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HOPES launches new website

The HOPES team is proud to present a new version of the HOPES website! Based on feedback received from website regulars and those present at our 2014 mini-conference, we have worked to create a new and improved site with emphasis placed on easy access, increased organization, and a user friendly interface. Features of the new site include an interactive home page, a table of contents for each of the categories, and a comprehensive menu bar.

We welcome feedback on our new features and updates to the site. Hearing from our readers will allow us to better customize our site to continue providing quality content to the greater HD community. Feel free to contact Will St. Amant, the HOPES Student Leader (
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HOPES is excited to present a new Stories section on the website! This section is meant to be an open space in which individuals affected by Huntington's disease (patients, caregivers, and friends) can share their experiences with HD in the form of anonymous text excerpts. We believe the sharing of narrative can have healing qualities and promote connectivity within the greater HD community. 

Stories can take the form of submitted text or transcribed, in-person interview. If you are interested in submitting a story or setting up an interview, please contact HOPES member Annie Rempel (
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HOPES is a team of undergraduate students at Stanford University who, together with faculty advisors, are dedicated to making scientific information about Huntington's disease (HD) more readily accessible to the public. Our goal is to survey the rapidly growing scientific literature on HD and present this information in a web source. We seek to provide information about causes, symptoms, and treatment of HD that reflects current scientific understanding of HD. To date, HOPES resources have reached out to families in over 47 countries. 
HDSA Team Hope Walk
This past October, the HOPES team had a wonderful time helping out at the Annual HDSA Team Hope Walk in San Francisco. Team Hope is the HDSA's largest national fundraising event and we were happy to volunteer our time in support of the walk! 
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Recent Articles

HD in Asia: This new section of Global HD aims to highlight the regions within Asia where HD populations have been studied.
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New HOPES Members
HOPES is happy to welcome its newest members (below, top to bottom): Dani Lucas (graphic designer), Emily Ling (student researcher), and Ivan Robles (webmaster).

TRiC and Huntingtin Protein Aggregation: A protein known as TRiC has been found to be involved in huntingtin aggregation and folding. 
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Senior Spotlight: Will St. Amant

A graduating senior, HOPES Student Leader Will St. Amant has taken the time to reflect on his Stanford experience and the impact HOPES has had on his last four years. Majoring in Human Biology and completing an honors thesis to examine the implications of a specific protein in neurodegenerative disease, Will hopes to attend medical school after working for a management consulting firm in San Francisco. His ultimate goal is to combine his passion for medicine with his experience in the business world to effect change in the current U.S. healthcare system. 

Will’s time with HOPES has complemented his academic interests within biology and healthcare and he is grateful for the opportunity this project has afforded him in terms of leadership and teamwork. Will started working for HOPES solely due to his scientific curiosity and enjoyment synthesizing groundbreaking HD research for articles on the website. By shifting into a leadership role charged with organizing large events and outreach functions, Will quickly discovered his affinity for working in groups and exploring scientific concepts at a more strategic level. 

Will cites time spent at the HD World Congress in Rio de Janeiro in September 2013 as his most memorable HOPES experience. It inspired him to attract more visitors to the website through increased social media outreach and an expanded global HD section. “HOPES undoubtedly helped me understand my strengths and passions while at school here. I feel very close to the HD community from my several years at HOPES and hope to stay involved beyond Stanford.” 

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