Monday Funday!

This week I'm actually on vacation.  Woo hoo! 

I typically wake up early on Mondays and write out my thoughts for the week, but this time I'm scheduling it and hitting the road to visit some friends from my grad school days.  My wife and I are loading up her new minivan and taking a road trip. The kids couldn't be more excited. 

This newsletter is roughly 6 months old. I started it back when many of us were still afraid to touch doorknobs and were masked up and still hoping a vaccine could bring us relief. This past week I went to a soccer match in a stadium full of maskless people and am happily vacationing with my family again.  

Let's all start the week with a huge sigh of relief.  Ah.......

Learning Experience Design

I spend all week thinking about my upcoming video to share with you all. It gives me a chance to reflect on something interesting that I've come across during the week, and if I'm being honest it helps me to keep sharpening my own skills. This week's video comes from this article called Understanding the Complexity of Learning Experience Design. 

I look at Learning Experience Design or LXD as an exciting frame of reference that moves our field beyond the default options of online module or classroom experience/webinar.  It's a door to a creative world of options that mirror the way we access content in our lives. The information age has given us a rapidly expanding universe full of ways to share and deliver content. The challenge for us as learning designers is to find the right mix of tools and approaches. 

I love the challenge of finding the best solution across the three domains shown in this wonderful graphic. It's what gets me out of bed and happy to go to work. (Except today when I'm going on a road trip) Hope this helps spark joy for the unique work we get to do. 

Inspirational Quote

Here's a little thought for the week. I hope it brings you the same sense of relief that I feel. We're all under a lot of pressure and it feels like every day is full of challenges. Many of these inspirational quotes tell you to be your best... I'd like to offer an alternative way to think about it. 

I search different quotes each week, and I recently came across a comment say.  Here's a list of the typical inspiring quotes about being your best self every day. 

Here's the thing... It's simply NOT POSSIBLE to be at your best every day. That's not what best means. It's mathematically impossible. I think you should still try your hard and focus on your goals and stick to it when you don't want to work and all of those things. But also... take the pressure off yourself to be "at the peak of your powers" every day. That's not what a peak is. I

There will be days where you need to refill and recharge and replenish your reserves so that the days you truly need to be your best are different from the other days. 

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