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Dear <<First Name>>,

With new events coming up we want to make sure you don't miss a single one. We'll keep you updated here with schedules and opportunities where you can get involved.

We love to hear what you have to say and what you've been doing. Let us know about events outside of the colleges that members might be interested in or promote an event around campus. Send submissions, suggestions, or inquiries to

Thanks for reading!

Upcoming Events

Movie & Pizza Night
Join us for a screening of 22 Jump Street and a pizza dinner out on the Caulfield Campus Green. You'll be able to spend some time with your advisors as well as get to know more of your fellow college members!
Sign up here!
Sign up for the Welcome Back Dinner!
Get to know your advisors and fellow members! Each college has a different night so make sure to mark down the correct one on you calendars! You'll need to register to come. Just click the button below with your college to sign up!

Social Sport


Don’t let your studies keep you in the library, come join us at Monash Sport Caulfield for a friendly game of indoor soccer. Every Thursday from 12-2pm we’ll have futsal games where you can stretch your legs and let off some steam. There are three teams headed by Aiman Saripuddin, Wing Sze Chong, Lachlan Hicks. Feel free to contact them with questions or contact the NRC social sports coordinator Luke Aldridge.


Mondays can be hard but at least there’s netball every week at 5:40pm at Monash Sport Caulfield. You and your Non-Res members can work out your Monday blues on the court and end the day on the right foot. The three team captains are Maddi Tobias, Nathan Kim, and Lauren Pinney. Teams are open to all Non-Res members, regardless of experience so stop by anytime, we’d love to see you there!

College Celebs

Your three seconds of fame.

NRC Admins/Advisors

1. What is your favorite 4 legged animal and why?
2. What is your favorite part of the human face and why?
3. Who do you envy and why?

Nathan Kim - Auriga
1. Do you have to pick such a hard question? I'd say dogs, just because they are cute and make me smile.
2. *sigh* Mouth. I like people smiling.
3. Luke Aldridge. He is just soooooo amazing. 

Kate Barlow - Pegasus
1. Okapi, google it you won't be disappointed.
2. Chins. You can't just give yourself more noses, but I can give myself at least 3 chins.
3. Not Luke or Nathan, that's for sure.
Luke Aldridge - Phoenix
1. *After 15 minutes* Komodo Dragon. Don't mess with them.
2. Eyes. They are just... They are just so mesmerizing.
3. Nathan Kim. Because he is also sooooooo amazing, oh my goodness. He inspires me to do amazing things every day.


1. What is the best prank you've ever pulled?
2. Do you have a phone voice that is different to your normal voice?
3. If you became a billionaire over night, what would you buy first and why?

Shenal Perera - Auriga

1. My sister was sleeping in the car and I was driving behind a truck being towed (so the front of the truck was facing us) and I just accelerated towards it, making it look like it was oncoming traffic and she just started screaming. Needless to say, she wasn't impressed! 
2. Yes I do, apparently.
3. 55 Chevy Bel Air. It's a beautiful car and I would love to do some custom work on it post purchase.

Wendell Cornwall - Pegasus

1. I hide in dark corners and whisper "several" or "diablo" to scare my gf. She loves this show called "Ghost Adventures" and supposedly a spirit whispered those 2 words.
2. My phone voice is formal and serious. I worked for the government and you have to be professional.
3. I would build my mom a house. She has never really owned property.
Taj Khan - Phoenix

1. In grade 2, I put sand in my brother's hoodie so he got sand all in his hair.
2. If I'm talking to someone for a job interview it's like, deeper and stuff.
3. Probably just a lot of land, to build stuff on.

Prizes & Free Stuff

Free Coffee!
During the first four weeks of classes, college advisors will be roaming campus with coffee vouchers. All you have to do is wear your college t-shirt! At random, if advisor sees you representing your college, you'll get a card for a small coffee at Mamaduke's Café!
Win Movie Tickets!
Movie tickets will be awarded to the first cluster to have every member sign up for this very newsletter! All members need to register! The link below will take you to the sign up page. Let us know when your whole team has signed up!
Register for The Constellation Chronicle Here!
T-Shirts On Sale During O-Week!
Don't forget to buy your exclusive college t-shirt for only $10 during O-Week! You'll want to wear them at events throughout the year so buy them quick!

Sign Up Quick Links

Not a Member? Sign up Here!

Want to join the Non-Residential Colleges or have a friend sign up? Send them the link below! Not only will you get invited to all our events, you'll get access to the common room and discounted tickets to the 4th Annual Constellation Ball!
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Monash Big Sleepover

Sleepover for a good cause on Caulfield Campus Green! We will be raising money for Swags for Homeless- a publicly funded organization who provide relief for the homeless across Australia. There are limited openings so make sure to sign up fast!
Sign up here!
College Clash & BBQ Dinner

The Non-Residential Colleges and Monash Residential Services will enter into friendly competition in paper plane throwing and tug-of-war (among other things). Each will be limited to 50 participants, so sign up soon with your college! Even if you aren’t competing, please come and support your team! 
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