Monday Funday!

Belated shout out to all the moms out there! I was lucky enough to spend this Mother's day with my Mom, my wife who is Mom to 4 little boys, and my mother-in-law.

Each year I encourage my wife to do nothing all day and let me take care of it. Without her steady hand,  the wheels fall completely off the bus. Last year we went on a hike where everybody needed snacks and drinks that I didn't pack. This year we had a rainy day where kids were bouncing off the walls. One of my boys nearly bounced his brother to the hospital with a broken hand. Luckily it was just hurt feelings, sore fingers, and a Dad who lost his cool. Mom stepped in with calm love and understanding to smooth the whole day over. 

So, special thanks to all the mothers and those who share their mothering beyond the traditional family for all the things both small and large you do to keep humanity moving forward. We'd be lost without you. 

Our Tools are So Cool!

These week's quick tribute to the craft of instructional design and eLearning development focuses on the fantastic options that we have for creating learning. 

Think Again

I spend my career helping others learn, but hadn't really contemplated the importance of re-learning until this FANTASTIC book by Adam Grant. 

If you feel glum about the apparent growing division between groups, or feel like the rules have changed and you're not sure how to play the game these days, please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Think Again. 

Special bonus link to his podcast, Work Life, that I knew nothing about until 2 minutes ago. (woo hoo!)

Positive Thoughts for the Week

Don't you love brevity? This quote sums up the role our attitude plays with remarkable efficiency. 

Upcoming Webinar

I'm speaking at the Kentuckiana ATD meeting on May 11th. 
My session is called Blended Learning Solutions for the new normal.  

Come and work with us to brainstorm ideas for solutions to the current limitations of a socially distant training experience. Can't believe it's tomorrow!

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