Monday Funday!

Sparking Joy for Learning Designers. 

Last week I shared the idea that our brains have a biological craving for information. We are INFOVORES who feed on information the same way that carnivores devour meat or herbivores munch on grass. 

I didn't share any ways to take advantage of our natural cravings for information, so today I'm sharing a tip that's easy as can be to take advantage of the brains need for completion. Here's an example of a worksheet I use during a storyline workshops. I built it in PowerPoint, but it could have been done in Word.  This is a great low-tech way to boost engagement and create a reference material that is there for learners in their time of need. 

I'm all about bang for the buck. This tool is quick and easy to develop. 
Tech Talk
Do you use a tool like the speech-to-text feature in Storyline?

I lovingly call it robot voice, but it can be an effective way to have reviewers see what a module will look like to finalize the narration for a module.

The problem is, of course, that the speech is robbed of its natural cadence and sounds like, well, a robot. Here's a link to a tool called MURF that sounds a lot more like natural speech.  

Big shout to Mike Taylor for sharing. 
Working Out Loud
Resiliency Advice
This resiliency course has been moving along well. I'm honored to help contribute even in the smallest way to the mental health of the heroes working in healthcare.

Honestly, I get squimish even watching surgery scenes on a show like Grey's Anatomy and have to look away. I can't imagine the strength these women and men have... even before a pandemic. Today I'd like to share one of the powerful videos I've come across to honor healthcare heroes. It shows what day to day life is like for a nurse. 

Passion and Purpose: A Celebration of Caregivers

If the grass looks greener on the other side... stop staring. Stop comparing. Stop complaining. Start watering the grass you're standing on. 

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