Monday Funday!

Let's start the week off with a little joy. I'm thrilled that my favorite coffee shops have put up tables again. For a freelancer like myself one of my favorite perks of self-employment is the quiet hum of a cafe full of people connecting with coffee. 

Three cheers for life getting closer and closer to normal!

What simple pleasure has returned to your life? I'd love you to email me and let me know. Let's spread positivity and joy!

Maslow's Hammer & Blended Solutions

Abraham Maslow made some incredible contributions to our understanding of psychology. In this week's video, I look into the idea of Maslow's hammer and use it to pull some ways to put together a blended solution instead of an 8 hour class. 

Hopefully I hit the nail on the head. Let me know!

The modern hierarchy of needs

Does this hit close to home? It sure does for me. Where would our infovore brains be without wifi and a battery charger? 

Short Sims - Dr. Clark Aldridge

I know this isn't a lot of advance notice since it starts today, but I'm treating myself to this class on Short Sims.

Not only is it facilitated by the brilliant Dr. Clark Aldridge, but they hooked me in with the tagline "Short Sims are "are how online learning content may have evolved if PowerPoint had never been created." 

I'm hoping to learn more ways to create active learning experiences. As an industry we have a great set of tools to let folks make mistakes and learn from them. Here's hoping I get a few new tools in my design toolkit. 

FYI - There's a 2nd session starting in September. 

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