Monday Funday!

Blending with Social Learning

This week's video is inspired by an episode of the Learning Science Weekly podcast with Dr. Patti Shank.

She proposes that we look for blends of live and on-demand content as well as a blend of interactions with one another and the content of the course. 
Blended learning - Don't forget Social Learning

What I'm Learning - 3D models in Google Search

This week, my youngest son and I discovered that when we searched for our favorite dog breeds in the mobile version of Chrome, the google results show links to a 3D model.  They'll open on your Google app, you have the option to invite those same models into your living space.

AR search results is pretty amazing literally bring them into your living room. (Or in my case, kitchen.) 

That morning I had breakfast with a panda, about a dozen different breeds of dogs, and a horse.  I was so impressed by it's ease that I put together a quick gif showing all the tech how-tos for my little AR pets.  

Branching Sims with Branchtrack

I'm currently enrolled in Dr. Clark Aldridge's Short Sims class

I've been learning how to use Branchtrack. It's a terrific tool for building branching scenarios. Other tools like Storyline have the ability to create them, but lack the ease and efficiency.  If you've been holding off on a branching sim because of the significant time involved, you should explore Branchtrack.
My favorite part of the Short Sims approach is that we build highly active content. The learner makes choices quickly and learns from feedback in the scenario, not feedback on a slide. This approach allows the learner experiences the content in a dramatically different way. 

Here's an example of a Short Sim on Diversity and Inclusion. I had to play it multiple times to get through it. Can you get it on the first try?  

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