!

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